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  1. I lost power in Hurricane Sandy and the 10 gallon survived a full week on nothing but a Silent Air back up air pump. The tank is less than 10" from the head of my mattress and Silent Airs aren't very silent! Had to sleep with that thing and it sounded like the tank had its own mini generator, but after awhile it turned into a kinda loud white noise and didn't bother me anymore. On day 6 it started to sound almost like it was dying, revving and almost stopping sometimes, and I changed the batteries, but it didn't help for long so I think I overworked it, but thankfully I got my power back that day. The tank didn't have any heat and the pump was pumping cold air... The water temp dropped below 70, maybe under 68, and the corals did not appreciate it. I'm worried about my feather duster. He lives on waste food from the boxer crabs and sexy shrimp chewing up pellets and the powerhead chopping it smaller, but his crown has always been huge and perfect and I've had him for over half a year so he has to be fat and healthy. How long does it take a giant feather duster to start showing signs of regrowing the crown? The end of its tube is closed. A worm that size could quickly foul a 10 gallon while I'm waiting to see if it's alive or not.
  2. Reef snow going bad?

    You always refrigerate after opening...
  3. Pederson Cleaner Shrimp

    Rewrote the entry. I was at my LFS the other day and saw these clear and blue little beauties for the first time. Now I'm trying to find out all I can about Pederson Cleaner Shrimp and if I can keep them. My tank is a 10 gallon nearly a year old and I want to know if I'm able to keep 1 or 2 or a few. Solitary, mated pairs, colonial? Will there be any probs with the Sexy Shrimp? What about food, are these guys picky little snobs or will they chow on anything like the Sexies do? Will they pick on my Zoas, again, like my Sexies? Because they are cleaner shrimp will they constantly pester my fish? The Jaguar Goby stays under his rock so the only fish for now they'd have to clean is the Green-Banded Goby. Aside from the CUC and hitchhikers the tank already has: 1 Jaguar Goby 1 Green-Banded Goby 3 Sexy Shrimp (1 male and 2 females who are always carrying eggs) 2 Boxer Crabs (They're a mated pair constantly trying to outdo the Smexy Shrimp! ) 1 Anemone from an anemone hermit crab (crab arrived dead at the LFS and I bought the anemone on its shell) 1 Feather Duster And all soft coral. (white xenia, zoas, mushrooms...) I'll be adding a Yellow Clown Goby as soon as the LFS finally gets in some captive bred ones, but that'll be it on the fish. They said at the LFS that these shrimp will live with anemones. Is this true? Compatibility with anemones is a major fear because I have the anemone from an anemone hermit crab and it will catch and try to swallow things almost the size of my sexy shrimp! It once swallowed a surprisingly large detached Discoma mushroom and spit it out later because it couldn't close around it. I can't keep bumble bee shrimp because of this thing.
  4. Thank you. I have one of those siphon tubes with a small tip without the hose attached to it and I shake it in the tank to churn the sand and kick up debris for the filter. I can use it to blast the coral. I've heard that it melts Xenia and Kenya. I recently added Xenia and it's nice to know there's a quick cure if a piece of this one goes somewhere I don't want it. I'm keeping an eye on it, won't let it run loose and anchor itself on the big rocks. I don't know what the big deal is about Kenya trees being pests. I understand Xenia getting out of hand; I see mine growing daily! But my Kenya came in as a branch with the live rock when I started the tank. 10 months later it's not 4" tall stretched. It's bushy with a thick stalk and looks kinda bonsai-ish, but it's grown maybe 2" in over 9 months! Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't there hard corals that grow faster than that? Maybe all the growth is going into a thicker stalk and the branches, it's in a strong current spot.
  5. I have noticed white bumps/spots on some of the stalks. The colony is flooded with gray banded micro brittle stars; I'll see how many I can pick out before doing the dip... To rinse them off after the dip I just swirl them in a bucket of straight aquarium water?
  6. Very happy to hear that about the mushrooms. They look big and beautiful and happy otherwise. Same with the Zoas. It's just this one patch that troubles me. The only other places where they are having problems are where the light can't quite reach them, because the mound wraps around the coral they're attached to. I have Sexy Shrimp, but they are Not hurting the Zoas. I've heard all the tales, but skirt eating and pecking is not happening here. The 3 Sexeis actually perform a coral cleaning service and pick on dead tissue and debris. I honestly think the tank as a whole wouldn't look this healthy without them. The Melafix says that its reef safe and won't hurt the biofilter. Only reason I considered it is that it was pointed out to me at the LFS and I looked into it from there. What I don't like that it did is it konked out my baby micro brittle stars and the margarita snails. They'd pass out for an hour! The stars were drifting around like snow globe glitter! After seeing that I used half doses and stopped once it looked like the tail was starting to heal up figuring the immune system could take it from there. And I where my tank's concerned I won't touch copper with 50' pole. If you've heard bad things about Melafix, say the word and I won't touch the stuff again, but the tank is healthy and Raph is healing back the notch the fin rot left in his tail. I think I only gave it maybe 4 doses, but I underused the stuff. I hope I never have to medicate the tank again. When I'm done with the Instant Ocean salt I have left should I switch back to Reef Crystals now that I have a tank full of coral?
  7. My mushrooms are detaching! They still open and act normally unless a hermit crab pushes one around, but this has happened to several now. The Yellow Polyps have been dying away. They will pinch and scrunch down and eventually just fall away dead, looking like someone burnt them off. The rock was covered, now there's maybe 5. I had stupidly assumed I didn't have the right conditions. A more recent addition, a 6" x 4" domed colony of Eagle Eye Zoas, are starting to show the effects in one or two spots. A polyp will shrink and the head will close and it will slowly die. Most of the colony is healthy and beautiful, but there's a trouble spot that has me worried. The stretching is normal where it's happening because the mound wraps the edge of the coral it is attached to and not all it can get proper lighting, but I positioned it as best as I could. Lighting does not seem to be a factor. The colony is large enough that the LEDs are hitting different places with varying intensity and if lighting was the problem other places would be showing the same problem. Could this be a lack of iodine or maybe some other deficiency? The tank is 10 month old 10 gallon and I have literally never added anything but salt, water, food, Microbacter7, Reef BioFuel for the Microbacter7, and most recently Melafix to clean up some fin rot. I started off using Reef Crystals, but had an outbreak of cyano and I was told that part of the problem (other than using tap water!) might have been using salt with too many trace elements in a tank with barely any coral. I switched to regular Instant Ocean (and distilled) and have been on it since, but now my tank is stuffed with soft coral. In a tank as small as my 10 gallon I'm scared to death of adding any liquid additives. Everything is so concentrated for larger tanks. And, stupid me, this 10 gallon reef is my first fish tank, fresh or salt! The floor and knee wall won't let me have a much bigger tank and that's the only place in the house I could do it. I've kept it alive on paranoia. I even waited 4 months before adding my first fish! Reef Encounters still laughs at me for being the only person they've seen walk in with a clipboard. This tank is my baby!
  8. removing xenia from zoa colony

    Good to know. I recently added xenia and this might help someday.
  9. Your favorite coral in your tank

    Somehow it made the tank look bigger! In the future if I remove this one smallish rock (it's smooth so removing it won't effect the biofilter) there will be lots of room to put it closer to the floor and devote part of the tank to a clump like yours. I'll just keep up on the trimming and as mentioned before if it ever gets to be too much I can always trade it in at the LFS.
  10. Your favorite coral in your tank

    Wow! I have small jam jars and things that will actually fit in this tank and I could move the rock it's on into one of those jars someday. One of my LFSs, Absolutely Fish, they'd give me a discount or trade on something new. The angle has it growing up the side of a piece of rubble well away from the live rock. It'll be awhile before anything needs to be altered, but I can actually see the branches growing slightly longer daily. How long did it take to get that big and how big were the branches you originally put in the cup? And how many gallons is that tank?
  11. Your favorite coral in your tank

    My White Pom Pom Xenia. It's a more recent addition, but I love how much it has been filling out and it's thriving on the abuse. Beginner with a 10 gallon here; not my brightest idea... I never get tired of watching this guy. My Yellow Clown Goby died in a tragic powerhead accident, but when this thing is much fuller I might try another Yellow Clown. Hoping it gets hosted like a Skunk Clown did the Xenia at my LFS. Why the heck do people hate these so much... I spot feed the tank 3-4 days a week so snipping a branch here and there will never be a big deal to me. The fish stay so fat on the buggies between feedings that feeding daily has become almost a bioload hazard in my little tank and spot feeding further reduces waste. The asterinas in the upper left are part of the CUC and they have never troubled my corals. I've got tons. They seem to love eating those red balloons when they start looking old and ugly, they've nibbled on cyano back when I had an outbreak, and one little green one I actually caught eating tiny aptasia anemones off the glass like they were its favorite food! They have never injured anything I want and attack almost everything I don't want... Only prob is I now want to try keeping a SPS and I know the green ones will eat them.
  12. Mated pairs also produce live food for everyone else. Mine are in a 10 gallon. I've heard stories about fights when one is added that doesn't have both anemones, but I just waited until I could get crabs that had both anemones so I don't know anything about this personally.
  13. Our friend Jeremai has passed away.

    I mostly just remember the name, but it's always a tragedy to loose someone so young... He touched many and will be dearly missed...
  14. I found what I think might be a tiny xanthid crab in my tank, but I haven't found one that looks quite like this yet. Maybe it's just too young to properly identify. Its carapace is little more than 1/2cm and it lives in the holes/tunnels in the rock my clove polyps are colonizing. I always know where to look, but size and location makes catching it more work than it's worth at this time... I managed to feed it a flake the other day to get it where I could see it more clearly and it looks like I might be able to tame it through spot feeding to make catching easier in the future. It's a deep reddish brown with smallish claws that are the same size and thin, long arms. Not as long or thin as an arrow crabs, but definitely not the thick, heavy arms and claws of a rock crab. And it's smooth, no bumps, hairs or texture of any kind on the arms or carapace. I didn't see the sides of its carapace coming to points; the sides looked rounded from what I could see. I couldn't tell if there was a pattern on the lower legs or the eyes, but the arms are solid colored with the claws fading to an off white at the tips and I think the carapace is solid too. EDIT: It's legs are banded and hairy and it's color is more brownish than reddish and its eyes are striped.
  15. Hitch hiker ID help, please . . .

    My boxer crabs ate all mine within a couple of months of introduction... I had been buying them whenever I spotted them (not often) in the dealers tanks too. Stupid crabs, I loved my cap snails... Look for them in the dealer's tanks. They'll never grow too big, never eat what you don't want them to eat, and they'll breed like bunnies. I was wondering what had happened to all of mine until I saw Wasabi (my fem boxer) prancing around with one. Mine were nibbling on cyano back when I had an outbreak...