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  1. 4 Acid Rain nems available, $80 each. Located in Burlington NJ but will have shipping available to those that need it. Please call, text or PM if interested and if shipping is required please provide zip code for actual cost. Thanks Joe 609-424-4300
  2. Bounce mushroom up for grabs, $125. Located in Burlington NJ but able to ship.Please call, text or PM if interested. Shipping is actual cost to send over the zip code for a quick quote. Thanks Joe 609-424-4300
  3. Mushrooms available just $20 each. Located in Burlington NJ but able to ship.Please call, text or PM if interested. Shipping is actual cost to send over the zip code for a quick quote. Thanks Joe 609-424-4300
  4. These are $130 complete with everything you see in the video and in the pics. $130 is the price when these tanks are on sale during the $1 a gallon sale. Off sale price is $145. Either way still a great value with the insert only taking up 3.5in leaving a ton of space still available inside the main tank area, Located in Burlington NJ. These tanks are currently not being shipped.
  5. 20 gallon long all-in-one complete with 400gph adjustable return pump. The top rack of the rear chamber is removable to allow access to the bottom rack for placement of carbon or a bag of Chemi-Pure. Not pictured but the AIO chamber also comes with a lid. On the drain section there is a lip that allows for seamless waterfall action onto the filter floss allowing the tank to be dead quiet. Great starter tank or saltwater frag tank. Located in Burlington NJ. Please call, text or PM if interested. Shipping not currently available located in Burlington NJ. $130 each. Off sale price as per the $1 a gallon sale is $145 each
  6. Raffle spots have been filled. Winner had already been selected
  7. Multi Option SPS raffle!!!! 3 different SPS colonies up for raffle. The lucky winner will get to choose from 1 of the 3 pieces that are being offered. 5 spots just $13 a spot. To enter please PayPal your $13 raffle entry to simplynanotanks@yahoo.com once that's been done please post what spot you would like in the raffle 1-5, in the comment section below. Once all five spots have been taken I will announce a live feed time to showcase the winner. Thank you and good luck!!!!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1484810248452860/
  8. Congratulations man. And right in the nick of time too. Last entry for the raffle and the lucky winner!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!
  9. Just 2 spots still available on this awesome raffle!!!! Please check it out if interested. Just $10 a spot, 1 and 6 still up for grabs!!!!! Shipping is available on this raffle. Please PM zip code for actual shipping cost. Thanks Joe
  10. Here it is!!!! 4pk WYSIWYG Acan raffle. 7 spots, just $10 a spot!!!!! If interested please PayPal your $10 raffle entry to Simplynanotanks@yahoo.com Once you do then just comment below on what raffle spot you would like. Once all spots are filled I will do a live video to reveal the luck winner!!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1484810248452860/
  11. Tank is $100 with overflow and bulkheads. Im also now offering a custom mini sump to go along with it. Sump includes a 4in filter sock holder, 5pk of 4x12 filter socks and a 600gph return pump. Combo package is $230
  12. Please call text or PM if you have one for sale. Thanks Joe 609-424-4300. Please include price for the skimmer and shipping to 08016
  13. Just trying to get some feedback on a custom one of a kind reef ready nano I built. Complete with mini overflow box including a 1in bulkhead for the drain and a 3/4 bulkhead for the return. The tank is a 10x10x12 holding roughly 5 gallons. The tank is build using a one of a kind piece of art glass for the back glass. Colors are a mix of blue, white and black with the back of the tank being black glass, no paint here. The bottom of the tank is 1/4 glass, while the sides, front and back are 1/8. Overflow box is 4.24x2.25 but looking to make my next box a bit smaller. Was thinking 4.25x1.5
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