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  1. Help ID my acros Pics

    The bigger one has greener polyps the other smaller one is white or a very light blue
  2. Help ID my acros Pics

  3. Thin Branched SPSs

    Lol love him Looks like a zombie gobi
  4. Thin Branched SPSs

  5. Thin Branched SPSs

    http://www.nano-reef.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=55487 <---- Pretty much would like something like this in the future... I am bad at IDing SPS... I really like the lighter whitish ones to the top and bottom left of his bangai (man Bangais are helping me locate things today)
  6. Help ID my acros Pics

    Im Just trying to ID some acro frags I got. If anyone can give me some scietific or common names it would help. The larger one is greenish-brownish-slightly-bluish still waiting to see what it will become after it acclimates The smaller one is very blue
  7. Green Pocillopora Damicornis

    Rods, cyclopeeze, eggs, etc... parts of it are turning green... Im noticing more and more each week, just wondered if the pocills color responded to anything specific like feeding, or iodine or strontium, or iron...
  8. Thin Branched SPSs

    acropora suharsonoi - this the same idea as the hawkins or smooth skin .... I am looking things up now and came across these they seem pretty cool but havent seen anything like it at the lfs.
  9. Thin Branched SPSs

    awpong: Whats that underneath the Bangai Cardinal ... in hte pic looks brownish but hard to tell... Guess I am looking for a mixture of ideas... Proably will end up with a Birdsnest, but would want some other branching coral with thinner branchs than an acropora tenuis which is what i believe I have
  10. Thin Branched SPSs

    Definitely was thinking birdsnest but thats where my mind stopped , Thinner would be cool or at least equally thing.... Besides birdsnest I couldnt come up with another thinly branched sps....
  11. Green Pocillopora Damicornis

    I have had this coral (http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=597+1492+2294+1406&pcatid=1406) for about 2 weeks now and notice the green color starting to come out a but more. When I bought it it was primarily yellow, but the polyps have always come out and it seems very happy. I feed it about 3-4 times a week. Tank params are great. Besides waiting and feeding is there anything I can do to encourage the green coloration.
  12. Thin Branched SPSs

    Trying to decide what else to add to my tank... I have two acros, a branching monti, a hydno, a pocillopora, a scoly, some zoos, and rics ( all smaller frags), I have larger sun coral with about 20-25 heads... everything's been doing well so far, params are good tank isnt to old yet... still around 3-4 months but Im thinking id like some thin branched sps's got any ideas pics link?
  13. Eye See You!

    http://www.focusmag.gr/id/files/2831/The%20Eye%20Of%20Sauron.jpg :up:
  14. 2011.11.10

    Great tank
  15. this some monti cap?