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  1. Thank you! I was thrilled with how Lily's hat turned out. It was so dang cute and she was so cooperative wearing it for the photos. Yeah I saw the fish costume at Petco a while back and thought it would be funny to make her a fish, but its a bit weird and creepy. Definitely looks like she got eaten by a fish. Also she's so not into the aquarium, so it was a bit mean to dress her up as her arch nemesis The Downtown Abbey costume was way more her style! Thank you! I had a ton of fun with it! Yeah, sadly I could not find a pre-made hat like that for cats I found bonnets and fascinators, but those were the wrong style. Also, expensive! I'm glad you like the hat I made! I wasn't sure if my crafting skills were up for it, but I ended up being really happy with how it turned out and it was easy. The key was that I bought a cheap felt top hat made for dolls from Joanne Fabrics. Then I just draped that with ivory chiffon (I got a partial yard of really nice chifon for cheap in the fabric fragments bin), hot glued on the string of pearls from the jewelry making section of Joanne's, and then attached that large flower broach. The final touch was just hot gluing on an elastic chin strap to hold it on Lily's head. I think I just took my crazy cat lady status to a whole new level by making a cat hat Thank you, Annette! Lily was sure looking sassy in that costume
  2. Wow, Annette! This tank has really come a long way. Its looking stunning and clearly all the corals are so happy and healthy. So cool to see the videos of the anemones spawning. Also, I really like that big piece of branching GSP. I'm also glad to see your fish are all doing well in QT. I'm sure its a pain, but I'm glad they all seem healthy now.
  3. Stunning fairy wrasses!
  4. The tank is looking great! The zoa garden is looking stunning! I also really love the pop of orange on your coral beauty. Its a gorgeous fish
  5. Woah! Your acans are looking stunning! I love the varieties of colors!
  6. Thank you, Teeny! Yeah Lily would definitely fit in with the cast of Downton Abbey. She'd be a natural at having a bunch of servants She was definitely channeling the Dowager Countess today in her costume. She was sure posing!
  7. So thrilled to see the transfer went so well Dawn! This came together so nicely! I really love that beautiful background featuring Adam. It is just stunning! I also love how the stand turned out and it all just looks so wonderful surrounded by the fun seahorse accessories and art. What a nice centerpiece! Eve looks so happy in that last photo too! I can't wait to see her with some new friends in her spacious, new home.
  8. Woah am I behind! So thrilled to see the transfer went well! It looks like everything made the transfer and bounced right back without any issues at all. I really love how everything looks in the new tank. The dropoff just adds such a fun, unique aspect to your already gorgeous corals. Lovely work with that modern white stand to match the tank too! It just all came together so nicely I especially love this photo! I really love the mix of colors and textures you have in this tank. So lush! How is the renovation coming along? I can't wait to see the finished product. The new paint in the living room looks so nice. Gave that room such a fresh facelift and its not a lovely backdrop for the tank. You all are going to love hanging out in that new spruced up room!
  9. Sorry for being so MIA again! I've just been busy and I there hasn't been much going on with the tank. Its doing well and just running along on autopilot. All the fish and corals are doing great right now and I'm just keeping up with maintenance and enjoying the tank being so easy atm. The only real update is that I've been busy and didn't want to take the time to go get fresh seafood and make my own food blend for the predators, so I decided to try out the LRS Chunky blend. Its really very similar to what I was making myself and my fish seem to enjoy it. It includes scallop, shrimp, perch, squid, krill, clams, and oysters. It seems like a good food option for the predators and I appreciate that its much easier than making my own. 4b74dcddaf9935f403c30de2277cbd1f by Felicia Svedlund, on Flickr I did make a fish store trip the other weekend and was pretty excited to see that they had a golden dwarf moray. You don't see those come in too often. I enjoyed watching him for a while, but was glad I already have an eel because I don't need to drop $250 on a golden dwarf moray Sorry I don't have a bunch of tank photos right now, but I do have lots of fun Halloween photos! I absolutely love Halloween, so I hosted a pumpkin carving party last weekend and then went to a big charity costume party is a mansion in San Francisco yesterday evening. Here are a couple photos of our pumpkins from the carving party. All the finished pumpkins. IMG_7164 by Felicia Svedlund, on Flickr My pumpkin. IMG_7181 by Felicia Svedlund, on Flickr I also made pumpkin spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for the party that turned out delicious! IMG_7158 by Felicia Svedlund, on Flickr For my costume this year, I dressed up as Edward Scissorhands! I put a lot of work into the costume and the makeup for it and I was thrilled with how the whole look came together. As much as I love costumes, I normally just buy an inexpensive halloween costume from one of the big box costume stores, but this year I went to the effort of putting the costume together from different pieces I purchased and then putting a lot of work into the makeup. IMG_7248 by Felicia Svedlund, on Flickr IMG_7263 by Felicia Svedlund, on Flickr IMG_7257 by Felicia Svedlund, on Flickr The scars are made from "fake flesh" by Mehron. IMG_7258 by Felicia Svedlund, on Flickr And of course, Halloween wouldn't be complete without Lily's costume! This year, she actually ended up with two costumes I bought the first costume while I was at Petco a while before Halloween, and then later I had a brilliant idea for another costume that ended up being her main costume. However, I figured I might as well take photos of her in both costumes. Lily costume number 1 was a fish! She was just thrilled about this one IMG_7219 by Felicia Svedlund, on Flickr IMG_7233 by Felicia Svedlund, on Flickr Ok and now for Lily's absolutely awesome, main costume! As all the Lily fans know, Lily is a HUGE fan of Downton Abbey and of course her favorite is the Dowager Countess Violet Crawley (played by Maggie Smith). Due to Lily's love of Downton Abbey, my friends now have a running joke that Lily is the "Meowager Countess", so I got inspired to use that as her Halloween costume for this year. I found a dog dress on Amazon that worked and then she needed a huge, elaborate hat like the Dowager Countess wears, so I ended up making her a hat for the costume. So now, here is the always fabulous Meowager Countess! IMG_7300 by Felicia Svedlund, on Flickr IMG_7306 by Felicia Svedlund, on Flickr IMG_7311 by Felicia Svedlund, on Flickr IMG_7322 by Felicia Svedlund, on Flickr IMG_7333 by Felicia Svedlund, on Flickr
  10. Everything came through just fine thankfully I've thought about getting backup batteries, but power outages are so rare here that I've never really worried about it too much. I may have to look into getting a couple, but in the meantime, luckily the battery powered air pumps work well and last a nice long time. It was more the temperature dropping that I was worried about instead of flow. I'm using MP10's and my return pump is a Jebao DC pump.
  11. I wish, but Jase was way more on his power outage game than me! He's got fancy backup batteries for his equipment and a generator and everything. I just have some battery powered air pumps and a bunch of D batteries Glad you figured out now that it doesn't work! I've been pretty lax on power outage planning because they're so rare here and when they do happen they're usually super short. I'm glad I at least finally caved and got 3 battery powered air pumps and a bunch of D batteries a year or so ago. At least they're inexpensive on Amazon, so not a big deal to replace the broken one.
  12. Thank you for the good luck wishes! The power just came back on and the tank seems ok. The tank got down to 75, but that's not too bad. All the fish seem fine and none of the corals look distressed, so seems like we made it through our first long power outage. I'm so glad I had those battery powered air pumps ready to go. Sounds like you were in about the same boat as me! My power just came back on, so it was out for 10.5 hours and the temperature got down to 75 in the tank. I learned my lesson about the mess those air stones make in saltwater the one other time I ran them during a short power outage. That towel I had draped over the tank was SOAKED when I pulled it off just now.
  13. Ok so we're officially having the longest power outage I've ever experienced since moving to California. The Bay Area doesn't really have bad storms, so it's rare for the power to go out and normally it's back on in under an hour. The longest it had been out before today was around 2 hours. We had a small storm come through today with a decent amount of rain and some thunder, which is rare for the Bay Area, but by everyone else's standards this is a tiny storm. Being that it's the Bay Area and we don't get many thunder storms, of course the transformer for my area went down at 10:30 this morning. The latest update from the power company is saying we'll have power by 8 pm. Blah! Hopefully the tank will be ok. I've got two battery powered aerators going in the tank. It's in the high 60s today, so the temperature in the tank shouldn't drop too quickly. Here's the tank right now. I know it's dark, but the two blue balls hanging about halfway down in the tank are air stones. The air pumps are sitting up on top of the tank and the towel is to block the salt mist that happens when you're running air stones.
  14. Moving this over to the new page Thanks, Gena. I've been making aquarium videos for so long that I'm running out of ideas. I figured this was something new and different Yep, very soon! Just have to give these some time to attach and recover from fragging and then I'll put up a for sale thread.
  15. Video Time!!! I was fragging the nepthea and blue sponge tonight, so I put together a narrated video of the fragging process. I hope you all enjoy!