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  1. Any comments on the lighting? I recent went through another thread and the tank had 3 hydra 52's on it with roughly the same dimensions. I think that might be a little overkill but hopefully these lights are enough for me.
  2. Well after roughly 4 years I'm back and finally pulled the trigger on some items. My previous tank was a 20 long and right before I got out of the hobby I had a tank custom made that came in in all the wrong dimensions. This awkward tank is finally getting set up! Tank dimensions are 30.5x20.5x18.5. I really wish this tank was only 12-15" tall but oh well. Also whoever made it went crazy with the silicone- it needs a clean up. Old gear I'm using: -MP10es -Fluval 100w heater New Gear - 2x AI prime (black) with the EXT mounting system - Reef Octopus 110SS Space Saver - DC2500HP Apex Ready DC pump- Waveline (660gph) - Sump haven't picked one out yet Anyways I'm pretty excited to get back in the hobby. The plan is a very open design for large coral colonies.
  3. i want