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  1. Tank is $100 with overflow and bulkheads. Im also now offering a custom mini sump to go along with it. Sump includes a 4in filter sock holder, 5pk of 4x12 filter socks and a 600gph return pump. Combo package is $230
  2. Please call text or PM if you have one for sale. Thanks Joe 609-424-4300. Please include price for the skimmer and shipping to 08016
  3. Just trying to get some feedback on a custom one of a kind reef ready nano I built. Complete with mini overflow box including a 1in bulkhead for the drain and a 3/4 bulkhead for the return. The tank is a 10x10x12 holding roughly 5 gallons. The tank is build using a one of a kind piece of art glass for the back glass. Colors are a mix of blue, white and black with the back of the tank being black glass, no paint here. The bottom of the tank is 1/4 glass, while the sides, front and back are 1/8. Overflow box is 4.24x2.25 but looking to make my next box a bit smaller. Was thinking 4.25x1.5
  4. First one was sold and removed. Still have the second for sale. Really a stunning piece and the photo does it no justice. Amazing deep red with blue rim. Might have to frag that soon, not sure yet. I also have 4 more colonies coming in tomorrow. Most will be fragged but may cut one in half and sell as mini colony. Another small frag thats available for $35. Photo was taken with a Iphone as a top down shot, no editing. Came out AMAZING!!!
  5. I have 1 large, 20+ head piece of Acan I'm looking to sell for $90. Located in Burlington, NJ. Call, Text or PM if interested. Thanks for looking, Joe Foster 609-424-4300
  6. Still available?
  7. Still for grabs if anyone needs a nice tumbler. Can even adjust the flow and add carbon.
  8. Not interested in buying anything. Looking to sell what I have, Thanks.
  9. Brand new in box CPR Mini Tumbler. Brand new they are $60 +shipping. I'm looking to sell this one for $60 shipped. Text works best. Thanks for looking, Joe Foster 609-424-4300
  10. I have 6pk box of MarinePure Biofilter Media I'm selling. These blocks go from $60-64 per block, I'm selling these for $52 each +shipping. If you are interested in buying one or more please let me know. Text works best just provide me with a zip code and I'll shoot you a quick shipping quote. Thanks for looking, Joe Foster 609-424-4300
  11. These dont give the best par as I found out and was only getting 120-170 on the sand bed. But easy fix, I lowered the light 2in. With the cheap ballast your not "over driving" the bulbs so a plus is they do last longer before needing to swap out. I do mine ever 10-11 months. A friend of mine with a ATI fixture is doing ever 9.
  12. Bought this light for $115 on Ebay for my new custom 40x24x12 I built myself. Swapped out all the bulbs to ATI's and I'm loving it. I also have a 48" 4 blub unit over my 33L with ATI's running the stock ballast and growing SPS just fine. The 4 bulb unit is 4yrs old and neither have fans. I did have to replace the ballast after 2yrs but went with the stock ones again as I've never had an issue with them, there are cheap to replace and I wasnt sure on how to rewire the fixture for better ballast.
  13. Very very difficult. I might suggest re-thinking the game plan and just buy a unicorn instead. Just sayin..................
  14. A friend of mine owns his own glass shop so I just submit my dimensions though him and him or his shop guy will make the cuts. They just hand sand the edges with a belt sander and do a hell of a job at it. I love his cuts and his clean edges. What I pay for my glass is what my customers pay. I do not up sell my glass costs.With this tank being so small, having the nozzle angled right creates a balanced flow through out the tank. In a larger tank with a bigger pump I will split the return. plus I think by doing so will eliminate the need for a powerhead in the tank and make it look SO much better/cleaner. Just the overall appearance of having a corner or even a middle overflow box and creating depth to a AIO tank is awesome looking. With such a small amount of water you dont need a full insert and add all the gadgets people try to pawn off on you with them.