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  1. Burnt out LEDs?

    I would also figure out how much power each string is running and, while you are in there, put some of these in line with each LED to help with any future problems: http://www.littelfuse.com/products/led-protectors.aspx They are an LED lifesaver when it comes to blown LEDs
  2. FS- sps, lps, softie

    Thank you, and no problem
  3. FS- sps, lps, softie

    Might be easier to modify your original post with what you have left and what you have added. Hard to read through and see everything. I'm interested in things, just hard to know what you have and don't have.
  4. Show me your light stand

    In relation to everything else, yeah. I think I spent $40 for my temp light stand. If you did just the bent pipe and the holding brackets, you could get away with maybe $25 if I had to guess. It all depends on how long of a pipe you want to use.
  5. Show me your light stand

    Well, if you go with anything that has a threaded end on it, home depot and Lowe's has braces in their pipe section. They are plates that have 4 screw holes in it and one big one in middle for your threaded pipe.
  6. Show me your light stand

    My brother wanted the bends in his pipe, it wasn't a pain in the @ss to bend the pipe...but was to get them to look the same and it isn't as stable (his light can bounce)...but he's picky like that. My setup is only a temporary thing as I build my 120 cube. The most elegant solution I seen was one pipe bent up, 90 towards the tank, then paralleled 90 with the tank. It held 4 par bulbs on it.
  7. Show me your light stand

    Instead of needing to bend the pipe, use black steel pipe. That way you can buy the 90 degree pieces. You can get it at Home Depot/Lowes as well.
  8. Nano-Reef's most shallow reef tank

    Nah, I just thought I would spur some friendly competition. If more people would like for this to be a true competition, there would have to be rules and it be voted on and blah blah blah. I've got a vinyl cutter so I guess I could design a shallow tank design and mail them out to winners, ect. That's up to the forum...not I.
  9. Nano-Reef's most shallow reef tank

    I had seen that, forgot it wasn't a traditional shot glass. I'll mark it as current pico winner...
  10. Nano-Reef's most shallow reef tank

    I would agree, but to me...shallow is in perspective of the over all tank. If you took a shot glass, scaled it up so that the base was, say 12 inches wide, then that would really be considered a "tall" tank. But to each their own...
  11. Nano-Reef's most shallow reef tank

    ...and I'm not one to say that's not an aquarium/tank. So far, you are the winner of "Most Shallow Aquarium - Basic"
  12. With the recent craze for shallow tanks...I was wondering who currently has the most shallow reef tank. Annnnnnnnd.....Fight! Most Shallow Aquarium - Basic: Radixx - Height .01cm (Pan filled with Water, couple grains of sand and a dwarf cerith) Most Shallow Aquarium - Pico (3 gallon and Under): BigRok - Height ? - (1/10th Gallon shot glass) (Current Build Thread)
  13. Clown Hosting

    It's really not up to you, it's up to her (if you have had it a while, it is now a girl). My original clown decided to host the temperature sticker on the outside of the tank (she could see it through the glass). Then when I paired her up with a male, they now both host it...even though there are plenty of other things in the tank for them to love on. They keep me in line when it comes to tank temp
  14. Unique reef ideas

    That would be cool and did a quick search on the interwebz to see what company is already doing it (http://zeroedgeaquarium.com/). They show salt water aquariums but there are no power heads to "move" the water...which made me think, how would you keep the tank happy without the proper water movement?
  15. Unique reef ideas

    If I could do anything, and had the space for it, I would do a 6 foot long, 4 foot wide, 18" deep tank (Roughly 245 gallons). I would do an island in the middle like we have seen before (I forgot who did it) that actually comes out of the water. Now, you might ask why so long and why so wide? I would want to keep a blue dot stingray in the tank. I know they have the potential of eating my other fish in the tank, but...you asked if we could do something, what would we do...and that would be it.