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  1. Im trying to figure out how much flow I need for my 55 gallon 48in long reef. Any suggestions I am somewhat clueless because there are so many options. Some have said that I should use two Koralias one on each end of the tank but they never said what size there is 1500gph 1050gph and 800gph? all of them are about $32 I also had someone tell me koralias are junk and that I should get one coralbox qp16 plus wavemaker and that it would be the only powerhead I would need its a bit pricey $120 when I could get 4 koralias for that price not that I would want to take up all that tank space with 4 koralias. I saw that they also have coralbox qp16 older model basic for$89, QP9 basic for $80, QP9 plus for $100. I am not sure what the difference is between the basic vs plus or if I could get away with the qp9 instead. Two QPs isn't an option its not in the budget. Or if you would recommend something completely different.
  2. So I haven't had a reef tank since I was in high school and leds were just starting to come out when I converted to a fish and invert only tank. My tank is 20 gallons and I am considering doing coral again and upgrading to a 55gallon(its nano still right. its not the ocean...). I was considering either two Sbreeflights sbox 165watt 16" basic $135 each($270). However, I also saw the viparspectra 165watt with timer controls built in for $119 each($238). I went to the local fish store and they mentioned that they like the marsaquas and they have sets on ebay which would lower the price to $94 each ($188). That being said are the quality on these lights the same or does the sbreeflights really have a better spectrum and build quality as they claim? If they're just the same id prefer to use the extra $80 on a fish or something. I know I hated my t5s i went cheap with an aquatraders oddysea light, part of the reason i said screw it and went fish only. I don't want to make the same mistake again and would rather just upgrade to a 55gallon fish only and not have made the mistake of wasting money on one of the above lights to have it be a pos, but also I can't afford to buy a $500 light. Or if you have a different light suggestion id appreciate it thanks.
  3. I have an aquatraders t5 odyessey light and I hate it. I regret ever getting it. Im kind of considering if I should even keep reefing. I want to but I just don't want to constantly dump money into it. I have also had a hair algae issue and another algae that is similar but its very difficult to pull. I think its partially because the stupid light and the bulbs being old. I just feel like I never really get to enjoy my tank because im constantly having to try to work on it and pull agae etc... I am also curious what type of maintnance people do on 20gallon high reefs? Am I even maintaing it right? I dont have a protein skimmer but was told I can just do water changes once a week. So if I decide to stick with it than what LEDs for a 20gallon high reef? I want some nice ones that I wont have to replace for quite a few years, but also don't want to burn a hole in my wallet. Im a college student and only get paid minimum wage.
  4. Most of you people on this site are rude and give little to no help besides confirming what I already know. Its exactly why I stopped coming on here like 5 months ago. There are people on other sites that are a lot more helpful and kind. Looks like Im not coming on here anymore..........
  5. Well the LFS I go to is huge and is ment to hold things in tanks for longer than 1 minute. They are also very knowledgable. They breed sharks, aquaculture a tone of corals and have like 60,000+ gallons of saltwater. You still didn't really give me any suggestions.... Will they eventually pair up and stop fighting? Or will the one kill the other. Its a little to late to just say "oh only one per tank"........
  6. I bought two yellow clown gobies like two weeks ago. Now they are fighting the one just randomly comes up and darts towards the other. The one being attacked has fins nipped. Not sure what to do. The place I bought them from had about 30 of them together so I am kind of amazed that they are doing this. I mean I have plenty of hiding place for them and everything............. Any suggestions?
  7. WHat type of cyclopeeze freeze dried, gel, or frozen?
  8. ^I do have pods in my tank so you might be correct because I see my gobies hanging around the chaetomorpha clumps
  9. My Yellow Clown gobies aren't eating. I have had them for about 5 days now and have tried feeding flake food, new life spectrum, and frozen mysid shrimp. Any suggestions?
  10. I bought a koralia 1050gph I am worried about too much flow! The I have a 20 gallon high. I pluged it in and it seems like the clownfish are just being pulled back and forth and are having trouble going where they want to go. Should I take it back and get a smaller one instead? If so what size? I will make a video of how much current its making.......... https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/phot...eat=directlink
  11. I went to the LFS yesterday and picked up two red mushrooms for $3.... I acclimated them and put them near the bottom of my tank. They are a purple color right now and not fully opened. Kind of shriveled a little bit on the edges. They are doing better today but they are still purple and not fully opened. What do you think I should do? Are they still getting used to the water? I have a 20gal high tank. with 96watt t5. Should I move them higher in the tank? Or should I dose anything? Just give me as much info as possible.
  12. I am looking to get a RO/DI filter. I can't afford any high price filters and this one cost $66.00 does anyone else have this RO/DI filter? If so how good is it? http://www.ebay.com/itm/0PPM-Portable-100G...=item588e2553f7
  13. Also something that might help you that I think I have noticed. I don't know if its correct. But the more coarse and thick your chaeto is, the more nutrients it is holding. If you chaeto is really stringy and puffed out than its not holding as much. Color can also indicate this. Lighter the green the less amount of nutrients.
  14. I got a really nice USA made one. Well that's because I made it myself with my dad. Take a look. https://picasaweb.google.com/10798098639430...feat=directlink My tank is a 20 gallon high just fyi.
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