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  1. That happened with my tank - bought a fish - it died overnight - second fish - died the next day. I ended up waiting a few more weeks and ordered fish online with a live arrive and 14 day warranty. Healthy and happy swimming for weeks now.
  2. What size BioCube do you currently have? Your light fixture looks like it could do about a 24" spread.
  3. I would do a display macro tank - equipment-wise - nothing too fancy - a AC70 with a Kessil A80 for light. And a tailspot blenny.
  4. What kind of light are you running? I live in Florida and keep my air set at 77 degrees and my tank (a Nuvo Fusion 20) is never hotter than 79 degrees. That's with the stock pump, wavemaker, lights, and skimmer running. Other than that - your tank looks like a really healthy cycling tank to me. I was very excited when I started seeing pods in my tank. To me it looks like you have a great set-up going.
  5. I'm looking for a lid to help with evaporation on my JBJ Picotope - are you able to make something like that?
  6. Yes and no - it's providing ample light for the corals but there isn't even light over the entire tank. I think the spread of the Prime HD+ covered a bit more and I prefer the color options of the Prime. I'm thinking of getting a second Kessil - not because I really need it - but because I am thinking of getting the 30 long next year when I move and will certainly need the extra spread then.
  7. Yes it's the same one. I was really worried about it for a bit - it had almost completely retracted into the skeleton for about a week and then when it came back out it got really happy. I think it had one baby head and the main head when I got it - but now it has the small heads all around the main one. edit - I do feed the corals - I think it's called Reef Chili from BRS a couple times a week.
  8. Some cell phone pics I took today - sorry the photos aren't better - I have bad eyesight (I've had to have retina surgery on both my eyes) and honestly until I download the photos I can't see the details. The usual FTS And I love my clowns - they aren't ultra high end but they are cute and frisky I also have a love affair with my tiny little duncan
  9. Just realized it's been a long time without any updates. Soooo - I've added the IM Desktop skimmer - it's on the louder side but no micro bubbles. My two clowns are healthy and happy - I'll add some photos when I get home. I've placed some of the frags into what I hope will be good spots on the rocks. I've been using the acclimation mode on my lights but my zoas seem unhappy with the slightly lowered amount of light - they are still on the sandbed. I keep waiting for the first big problem to show up - algae, cyano, something. So far some diatoms and that's about it.
  10. I'm in Clearwater - on the Gulf Coast and we don't really expect more than a little rain and some wind. Probably just enough to knock down a few tree branches... the usual stuff.
  11. I saw this and immediately ordered one from Amazon. Wow - just wow - where has this power strip been all my life?
  12. I live in Florida and they are seasonal here as well
  13. I buy 5 gal pre-mixed salt water from my LFS weekly, and 5 gal of RO once every 1 2 weeks for top-offs. They give you a choice of salts. sorry edited mistake
  14. My Prime HD+ did this same disco ball thing (less noticeable in person - but still could see it.) I like my Kessil better but had to shell out the extra money for the controller. Does this bother you?
  15. I wouldn't buy a BioCube unless you like the enclosed look. My first tank was a BioCube 29 and I put led's, a new pump, extra fans, etc into it. In the end what I really wanted was a beautiful modern rimless tank and the BioCube couldn't magically turn into one like a pumpkin. So this time I got a IM Nuvo Fusion 20 and love it. I'm planning on moving in the next year or two and when I do I might move up to a 30L or a Lagoon 25