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  1. Official Mandarin and Dragonet Show off thread

    Here's my guy, had him for almost 6 months now. He's a little shy sometimes, I'm assuming that's kinda normal?
  2. They have a couple of yellow assessors at my local LFS... wish i could afford the price tho really neat fish. clowns are about 2.5 years old. only aggression i've seen is the large female towards the smaller male. they'll nudge the mandarin away from stuff but i've never seen them bite or nip at him. I'm fully aware of the difficulties in keeping a mandarin, i managed to get it to eat frozen thanks to the threads on this forum and i had it in a 10 gallon for approx 3 months before upgrading to a 40g, i have a little HOB fuge with chaeto in it. My new tank is approx 3 months old.
  3. Hi, looking for some ideas for some cool colorful fish that like to swim for a 40 gallon breeder. I currently have 2 clown fish and a male mandarin dragonet in there. I'd like to get a little more color in the tank as well as something that will swim around in the water column. Any suggestions? I'd like to avoid anything aggressive. Maybe something herbivorous as well too. Thanks in advance!
  4. The many methods of training Dragonets

    I've been feeding my mandarin using the shot glass method but my clownfish/cleaner shrimp have learned/seen where i've been feeding the mandarin and they're gobbling everything up! Any ideas on what to do?
  5. 40 breeder lighting help

    Are they running just one or two?
  6. Nitrate Source?

    Hi, I've had my 10 gallon tank for about a year and a half now and I've been having problems with nitrates lately. I use an API test kit and I'm getting readings of somewhere between 20-40 ppm. This has only really affected my monti cap as my birdsnest frags have been okay/been growing. I do water changes about twice a week (1 gallon each time) and I've tested the water I have been using and no problems whatsoever. I run a protein skimmer (just a tiny little biocube one) and I use an Aquaclear 50 at about half power running carbon and phosphate remover. I have a good baseball size clump of chaeto growing. I'm having bad hair algae problems in one part of my tank but the other side is relatively hair algae free. I vacuum the sand fairly regularly too. I only feed every other day. I have 2 clowns, one cleaner shrimp, 2 snails and 1 hermit crab. Maybe my lack of a powerhead/not enough flow in my aquarium? Any other possibilities as to what could be causing nitrates?
  7. My frogspawn coral fell over onto my maze brain coral while i was at work today and the maze brain is pretty damaged where it got stung. Any tips/tricks/advice to help my maze brain coral from dying and for me to stop panicking? I've attached a picture. The damage is towards the top right of the coral. It looks worse in person >< Thanks in advance!
  8. Any good LFS in the Bay Area?

    Neptune Aquatics is a pretty awesome place, it's where i found my maze brain coral and they have some cheap frags of stuff just around. I really like Aquatic Collection. Their stuff is a little pricier (maybe it's just me tho?) and everything I've gotten there has really thrived (until I went to vacation and the auto fish feeder dumped a little too much food into the tank...)
  9. Brain Coral is turning white

    is the clown still trying to host it? has the brain been taking food? water params? flow?
  10. 10 gal owner's

    a tang... (jk jk.) 2 small occellaris, 1 cleaner, 3 astrea, 2 hermits, blue mushroom coral, acan lords, GSP, frogspawn, maze brain coral, red monti cap, teal birds nest and a green slimer frag.
  11. This is weird

    This just happened to me last night as well too... no more hermits for my next tank
  12. Emerald crab hosting

    mine did a great job taking out algae and scrapping stuff off of my rock but took a chunk out of one of my acans and scrapped part of my monti cap off. but she's gone now. RIP. (crabs seem like a hit or miss it seems like)
  13. NUDI ID

    Kinda looks like one of the montipora eating nudis. there's a pic that's in the stickied coral guide in the coral forum.
  14. GSP Removal?

    Took me about 3-4 months before i saw some really explosive grown on my GSP... it's not stopping too...
  15. 2 ocellaris in a 10 gallon...

    Feasible? Reasonable? Planning on not keeping any other fish in there. just the 2 clowns.