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  1. Chalice ID

    Picked this up in the store today, not sure what kinda chalice it is, looks great under my lights, tried taking a few pics to capture the colors the best. any help is apprciated!
  2. FS: MP10 ES

    PM sent
  3. Pearls of the Antilles...

    Will you take a video? Looks amazing, alot more color pop.
  4. Pearls of the Antilles...

    Can't wait for the updated pics with the new MH.
  5. SOLD!

  6. SOLD!

  7. SOLD!

  8. SOLD!

  9. SOLD!

    only 1 left!
  10. SOLD!

    no sorry ya it would be more than enough for a 4 gallon. Would be able to keep anything in there. Ya its 95 shipped for clamp and bulb. Those are over a 14 gallon biocube and they are the boostled setup. PM replied.
  11. SOLD!

  12. SOLD!

    Prce dropped to 80 shipped anywhere in the CONUS.
  13. SOLD!

    PM replied.
  14. SOLD!

    I am not sure of the exact color rating, its 3 blues and 2 whites.