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  1. ScubaEthan


    Hey Albert, looks like you've made quite a few new additions to your tank. Looking good. Is this cabbage? I have a similar color cabbage. It was solid pink with pink/white... polyps? tentacles? But Just over the past months they turned green! It's pretty cool. I have never seen that before.
  2. ScubaEthan

    Kat's Ol' Max

    haha! Hey Kat! Your tank looks amaaazing!
  3. ScubaEthan

    Ethan's 12g Vagabond Tank

    The rogue yuma. I saw something odd the other morning and turned the white lights on early to catch these shots. This yuma looks like it was about to eat that little blue mushroom. I had to mess with it a good bit to get it to let go then moved the blue shroom away. It's been several days now and the shroom has still not fully recovered. Then today I was mixing up saltwater when I noticed the same yuma bigger with more elongated polyps? tentacles? than the others. I watched it as it went from having just a couple polyps touching the nearby cabbage to grabbing a hold of it and extended up and towards it. I messed with it a bit and it quickly detached so I moved the yuma. I fed the tank mysis shrimp today and put a big pile on that yuma. Maybe that will satisfy it. I went whitewater rafting down the middle Ocoee this weekend in Tennessee. The photographers got this great shot of my friends and I being launched out of the raft where all you can really see are my legs. Pretty hilarious. I've had two phone interviews for an AmeriCorps job in Seattle working with youth in YMCA programs for digital literacy and to become good citizens. I'm pretty excited and should hear later this week if I'm moving to Seattle
  4. ScubaEthan

    Paigee's 20L Extravaganza!

    That sounds neat. I'll have to check it out someday. I loved coming back after not seeing my tank for a bit and noticing all the growth. I haven't followed along with everything but have you tried injecting the aiptasia with a syringe. I don't recall right off the top of my head what people use. I think lemon juice? Do you have the ability to get a syringe and needle? Perhaps a doctor or vet friend? I have some if anyone needs me to send them one. I know that tiny package would not cost much to get to you, Paige.
  5. ScubaEthan

    A Wisconsinite Reef

    Sorry to hear about the jawfish But whoa! I haven't been here in a couple months and I can really tell you've had a lot of growth. Most noticibly in the GPS wall of course. I want a gps wall one day. The flower nems are looking good.
  6. ScubaEthan

    Kat's Ol' Max

    Agreed. I clean mine out daily.
  7. ScubaEthan

    msscha's 24 gallon office cube

    Wait. You have basket stars? Like this kind of basket star? I have seen those while night diving. Never heard of them in captivity. The ones I saw were over a foot in diameter.
  8. ScubaEthan


    I can't keep up with you self-proclaimed "old timers." But I want to say that as a self-proclaimed youngin' I am thoroughly enjoying reading this thread and about the history of the hobby. It definitely sheds some light on to the reasons why we have certain practices in place. Now I know more of how we got to where we are today in the hobby. Pretty interesting stuf. Thank you all for sharing. This is about vermitid snails, right? I had several growing on my rock when I first got it and after I got a peppermint shrimp, they quickly disappeared. I even caught it sticking it's little claws down into a vermitid's tube once! I had not heard of peppermints eating them before so maybe it just happened to be my specific specimen. My peppermint has since passed on and a single vermitid popped up recently. Makes you wonder where they were... I never saw any of their stringy nets while I had the shrimp for a good 8ish month. I've also heard of people putting a bit of epoxy over them. Although unless they are crushed and killed, that long death from starvation and being trapped sounds a bit inhumane. I remember Prodigy! I was oh maybe 8 then. And yes, getting into the hobby fresh off nowadays can be extremely overhwelming in just the lightning choices/options/requirements/$$$. Interesting... the hamster in my head is running. You all are way beyond my level, yet
  9. ScubaEthan

    green implosion

    Stunning photo.
  10. ScubaEthan


  11. ScubaEthan


    It was my pleasure to meet you, Albert. I enjoyed chatting and thank you so much for the book. I look forward to reading it. Oh and I almost fainted when I walked into Pure Reef. Those display tanks at the front are so pristine and breath taking.
  12. ScubaEthan

    Ethan's 12g Vagabond Tank

    Yeah, I meant to put alkalinity. I'm surprised the corals don't show more signs of stress. I'm actually hoping not to find a job but some kind of work exchange opportunity. I'm young, single, and have no ties holding me back! Just let me know what you want! It's pretty hot right now though. I'm not in a rush. My parents have expressed interested in keeping it but I know they aren't going to take care of it enough if something went wrong. Plus I need to build up my funds Hope you're doing well, Gena!
  13. ScubaEthan

    Kat's Ol' Max

    This is like Comedy Central in here.
  14. ScubaEthan

    Ethan's 12g Vagabond Tank

    I just tested my water. I won't admit how long it's been. Current Parameters: 83º 1.028 salinity 400mg/L calcium 0 nitrites 0 nitrates 8.0 pH 2 mEq/L I just mixed a fourth teaspoon of Seachem Reef Builder with some distilled water and poured in there. I sure hope I did that math right...