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  1. 16" Value Fixture

    ill pm you you a pic later ...but i was able to push most of the dent back in it was weird the dent was pointing out instead of in i think it was prob a manufacture error but im to tired to pull it back out the box with the camra lol
  2. 16" Value Fixture

    got my unit works good but it has a sizable dent in the metal case ;(
  3. 16" Value Fixture

    well i think that is very miss informing ...a week ago it said "out of stock." and now it says "ships in 1-3 weeks." as if i should get it in 1-3 weeks you should write like backorderd or somthing..kindof dissapointing to be honest... i may not have orderd if i new this was the case...
  4. 16" Value Fixture

    still waiting for a responce ^^ previous posts
  5. Somebody please buy this!

    wow and i thought it was a good deal or somthing like that...its well a deal of some sort
  6. Boost LED MU 135 Light - $90!

    well free bump...but i have a really nice way to put the phosbanreactor in the stand unless you dont have the room in it..i guess you can pm me if you want some pics
  7. Somebody please buy this!

    hard to see the polps in there pic
  8. 16" Value Fixture

    hmm bump i guess..well its been over a week as far as i remember when i, orderd it..i would think you shipped it the next day ..so i would think i would recive it by now...any way i hope it comes soon someone has been holding my coral and id rather have it in my tank then being held lol
  9. 16" Value Fixture

    been waiting a while considering i live 15 mins away i figured it would come in like 3 days for the 16" value...you can just pm me ..or did you chage the spectrum and waiting to get new stock i just looked at ur site im not sure if you changed it but i belive it was tweaked... lol sorry if im wrong
  10. Who is going to the CT Frag Farmers Market?

    Ya ill need to bring some raffel cash they look way better than the last one from what i have heard.
  11. Who is going to the CT Frag Farmers Market?

    Going..... its worth the drive by far! I hear there will be some more freebees this year. last year i got i nice free container of buffer and purple up. It will be nice to look at all the led fixtures aswell. Just to add a little more hype
  12. CT Frag Farmers Market

    I havent posted in a long time..I just started to redo my tank..but if your deciding on going go this event sells tons of corals. high end, to starter frags, and large colonys Jason Fox will be there, and the sponser list is very large. There are frags here from 5 -500$ I would say most are very good priced, and bargans... lots of clams last year make sure you come out! this year will be much bigger aswell!
  13. Black Friday: The Wait Is Over!

    its going to be a long night
  14. do not eat your twinkies

    o and by the way drakes cakes may be going out and wonder bread not shure but the stores were wiped out of that too
  15. do not eat your twinkies

    well iwent to 2 stores and all i could get was 2 boxes of Suzy-Q s and 1 box of chocolate zingers made by hosstes 10k a box or highest offer ....i think ill sit on them for a while and see if the premium goes up or not if not ill just eat them slowly , they never go bad lol