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  1. Alright, I hope I don't confuse you with this situation. I'm going to downgrade from my 30G to a smaller tank. (Probably a 16G innovative Marine tank) Anyway, I want to keep my fish(Only two clownfish). I plan on selling my corals before the big move to the smaller tank. I haven't set up a tank in a while, so I'm not sure how long it will take to cycle. Should I plan on about 3-4 weeks? So here's my gameplan: Week 1: Set up new tank next to old, possibly on floor. (It's going in the exact location of my old tank). Add sand and water. Week 2: Add live rock, but still no light. Continue to let tank cycle. Week 3: Possiblely add clean-up crew (hermits, snails, etc) I would only do this if the tank params are in check at this point. Week 4: Only if tank is completely cycled, empty most of the water into 5 gallon buckets. Drain and move old tank, and move the new tank into the existing spot. Replace water that was emptied. Add light and clowns. Am I waiting too long to add the light? Will it affect the live rock in the new tank, becuase it will not have light for 2-3 weeks?
  2. I have a 29G mixed reef and was wondering if I can use the SubCurrent Internal Filter? I have a canister filter, but it broke recently. All I want to use is Filter floss and Chemi-Pure Elite. Will this SubCurrent filter be good for a low bio-load (2 Clowns currently) tank?
  3. Orange Monti Cap Bleaching

    Hey guys, I am about to frag my Orange Monti Cap. So can I just use Bone cutters and cut off the white part? And then I can place the coral back into the tank, correct? I don't have to do anything else?

    I have 1 Sol Blue over my 29G system (30"Lx18"Hx12"W) I do notice a slight amount of darker areas on both sides of my aquarium. But my tank is 6" taller than yours, and only 2" shoter. I think you can get away only 1, but I would recommend getting a second one if you wan wall-to-wall SPS.
  5. Orange Monti Cap Bleaching

    So should I cut off the white part of the coral? Also, what does STN stand for?
  6. Orange Monti Cap Bleaching

    Ph 8.3 Nitrate 0 Nitrite 0 Calc 450 ALK 10 PhosPhate 0 Thats all I remember off hand. I just checked it this morning.
  7. Orange Monti Cap Bleaching

    What can it be dieing from? All my water params are fine...
  8. Orange Monti Cap Bleaching

  9. Orange Monti Cap Bleaching

  10. Orange Monti Cap Bleaching

    I have a orange Monti Cap that is about the size of a dollar bill. About a size of a quarter is bleaching. It is slowly spreading. About 1/4 inch more white within the past 2 weeks. All my water params are perfect. I think the bleaching is due to my new Aqua Illumination SOL. I started it on 30% intensity, and it is now at 40%. I ramped it up 5% within the past 2 weeks. I don't think it is my light causing the bleaching though. Anyway, so I moved my monti from the top of my tank to the bottom, about 12" difference and it is still slowly bleaching. Can bleaching be caused by not enough water flow rather than the light being too powerful?
  11. Power-heads for a 29G Tank?

    Yeh, I have 1 Koralia Nano and it has hardly any movement. I think I will get 2 Koralia 750. My LFS has them onsale for $25 each.
  12. Power-heads for a 29G Tank?

    Don't get me wrong, the Ecotech Pumps are amazing quality and have a lot of great features. I just don't have the money to lay out for a MP10 lol!

    New firmware update for the AI Controller! It says it fixes the the nob sensitivity! http://support.aquaillumination.com/home Make sure you write done all your time/intensity settings. I'm pretty sure they will get deleted!
  14. Power-heads for a 29G Tank?

    Don't have $230 right now to spend