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  1. Planted Tank question.

    I just did a trim over the weekend, so in a few days when the plants grow out again and hide the cut stubs, Ill take some photos. But yeah I will post some, I'm in the middle of upgrading tho, so its more of a plant farm than dutch aquascape at the moment!
  2. Planted Tank question.

    Hmm...I thought it was the other way around. The LED that I use have 2 models, the 6500k was for freshwater, and 10000k was for planted tank... I have a 10000k in my Marine refugium, so thought it made sense. But will definitely take a look and check out another fixture. Im currently using a all in one fertilizer with no Nitrates & Phosphates, purely iron, potassium and minor nutrients. Its called Tropica Premium fertilizer. Will definitely try a dosing system with dry ferts if and when I decide to go full on. Planning my rescape at the moment, ordering my ADA 60-P soon!
  3. Planted Tank question.

    Rotala Macrandra Rotala Rotundifolia Alternanthera Reineckii 'Mini' Alternatnthera Rosanervig Rotala wallichii (only the tips) Is my current Red plants list. Im a little fustrated since for the more famous red plants, they arent that rich in colour. the AR only have pink on the underside of leaves, and the Rotala's are somewhat transparent. I grow HC as a carpet on the substrate ok, granted not a thick carpet, but they do spread. I experimented a little bit with a camera yesterday, since I have 10000k lights the red looks pink/magneta, When I corrected for white balances and played with the tones a little bit, the plants come out more of a vibrant red. Starting to think its the colour rendition of the lights, some one here warned me about that before. If you want less maintenance you should stay away from stem plants and High tech systems, I am running a high tech dutch system roughly the same size as you (topless fluval edge) and have to do hard trim backs every 2 weeks. Takes about 2 hours worth of time every week on the water change and trims. I run 'high' light (for planted), CO2 and I get about double the plant mass every month worth of growth or there abouts.
  4. Planted Tank question.

    Hey guys, Anyone keep nano planted tanks here? (Wrong forum, I know...But this is the only forum I keep up with, and could appreciate some help.) My 'red' plants arent really establishing to be red. They are colouring up, but more to a pinkish and semi-transparent. They are growing well, I trim every other week, they just dont colour up as vibrantly as I see them on youtube videos/pictures. Any idea what is wrong? Could It be that I just have a pink strains of the plants. The tank is lit by 10000k LEDs, not the strongest, like radions, but decent and gets round 25 PAR on the substrate. Co2 injected, at 2 bubblers per second and I use the Tropica Premium Fertilizer. Plants going pink: Rotala Macrandra Rotala Rotundifolia Alternanthera Reineckii 'Mini' Alternatnthera Rosanervig Rotala wallichii (only the tips) moderators please remove or relocate if this is too off topic.
  5. A monitor stand?...you sir, are a genius! Will look into copying that. So its just the hanging kit hooped around the mount. Where do you find a dosing pump that squeezes a syringe and why the creatine monohydrate? I've never heard of people dosing this sort of stuff. Probably way beyond me chemistry wise. But looks good will keep following. Btw...that cheeky Strike Freedom and Unicorn in the back, I see that !
  6. LED lighting: Planted then later Reef

    Right, you guys do make some good points, thanks. Was hoping to just go for longevity in 1 unit, but guess ill have to buy and sell later on. Thanks you guys have convinced me. Pardon my ignorance, but care to explain what CRI is? I'm in the UK at the moment, not sure if BuildmyLED ships here. But thanks for the valuable input! Much appreciated!
  7. LED lighting: Planted then later Reef

    I've just spent the past 2 hours looking around. Ecotech Radions has their spectrum shifts, was thinking something like that might work, what do you think? Shift the spectrum to 6500k for plants, then run a 15k+ for the reef?
  8. Nice going! Looks like you've spent a lot of time and money in this tank! Love the set up. Could you show your mounting solution for the Radions? Cant quite figure out whats going on there and also whats that syringe? Where do you get your corals btw? I'm in Manchester, but has to pop into Network Rail office in Stratford every 2 weeks. Only been to Aquatic Design Centre.
  9. Haven't been around this corner of the web for a while, hows everyone doing^^? After 3 year of traveling and working abroad, I'm home. I'm itching to get my hands wet again > ! Lets cut to the chase, I need a LED light to light a ADA 60P 24" x 12" x 14" ~15gallons, want a high end light that can go full planted then later be reused for reef. I haven't been paying much attention to whats out there during this time. Money is no object this time round. I'm gona go planted to try out the dutch style then once i get bored i'll be back on the nano reef scene Perhaps another frogfish <3
  10. A small start but a big beginning!

    From the look of things, the light doesn't look like it can sustain coral. Consider another option?
  11. nursing leather corals

    Hey guys, Long time no post, but now im in need of some aid. My tank recently crashed, about a month ago I would say. Im now trying to nurse 2 leather corals back to health. I also got a sweet deal on a recovering bleached leather. So now in my hospital tank under T5 HO are 3 slowly recovering leathers, 1 previously melting finger coral, 1 previously melting cabbage coral, and 1 bleached out but recovering kenya tree. Of the melting corals, the tissue has stopped going necro and is firming up, but still have part of the skeleton showing. The bleached one is ffirm and sticking to the bottom of the tank so its growing, but color is still off. With damaged SPS you need good water quality n stability, with LPs you feed the crap out of it. But what to do with soft leathers? At the moment I do regular water changes and feed kent marine coral accel (knowing leathers dont eat, thought amino acids may be adsorbed) and strontium and idodide for soft issue growth. Is this a good rescheme? Any softie pro out there that have nursed leathers bk to health and have tips for me?
  12. Coral only tank

    I was under the impression that because corals must respire, small levels of ammonia would be produced one way or another from the corals? would that not be enough to maintain a population of bacteria? or should we keep a fish in there just to keep more stable conditions?
  13. Coral only tank

    Hey guys, I remember asking this a while back, but didnt actually come to any conclusions and just abandoned the thread. Then a colleague recently asked about it when she was starting a pico. Would corals prefer a tank with some fish bioload or would it be better off in a fishless tank? I guess the benefit of fishless would be low nutrients, but since i know corals actually use nutrience from the water, so is it better to not have fish than to have fish if you are just looking out for the benefit of the coral.
  14. Black background for tank

    Have you tried PlastiDip? Its a spray on paint which can be peeled off as one sheet when you are done. It has the added bonus of being a matte texture so it gives a dull black look. just spray it on the back of the tank and leave it to dry, done!
  15. How to prevent condensate on glass tops?

    They sell that stuff now that you can spray on boots or whatever to make materials fully hydrophobic. Would be a cool experiment at least. I did this, you can buy it at any UGG's store or online. I just used my gf's, those boots are part of college girls uniform if you know what i mean. I covered a small square in the corner of the glass lid with masking tape, about 1cm by 1cm, and sprayed the entire glass. I removed the corner patch and put the lid on my pico, I stuck a small bit of plastic on the part that holds the glass lid opposite side of the "unsprayed" corner. This is to rise the lid by like 3 or 4 degrees so that any droplets that form would roll off into a corner. My concern was what if this stuff gets picked up from the condensation and fall into the tank, then I slapped myself and called myself an idiot since its hydrophobic it wouldnt mix with the water. I had it when I was in college for about 2 years, tank was perfectly fine. I did it just so I can see through down in the tank better, and for sh!ts and giggles thats all.