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  1. ^I like the sols very much. sorry i havn't thrown up an update in a while, been busy with starting up my own fragging business and summer. the tank has been going good, i lost some fish due to that ick outbreak, started to feed food soaked in garlic and everyone who survived has made it through and is looking fantastic. i havnen't seen a sign of ich since march, and all fish have great color and are nice and fat, nobody fighting and it's a nice peaceful enviroment. i did have to get rid of my flame angel who was eating my sps. current list of livestock is: hippo tang x1 yellow tang x2 fire goby's x 4 powder blue tang x1 (not in pics) blue/green chromis x3 occ. clown x1 black/white occ clown x1 pink anthias x1 as you may see i have upgraded the middle sol to a vega, and it's growing out the zoa garden nicely. and this is a pic of the frag tank setup. just a basic 10gallon with a par38 light.

    thought i'd throw an update for my situation, after Justin from AI and I were trying to figure this mess out with the adapters out etc, AI is going to send me a new Hydra with controller. customer service is awesome with AI.

    i'm not sure about the director but you should be able to use it with the three chained together. it's just that you won't be able to controll them independantly from eachother....that is if you get the wireless adapter to work.

    lol glad to hear i'm not the only one with this problem....i've just resorted to leaving the three sol super blues. if it ain't broke don't fix it i guess.

    hrm i havn't had the controller going weird yet. crappy iphone pic of the new upgrade, still need to clean up the wires tho. http://s238.photobucket.com/user/Flexin5_2007/media/23C6E903-81B7-4851-A28B-B22ECB1A7016-1594-000001E6097E468B_zps50bd17f1.jpg.html'>

    i'm waiting for my 3rd wireless adapter. first one only the green light would show, second one worked for 1min, then won't turn on at all and got super hot. waiting for the third one to come in the mail. just wondering if anyone else had problems with theirs. shitty thing is that i have the vega upgrade working but i can't controll it yet. oh and let me tell you how i screwed up my upgrade kit by my own dumba$$ fault. if you using the EXT rails, the origional screws are too long, but the new screws (that holds the rail to the heatsink) are pretty short, so short that i could only get at most two threads into the heatsink and i didn't feel comfortable having 3 units above the tank with only two threads. so i used the old screws, and tightened them down too much, going through the heat sink and damaging the two boards with the LEDs on them. so i had to order those two new boards. Justin at AI has been super helpful with all of this. so for a solution, i ended up using the old longer screws, but used two washers on them so they don't go through the heatsink; but have more than enough threads on the screws. for anyone doing the upgrade and using the EXT rails, when you get the sol pucks off of the heatsink, that's a good time to install the rail, that way you can see if the screws are too long. one more thing, there's a boo-boo in the instructions. when you get to this step where you start to screw down the new LED boards, the instructions say to install them like this: http://s238.photobucket.com/user/Flexin5_2007/media/65C1D1D9-AC1F-44EC-8E55-9A6667B531EE-1594-000001CE2A19C468_zps03115b22.jpg.html'> like so: http://s238.photobucket.com/user/Flexin5_2007/media/796A0469-B83B-4894-9DF5-65AB826D07EA-1594-000001CE00110290_zpse38bc5b7.jpg.html'> ^you can see the wire for the fan at the right (sorry my pics are screwed up) but the fan wire won't reach the main board if you install it this way, instead you have to flip them around like this: http://s238.photobucket.com/user/Flexin5_2007/media/F6B5FD01-00E2-4C96-98BF-8EB0D517EFEE-1594-000001CE3AEB6C57_zps6a790847.jpg.html'> then it reaches the main board. http://s238.photobucket.com/user/Flexin5_2007/media/4564890B-937B-4424-AC41-01FA9A05D943-1594-000001CE4E2059C4_zps00a50a9d.jpg.html'> and it works (minus my screwed up led's...lol) http://s238.photobucket.com/user/Flexin5_2007/media/25C90126-61AB-4E74-A3C3-3DC055C7BEA8-2863-0000022D06D25E51_zpsfc7e691e.jpg.html'> but atleast some good came out of screwing it up, since i had to re-order the two boards, i got two boards with the red and green and violet in them instead of just the blue and deep blue for the ends.
  7. AI EXT Rails for 2 Vegas in ADA 120-F Tank

    I think you should be good with the 12inch ext rail. i had two sols over my 60inch long tank (152cm) and it lit it up no problem. you can always raise the light for more spread and turn up the percentages. if i remember correctly they were at the max space apart from eachother. i actually have the rail for sale since i had a third sol laying around and i ended up using two 3 inch rails.

    just ordered my upgrade kit. so shipping is supposed to be on Friday the 19th?

    ^that's what i thought? at first i thought that you can custom order your colors for the upgrade kit, but now i see that they are coming with 4 Cool White, 2 Deep Red, 2 Green, 2 Blue, 6 Royal Blue, 2 Deep Blue, 2 415nm Violet which is pretty much what i wanted anyway. i'm anxious to see how it colors up sps, i have quite a few new frags, red convexa, pink mili, red digi, red planet which all mostly look purple because of the blues. i hope the color upgrade will bring out better colors in them.

    sooooo anyone get their sol color upgrade yet? i'm about to order mine and a wireless adapter...
  11. thanks very much everyone, i decided to get a house without a finished basement, that way i could make it just how i like it. i got a outbreak of ich that i'm dealing with right now. sucks...but the corals are doing really well so i'm happy about that lol
  12. thanks everyone disaster999 - i do have flow going into the fuge, it's slow, but i wanted that dwell time in there. on the T fitting i've added a longer pipe that goes under the water line, but i didn't cement it in place, i'm going to put another valve there so if i need more flow into the fuge i can close it 1/2 way and fine tune the drain flow.
  13. First off i'd like to thank this site, because of the info and helpful members here i was able to run a successful stocked 10gallon as my first tank for over a year. i recently broke it down and transfered everything i wanted to keep into this new tank. as i was building this i had also purchased my first home, and finished the basement. this gave me the chance to add some little things to help life with such a (to me) big tank. let's get some specs out of the way: tank: -100gal custom rimless, corner over flow, drilled. the tank is acutally used by a friend, but has been kept in extremely good condition. L=60" W=18" H=22" -40 breeder sump w/baffles plubming: 2'' drain 1.5'' return 3/4th loc line lighting: AI Sol Super Blue x3 AI EXT mounting rail (short) x2 AI EXT hanging kit AI new controller *just waiting on AI to upgrade the middle sol to full spectrum and the wireless adapters* other equipment: -vortech MP40 -eihim 1262 return pump -Reef Keeper light w/moonlight controller (used for sump light) and an extra PC4 -Vertex IN-180 skimmer -BRS 75gpd 4 stage RODI w/inline tds meter -jbj auto topp off the start: started to mock some stuff up, at this point i was planning on just putting the tank up against a wall. layout of the sump, cleaned up some wires Starting on the plumbing added two sols, at this time i still had the 10 gallong going with one sol on it. now came the time to start constuction on the basement. so i bubbled wrapped and saran wrapped it up. see you in 4-6 weeks! construction on the basement was coming along.... it was killing me to have it sitting for so long..lol now i was at the point where i could start to set stuff up. the view when you walk into the basement/man cave: and the view from where the sofa will go: i'm really glad i decided to do a peninsula style tank, viewable from 3 side instead of just one. don't mind the dirty glass. got everything setup, rock and sand going on. hung the lights, put on the MP40, wired everything up. i was also able to put the tank on it's own seperate 15amp breaker while i was at it. i also ran an extra water valve in the laundry room specifically for the RODI machine. WATER!!! cycling time....i made a makeshift stand cover, it'll do until the warmer weather is here and i can make a skin with two flush doors. finally got to the point where i can add the clowns from the 10 gal, and a blue tang that i had to house due to my uncle's tank breaking during transporting it. i also put the coral, a green hammer, frogspawn, and some zoas from the 10 gallon. added some new fish and tore down the 10 gallon, so i added the third AI Sol 1 powder blue tang -4 yellow tangs -2 pink anthias -cleaner shrimp -strawberry conch -couple of hermits other side: a little bit later added some other fish full livestock list: ocellaris clowns (orange) x2 ocellaris clown (black/white) x1 powder blue tang x1 blue hippo tang x1 yellow tang x4 flame angel x1 anthias (pink/purple) x2 anthias (pink/yellow) x2 firefish goby x2 and picked up some frags: -large frag of red convexa -1.5 polyps of candy apple red zoas -ultra acans -small frag of red planet -small frag of a red/green millipora -purple w/green eyes chalice? the candy apple red's have been in the tank for two weeks and i have two new heads already! sweetttt and that's where i'm at now with the tank. i'm being very picky with what corals go into the tank, it's easy to add alot of green stuff so i'm trying to stay away from it for the most part. i'm just going to get some select SPS to let them grow out aswell as some other designer zoas, just picked up a frag of fruit loops, just need some rastas. i i'll probably add some nice acans, chalices and i've started a ricordia rock with only very vibrant pink, orange, and yellow ricordias. just waiting for AI to release the sol upgrades and continue stocking coral. thanks for reading! :)