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  1. GU10 LED Build Thread (Chinese Ebay Lights)

    Has anyone ever used gu10s in huge tanks? Like 200g? Never seen any vids or pics...
  2. GU10 LED Build Thread (Chinese Ebay Lights)

    So at 24" height of the tank.. another 10" to 12" height from water is really ok? Coz thats 34" to 36".... tinygiants 55g is 22" + 10" from surface of water. Thts 32".
  3. GU10 LED Build Thread (Chinese Ebay Lights)

    hey guys i know its a nano reef forum, but would 2 rows of 3x1w gu10s work for 72"x24"x24" mixed reef? or will i need 3x3w? also howmany rows?
  4. Since morning, my chiller is showing faulty temperature, it switches on for 10mints and switches off for 10mints... what can be done? the water temp came from 27C to 25.5C and it still does the same...... anyone here knows what can be done? i cant afford to buy a new chiller now, my plan is to attach a timer and unplug the thermostat or attach an external thermostat... or has anyone come across this problem using hailea and fixed it themselves? please help urgent... can anyone show with pics? 1 more thing, the black cylinder inside becomes very very hot.. is that normal?
  5. What Seafan is this? Its care?

    made a paste of cyclop, aquapharm seaplankton with roti and added some formula 2 pellets and some tank water...
  6. What Seafan is this? Its care?

    im feeding plankton 2ice a week, is that fine? should i turn off my skimmer?
  7. What Seafan is this? Its care?

    its completely white, with white polyps........ i dont know wether its photosynthetis or no, as the polyps are also pure white... there are many pics of it on google images if i type "white seafan or white gorgonian"
  8. I just bought a white seafan, and mine is a 1yr old 20g mixed reef with live rock... is it photosynthetic or will need feeding? what should i feed? is bottled plankton and cyclopeese enough?
  9. Hey guys, My friend is giving away a tank with hood (24"Lx10"Wx12"H). I have been into FW planted and Reef tank since long time and always wanted to setup a marine planted tank. Here is a George Framer article i came across : http://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.u...t.php?sid=3725 Macro im intrested in keeping are Caulerpa, Feather Caulerpa Runner , Chaetomorpha, Halimeda, Red Flame and some other Macros. Has anyone made this tank and is successful. How do i Cycle it? and any supplements required? My plan is to add water from my other tank when i do a WC. So reef tank get new water and macro tank gets the reef tank water (nitrates and stuff) the filteration im planning is just some carbon and GFO mixed, will be changed every month or 15 days. No protein skimmer. Fishes will be 1 or two locally caught goby, 2 hermits and a pair of clown. Will add a wavemaker 3000 lph. sandbed will be 1.5" thick aragonite sand. Any suggestions? the tank will be coming in a week or two. So got some time to discuss.
  10. i have 2 phosban 150, 1 for biopellets and 1 for rowaphos. the total tank water volume is approx 15-16 gallon including sump, i want to know howmuch biopellets and rowaphos to use and also would like to know howmuch act. carbon should i use. please tell me in ml or grams or tsp.