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  1. bump.
  2. I just made a hood for my 16 bowfront and made it of wood, the top piece is 3/4 inch birch wood. I mounted a 70watt MH directly to the top peice. Will that get hot enough to start a fire, or is there a special treatment to put for the heat? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
  3. I have a powerquead, it works great had good growth with it. But like drunkfish said no way to run actinic only for dusk effect. however I did add a moonlite for nite time viewing.
  4. What about heat issues, any major increase or did you need to use cooling?
  5. I currnetly have a 16g bowfront setup with a 96 watt powerquad, going to make the move to halide, not sure how much would be enough for it was looking at either a 70 or 150 DE setup, along with 2x32 actinics any advice on which size to go with. Not sure if the 150 would be an overkill on a 16.
  6. I would also be intersted to see if any one has been able to do that.
  7. How about the pics?
  8. Got any pics? and as Funny as this is gonna sound will you ship?
  9. Are you looking to sell that halide fixture.?
  10. What are you looking to get for it? any pics?
  11. Nice!
  12. The best route is the make an all glass top for the 16 gallon bow front, the you can set you pc ficture on there. The window on the hood that comes with the tank is no wide enough for a good pc ficture.
  13. From what it looks like you are missing the O ring, which looks like a rubber band that goes around the collection up. You moved the band up or down and it controls how far the cup goes into the skimmer.
  14. I will be setting up the same. I have a spare 32x2 csl left over from another tank.