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  1. Oceanarium Imaginarium Relapse

    Yep! I'm still around lurking. I've taken a few breaks, but I always come back. I did go completely tankless for about 6 months but then the itch got me again. I'm going the super simple route right now, so I have a small tank to enjoy but not too much maintenance or stress. I'm doing great! Just busier now that I'm done with school and working. You were pretty close. I was doing my doctorate (PhD) in Materials Science and Engineering with a specific focus on biomaterials and bioengineering. I finished in May 2016 and I now work in engineering/scientific consulting in Biomedical Engineering. I do still love diving, but its been too long since I've been diving! Life has been busy and the friend I typically dive with had a baby about 9 months ago, so she's been a bit more focused on that then diving. I'll get back to it at some point soon though. How have you been? What's new?
  2. Criticism needed for first tank

    Sandbed looks fine. I agree with what WV Reefer said regarding considering what corals you want and where you can place them and also ease of cleaning the glass. My other concern with rock placement is that your highest rock is a bit close to the water surface. If you put a coral with much height on that top point, it will end up out of the water. You can always break up big chunks of rock with a screw driver and hammer to make smaller pieces that you can fit together into more of the shape you want.
  3. Oceanarium Imaginarium Relapse

    Welcome back, Brad! I did a double-take when I saw Oceanrium Imaginarium on the home page! Glad to hear the bug has bitten again and you're setting up a new tank. I haven't gotten any custom tanks or sumps built, so I'll let others chime in on that one. In my opinion, yes the Ecotech Vortechs are still the best since they keep the motor and cord portion on the outside of the tank. They've come out with newer models called "Quiet Drive". I've got an MP10 quiet drive and love it because it's easy, does what I expect it to do, and looks nice. In terms of other high end wave makers, the other option would be the Maxspect Gyres. They are unique in how they approach flow being as they're a gyre pump and are fully controllable. My issues with them is they're a bit bulky compared to a Vortech and the cord is still inside the tank. Also they seem to be a bit delicate and break easily. I don't have a controller, but Neptune seems to have taken over the controller market with the highest end/most user friendly controller systems. Dave is still building and has been doing really well. He's got NanoBox lights for sale on Marine Depot! I believe he still does custom builds as well. He's a favorite among the NR'ers. Otherwise, there are a lot of new and improved prebuilt fixtures on the market. The Radions and Kessils are still around of course with some tech upgrades. The AI lights have become really popular lately. I have one of the smaller AI Prime HD's on my little 14 gallon tank and love it so far. It's tiny and sleek looking, gives you full control over 7 different color channels, WiFi enabled, and fully controllable for $199. Ask away on the questions front! The technology is always changing in some ways and not much at all in others so it takes some catch-up to figure out the latest recommendations. Welcome back!
  4. Happy New Year, Jase! Glad to see you checking in! I saw you posted on your thread, but I haven't had time this week to spend much time on N-R. I'll have to go check out your thread when I get a chance and get caught up. I'm doing well, thank you! Just busy at work right now playing catch-up after the holidays. How about you? Glad you like the tank! I crammed it full of easy stuff and now I'm just letting it do its thing. So far so good on the low maintenance front! Thank you for the kind words! Not too much new to report for the tank. Everything is happy and healthy and I'm seeing some nice growth from the corals. I hadn't really messed with the tank much because I've been busy, so yesterday I decided to make a quick LFS trip to browse around. I picked up a leather coral that's probably a sinularia and then ended up impulse buying a tail spot blenny. The tank has been doing so well that I decided the bioload could handle one more small fish. So far the new blenny seems to be settling in well and he ate well tonight at feeding time. I picked up some PE Calanus at the LFS because the possum wrasse seems to prefer smaller food. The blenny also seemed to really like the calanus. Anyways, just a quick and dirty photo, but here's the new little guy.
  5. Glad to hear everyone is excited about the amazing prizes (We have such wonderful sponsors! ) but also excited about the camaraderie of the contest and being able to show the world you can keep a successful reef in a very small volume of water. It sure seems like there is a "Reef Bowl/Vase" revolution happening right now and I'd like to think we're all definitely part of it! I'm also glad that our goal of making this an easy contest to enter (low cost and able to use equipment people already had on hand) was successful! Thank you all for participating and the wonderful builds so far! In contest news, the FTS thread is now updated with the few last stragglers from December. Any contestants who missed both the November and December updates have now been disqualified from the contest. There are still a bunch of contestants that missed the December FTS (but not November). Those contestants have the opportunity to stay in the contest by sending me two FTS's for the January update. Contestants can begin private messaging me their January FTS's whenever they are ready. The soft deadline for January will be January 31st at 11:59 pm PST. Please try your best to get me your FTS's by that deadline.
  6. Hey guys! For the remaining FTS's for the contest, can you please pm them to me? The tags just get lost in all my notifications for the contest. I just realized this was here for the December FTS.
  7. Salinity keeps lowering

    You definitely want to make sure you're regularly calibrating your refractometer. They will drift over time. Do you have a salinity standard to double check your refractometer is reading correctly?
  8. Hi everyone! On the further extension for the December FTS's...trust me, I'm generally a stickler for the rules as a lot of people probably know from me vetoing lighting and such during the set-up phase. However, I know I myself had a very hard time keeping up with Nano-Reef in December and so for this one month that includes holidays and family time, I want to give everyone just a bit more leeway. For the rest of the monthly updates, I will be much more strict on the deadline. I have a feeling that even with my extension, we will have a lot of attrition this month because a lot of those people are also missing a FTS from November. However, there are a few active contestants that are missing a December FTS, and I want to give them a bit more time to stay in the competition. Yes, it is a competition, but I did say from the get-go that there will be some flexibility in the deadline for the monthly FTS's. Its about staying active throughout the competition, but I'm not going to set hard deadlines to rule out active participants because of holiday travel, family time, sickness, etc. I'm pretty sure the non-active contestants will drop out all on their own and the active contestants tanks will really shine in the end. All of the December FTS's are now posted in the FTS thread here:
  9. December Full Tank Shots 1) Gena 2) vlangel 3) Lula_Mae 4) kimberbee 5) Harrisonbored 6) tanacharison 7) schgr.cube Disqualified from contest 8) Tamberav No Update 9) Clown79 10) seabass 11) Orangutran 12) Sharbuckle Withdrawn from contest 13) Farmboyreef Disqualified from contest 14) GraniteReefer 15) GunslingerGirl Disqualified from contest 16) JoeR 17) Merthynia 18) OldManSea 19) Boggers 20) Coral_chef No Update 21) Nickmcg Disqualified from contest 22) cnseekatz No Update 23) Droy008 24) flatlandreefer 25) duderubble 26) dmw913 27) metrokat and Mariaface 28) skibum513 Disqualified from contest 29) lobster876 Disqualified from contest 30) TFish77 No Update 31) fishfreak0114 32) aio.tankhero No Update 33) ChristopherDido 34) SaltyBuddha 35) Friendly Disqualified from contest 36) Tom@HaslettMI 37) reefcrimp 38) teenyreef 39) jahnje 40) alprejean Disqualified from contest 41) natalia_la_loca 42) spec33 No Update 43) New_Here No Update 44) MedievalITGuy 45) hinnenkm https://www.nano-reef.com/forums/topic/386674-classroom-pico/ 46) ajmckay 47) damianita No Update 48) MrNanoReef Disqualified from contest 49) sofrinat Disqualified from contest 50) Allaboutcorals Disqualified from contest 51) boyscountrickybobby Disqualified from contest
  10. Thank you everyone for your December FTS's! I have gathered up all the ones I've received and will get those added to the FTS thread asap. In the meantime, here is a list of the contestants who have not yet sent their December FTS's. In order to not miss your December FTS update, I need these from everyone ASAP! I know December was busy with the holidays, so I'll give you another week to get these to me. Please send me your December FTS by Friday 1/12 if you don't want to miss the December update. I'm missing December FTS's from the following contestants: @schgr.cube @Tamberav @Farmboyreef @GunslingerGirl @OldManSea @Coral_chef @Nickmcg @cnseekatz @Droy008 @metrokat @Mariaface @skibum513 @lobster876 @TFish77' @aio.tankhero @Friendly @alprejean @spec33 @New_Here @MedievalITGuy @damianita @MrNanoReef @sofrinat @Allaboutcorals @boyscoutrickybobby
  11. Whoops, I realized I misspoke here. I meant to say live, gut-loaded ghost shrimp (not brine shrimp). Brine shrimp are going to be too small. Ghost shrimp are generally the best option as a live food for lionfish.
  12. Thank you! First off, is it losing flesh or shedding? Gorgonians will shed the top layer of their flesh periodically, which will peel off rapidly and look like big ribbons of flesh floating around in the tank. If that's what's going on, there's no need to worry. If the gorgonian is losing flesh (not shedding), it will just leave behind the black wire skeleton of the gorgonian with no flesh in that area. If the gorgonian is really losing flesh, you should definitely try to intervene. The first step is going to be to figure out why its losing flesh. Was it just shipped or did you just add it to your tank? If so, it could just be general stress from shipping/switching tanks. If its been in your tank for a while, then its likely an issue with either flow, lighting, or water quality. Most likely its not getting enough flow which means that algae can grow on the flesh and smother it, which will result in tissue loss. Gorgonians need pretty high flow and a lot of people don't have them in enough flow. I consider them basically like SPS in terms of needing high flow so they can shed properly and not grow algae. Is it a photosynthetic gorgonian? If so, it needs moderate lighting to thrive. If its an NPS gorgonian, it could be dying off due to lack of food. NPS gorgonians are very difficult to keep and I'd recommend steering clear of them unless you have a lot of experience with NPS corals. Gorgonians don't need super clean water and actually like some excess nutrients in the water (like soft corals), but of course if you're water quality is really bad, then that can cause health issues. I'd try to sort out what the root cause of the tissue loss is and address that (change flow, lighting, water changes, etc.). Then I'd recommend using a turkey baster to knock free any detaching tissue and any algae growth. Then I would snip off all the sections of exposed skeleton, because that will just grow algae that will irritate the healthy tissue. Just trim down the exposes skeleton to the area of healthy flesh. If you address the root cause of the issue, the gorgonian should stop losing flesh and recover.
  13. Thank you! I just shoot my videos with my iPhone 7 and then do all the editing in iMovie on my MacBook. Its really very simple and they seem to turn out well. You should definitely try more videos! I love seeing photos, but videos give you an even better feel for someone's tank since you can see the movement and the fish behavior and such. I think we're all just too critical of our own photos and videos. Thank you! I'm not sure there's necessarily an advantage but Chemipure Blue added a high-capacity ion exchange resin, so something like Purigen. Chemipure Elite had a blend of carbon and GFO. I honestly don't really know if there's much of a benefit to one over the other. I just went with the Blue because it's the newest version. Thank you! Thank you for the information on your light settings! I think I finally have mine mostly dialed in, so I'm going to leave it be for now since my corals are happy. I may tweak some color balance down the line though, so I'll keep this in mind. Thank you! The wrasse is a cutie. He seems to be doing well. Funny enough, he seems to lurk more now that he's settled in. I wouldn't say he's shy but he loves being down in the rocks and has established a schedule for when he comes out. He's definitely a larger one, so likely an adult. I don't always see him eat, but he's still fat and happy, so he seems to be doing well. I ended up caving and grabbing a pack of frozen Marine Cuisine to supplement his diet a bit since he doesn't seem to be a huge fan of just flakes and pellets. Not unrelated! I love to discuss the lionfish care. The Fu Manchu was eating frozen silversides when I got him from the LFS, so that's initially what I fed him. Then I added in more varied chunks of seafood to see what he liked. The antennata and dwarf zebra were initially eating only live food, so I fed them gut loaded live brine while I weaned them. They were smaller than the Fu Manchu to start, so they needed smaller pieces of food. I initially weaned them onto frozen PE mysis and they ate predominantly PE mysis for quite a while. Eventually I was able to get them taking smaller chunks of other seafood and as they grew, they took to more variety and larger pieces. I would make my own homemade frozen seafood blend by buying fresh salmon, silversides, squid, scallops, clams, etc and chopping it all up and mixing it together and then freezing cubes. That way I could thaw a single cube for feeding and have a nice mix of seafood chunks. I also continued to feed them PE mysis.
  14. Sorry for disappearing everyone! I had some last minute work travel come up, then I got sick, and then the holidays just snuck up on me! Where did December go?! Anyways, I'm back now after a much needed vacation. Happy New Year, everyone! My goal with this tank was to have a system that could withstand some neglect when I was too busy to deal with it, and that worked out well. I basically ignored it (besides feeding) for the last month and it did really well! No losses and all the corals and inhabitants are happy and healthy. Only side effects of the neglect were small amounts of nuisance algae growth on the glass and rocks and a small patch of cyano on the sand. I spent a few hours last night doing a deep cleaning and everything looks as good as new. I'll try to get some photos to share soon.
  15. The November FTS's are now posted! You can check them out here: Remember that each photo is also a link, so you can go to each build thread to follow along in more detail and see more photos.