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  1. Almost all vendors will hold overnight for you if you want to buy Saturday. If they won't, I wouldn't buy from them. I take a lunch cooler and use a frag transporter from Building an Obsession. TSA compliant to carry on plane. Make sure you have the TSA policy up on your phone. I have almost always had to show it to them.
  2. Arrived Tuesday. Off plug and on live rock today. I’ll get ruler shot tomorrow. Housed in place of honor next to jubilees and incinerators!
  3. Just getting a bit of clarification from CR. Order is in shopping cart!
  4. February Update: So, last month's update I had finally gotten out the par meter to find out that the par near the top of the skull was over 500!!! EEEEEP. I put clear tape over the white LED allowing some light through but diffusing it. I then put electrical tape over a blue led. Difference but still too high. I covered another blue led and seemed to find my sweet spot. I saw different results almost immediately. Everything got fluffier (a technical term in reefing) as well as started stretching out and moving around a little, e.g. zoas not staying as tightly bunched, etc. The most notable example of this is the nepthea who has extended polyps and stretched probably about an inch this month. Color has gotten better too. The bam bams had always stayed pretty tight/closed and have now opened significantly, look really happy and have a baby polyp. Snake polyps have colored up and the sore on one has healed. I think I'm going to put a frag of LPS back in the tank and see if I can actually keep it in there now. (Note: I saved the lepto previously in the skull by putting it back in my main display. I would have thought it was a goner for sure but it's about 2/3 colored up again!) Rock nem has fully split into two and is also chugging along. In terms of stability, this little tank is rock solid. Both crabs are still hanging in and doing their thing. I was able to take a cutting of the dragon's breath for another tank and then spread the remainder out around the bottom of the skull. I do a water change every 7-10 days and keep plugging forward. Such a fun little jar of happy! Updated pics from today:
  5. Here's my January FTS. PAR update: I did some PAR readings with my Seneye and no wonder the LPS were bleaching - over 500 PAR!!! I've black out one of the blue leds and need to now black out another one. Geeeeez!
  6. Amen. And for me, the fun is the completely different way I keep and maintain the pico in comparison to my main display. The other really fun experiment is fragging from the main and seeing what happens in the pico. For example, I have a piece of acro that is blue in the main and green in the pico even though they are both lit by AI lights and use the same water and run essentially the same program.
  7. Amen! You do your thing! They way we get anywhere in this hobby is by people like you going out and doing new stuff. Between being in Camp Queen Lazy, I'm also in Camp Chicken so I appreciate you mixing it up! Good luck and here's to color and growth for you!
  8. Yeppers! While for SPS more specifically, I have found the program works well for my mixed reef and I liked that BRS took their program and put it in AI percentages for me because I'm Queen Lazy!
  9. Here is a screenshot from BRS video where they took AI settings and matched them to the CoralLab SPS AB+ program. These are the settings I use and just reduce everything an equal percentage if the tank doesn't need full wattage.   HTH  D
  10. That 5.5 is looking fantastic. Such a great DIY project! Your pico is rockin' too! Well done! D
  11. Well done! I'm always pleased at how quickly and aggressively we can get to the algae in the pico reefs because we just pull the rocks right on out! Keep up the good work.
  12. Good morning, pico friends! Sorry I've been MIA for a couple of weeks. Work has been crazy town!   Pico update: I taped over the white led with layers of clear tape to act as a diffuser. It cut down on some of the light but I still think things are getting blaster. I'm going to fire up the PAR monitor today and dig in to see just what I'm dealing with and adjust accordingly.   Took out the lepto and put it in display tank to stop/reverse bleaching. Didn't want it to continue to suffer.  Mr. Pincers and the blue legged hermit have switched shells. I didn't know if Mr. Pincers preferred the smaller one or just got bullied so I tossed some extra shells in the bottom.  Weekly 100% water changes continue to be the order of the day. Very minimal algae growth at this point.   Macro algae is going crazy! Have had to pull out some of the caulerpa. Almost ready to take out some of the dragons breath.   Â
  13. Looking just fantastic!!! I love how it's filling in! #picomastergena
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