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  1. LC's Tank 30.5x20.5x18.5

    Any comments on the lighting? I recent went through another thread and the tank had 3 hydra 52's on it with roughly the same dimensions. I think that might be a little overkill but hopefully these lights are enough for me.
  2. LC's Tank 30.5x20.5x18.5

    Well after roughly 4 years I'm back and finally pulled the trigger on some items. My previous tank was a 20 long and right before I got out of the hobby I had a tank custom made that came in in all the wrong dimensions. This awkward tank is finally getting set up! Tank dimensions are 30.5x20.5x18.5. I really wish this tank was only 12-15" tall but oh well. Also whoever made it went crazy with the silicone- it needs a clean up. Old gear I'm using: -MP10es -Fluval 100w heater New Gear - 2x AI prime (black) with the EXT mounting system - Reef Octopus 110SS Space Saver - DC2500HP Apex Ready DC pump- Waveline (660gph) - Sump haven't picked one out yet Anyways I'm pretty excited to get back in the hobby. The plan is a very open design for large coral colonies.
  3. Imported From Detroit

    Well there goes my pair, woke up this morning and the presumed male was dead. I don't believe they were both males they only fought at night and I didn't see it. All day they stayed right next to each other like side by side. All yesterday he was labored in his breathing though so I knew something was up.
  4. A reef at college?

    I'm at college and have a 20l right next to my desk. Makes it incredibly hard to study but I'm a senior and have all blow off classes to graduate so i spend a lot of time staring at it.

    Just read the flat worms only affect acros with small polyps any truth to this?

    If i look really close there is like little white clear strings on some parts of it i mean like really small like half the size of this - or maybe 3/4s of that line

    I hope its nothing serious I don't want to throw it out

    whats wrong with this thing little spots everywehere on it?
  9. water changes

    Depends on the temperature of the water your adding compared to the temp of your tank and the volume of water you adding compared to the volume in your tank
  10. Imported From Detroit

    Hopefully my pair of bangii cardinals.
  11. As it says do you raise your own? what do you feed them after they hatch?
  12. Par 38's and SPS?

    make sure they have 3w leds though and not 1w. Rapids are cheaper which is a plus
  13. Par 38's and SPS?

    Look at my page I have 2 eco 20ks and one rapid. I like the ecos better
  14. Imported From Detroit

    Pretty excited, sunday I'm picking up my supposed male/female bangii cardinals and I'm going to try and breed them.
  15. How high to put my RapidLed Par38 bulb?

    I started mine at about 16 inches or so, now I have them roughly 10-12 inches and keep sps in a 12 inch deep tank.