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  1. http://www.focusmag.gr/id/files/2831/The%20Eye%20Of%20Sauron.jpg :up:
  2. Great tank
  3. Awesome... lol I was gonna say Peek a boo to HI5
  4. nice sponge too
  5. He looks more like a Dingbat (he's hanging upside down and all) than a Dufus, I give the picture 4.5 lol
  6. Probably need to get a frog in your CUC, I hear those are good for getting rid of flies
  7. Nice I just got a randall... What type of pistol is that
  8. Tough question grrr.... probably something hardy like the clown... as far as coral maybe a monti... a month or two down the road gonna take things slow
  9. nice
  10. Thanks
  11. thanks
  12. lol love it