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  1. There are no rules in terms of stands/bases/furniture. You're imagination is the limit in that area.
  2. Tank Updates I actually stuck to my plan and finally glued down all the frags today. Wow is it weird looking to see the nice open sand bed after being used to having tons of frags all over the sand. It was quite the undertaking getting everything in place because there were like 13 frags that needed to be glued/epoxied. All of the frags were on frag plugs and very few could be removed from the plugs because they were growing attached to the plugs. I hate seeing plugs, so I spent a lot of time with bone cutters trimming down the plugs as small as possible and trying to make them look more like rubble rock and less like perfectly shaped discs. The frag rack is now out of the tank! Of course everything is PO'ed from the gluing ordeal, but other than one zoa polyp that I accidentally got super glue on, everything appears to be fine. Hopefully tomorrow, everything will be open and happy again. After I made a giant mess glueing down corals, I did a 4 gallon water change. I siphoned out all the back chambers and also replaced the ChemiPure Blue and Purigen in the media rack. I'm enjoying how quickly I can do full maintenance on this tank since there isn't a ton of equipment to mess with such as a skimmer or media reactor. Its so wonderfully quick and simple! Cat hair is the worst when it comes to tanks! When my hands are damp from working in the tank, cat hair sticks to them like crazy and then I end up adding a bunch of cat hair to the tank. After my hands have been in the tank a bunch, it always takes a few days to filter out all the cat hair. Photos to come as soon as everything is happy again after the gluing ordeal!
  3. Gena's C.C. Pico Contest Build

    Wow, I am so behind! Its like Insta-Tank in here! Man, all those corals from RAP look stunning in the pico jar. Such a cool little tank with so much color. You've done a wonderful job selecting a variety of colors and textures in the corals you have in there. I absolutely LOVED the video. Your clowns are so pretty and it was nice to see a peak of the PSW. That fiji leather is HUGE now! Looking wonderful! I also really enjoyed seeing the little pico in action. I bet its a very relaxing little tank with the bubbles. I say go for the pistol shrimp. They're pretty shy, so they don't stray too far from their burrow to snatch food. They won't be up on your coral stealing food the way a cleaner shrimp would. I also still think a pom pom crab or porcelain crab would be neat in there since they're not really food snatchers either. I'm interested to hear how the light comparison goes!
  4. Woohoo! More contestants! I've got both your entries and you're both good to go! I'm adding your names to the list of contestants in the first post of this thread.
  5. Ashley's 32G Biocube (The Sea Shell Motel)

    Looking great so far! I love how thoroughly you're documenting everything! Nice first additions. I saw starfish and went uh oh, until I saw it was a serpent star! Nice choice! A lot of the startfish are really sensitive or eat very specific things and waste away in aquariums. The serpent stars however are super hardy and will eat any food your throw in the tank. They're awesome scavengers and my favorite starfish for aquariums.
  6. Thank you! Youtube is nice to host the videos, but you can't put up all the details and information that you can put on a forum. Thanks for stopping by!
  7. Tank Updates The tank is two months old today! Sorry for being a bit MIA this week! Work was a bit hectic. I'm a consultant so it can really vary a lot week to week in terms of how busy I am. That's why having a tank that needs a ton of regular maintenance just isn't working for me anymore. I haven't touched this tank for like 1.5 weeks besides feeding and a glass scraping today and its doing wonderful. I have not yet glued down all the new frags like I intended. I'm really hoping to do that tomorrow and get the frag rack out of the tank. I did get all the ricordea glued down, but one of the orange ones from KPA must not have liked the spot and walked down onto the sand. It looked happy, so I left it there. Then it vanished. I really think the pistol shrimp is dragging them down into his burrow or something if they're loose on the sand. Annoying, but luckily I still have plenty of ricordea. I have two orange, two blue, and five green ones. I'm just a little green heavy. All fish, inverts, and corals are doing well! The purple ribbon gorg shed again and the weeping willow was closed up for a few days shedding, but now has its polyps out again. The zoas I've had for a bit are starting to put out new polyps. The rastas have put out like 3 or 4 new polyps recently. All the softies seem to be growing, which is wonderful. All the gorgonians are nice and fluffy every day. Really I can't complain! Tomorrow I'm planning to give the tank some TLC. I'm hoping to spend a bunch of time gluing down the frags and then after I make a mess doing that, I'll do a big water change. I also plan to siphon out the back chambers and replace the ChemiPure Blue and Purigen tomorrow. Just a couple quick very blue photos I snapped the other night.
  8. You have so many wonderful stories! That is so cool that you had a reef tank on a ship. I bet that was fun to maintain and helped keep you occupied when out at sea for long periods. I'm sure the crew loved it! The ocean is such an amazing, fascinating thing. I bet it was wonderful to be able to live and work out at sea. Thank you for sharing your stories! Thank you, Gena! I was really excited to see the pom pom out walking around to be able to get a good video like that. She wasn't fazed one bit by me being up in her face with the camera. She was out walking about last night too and I just saw her a bit ago as well. I think this is the most sociable pom pom crab I've ever seen! I really cannot get over watching my tiny inverts and I'm loving the small tank since they don't get lost in there and I can actually see them! I'm really loving this tank right now. And yep, that is free music. Since I was just making a short video, I just used one of the free jingles that comes with iMovie on my Macbook. I thought it was fun and fit with the crabs antics. Glad you think so too! I really missed making aquarium videos! Its so fun! Oh my goodness! That is stunning! Thank you so much for sharing the photo...I need this for my unique softies collection... Looks like it could definitely be a capnella species. Kenya tree is a capnella, but there are a bunch of species and some have some really nice colors. I got a green capnella from Pacific East Aquaculture that has a polyp structure a bit like this. For being a fan of softies, I am so bad at ID'ing a bunch of the leathers. Sinularia, nepthea, colt corals, capnella, etc can all start looking very similar. You have some serious photography skill by the way! Everything I got from RAP from you all is doing WONDERFULLY. I'm loving all the zoas I got from you all. I need to get them off my frag rack and glued on the rocks and then get up some photos. Also the weeping willow toadstool is doing awesome! Its adjusted to my lighting now and its green base is back. Under my white lighting, its got a mint green base and then pastel pink tips. Its definitely a centerpiece in there among the gorgonians. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the videos. I enjoy making them and sharing them. I had forgotten how much I'd enjoyed having the tiny inverts. They can be a bit cryptic, but when you do get to see them, they're so fun to watch. Pom pom crabs are especially weight, but definitely gorgeous! That photo looks very close as well! Thanks for finding that! I am so bad at ID'ing softies. As long as they're mostly photosynthetic and just need the occasional feeding, then I can handle that. Granted, I never fed my neon green nepthea that was in the predator tank. It grew like a beast, but I think that tank was always just so insanely nutrient heavy that it never needed feeding. In this little tank, I'm feeding the corals/inverts every couple days with either phytofeast, oysterfeast, or Reef Roids (free sample from RAP). Just very light feeding since this is a small tank. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! Love the flame scallop! I don't have the dedication to keep up with the amount of feeding and then water changes needed for NPS and filter feeders. I love admiring NPS tanks though! They're such a fascinating and different take on the coral reef aquarium. Love the polyps and leather in this photo too!
  9. Very cool! I added you to the list of contestants on the first post of this thread. Welcome to the contest!
  10. Sure! @metrokat and @Mariaface have paired up. That's totally within the rules.
  11. Thank you! I have a weakness for the softies and gorgonians. You have such a lovely mix in your tank! I bet that was an exciting job. Uni is pretty gross looking but surprising tasty as sashimi and in sushi. Thank you! The gorgs seem really happy so far. I've been thrilled with how puffy they are. Yeah, "superman shrimp" is about right! They're long front arms are so funny and they sure do go flying around. Mine is a ham and owns the whole front center portion of the tank. You got a new porcelain crab? How exciting! They're so cool! I just love the fascinating little inverts. Thank you! The Pederson's is a hoot! The St. Thomas so far is touching one ricordea and not bothering it. I'm hoping it won't get too big and shade any of them. 8" across is HUGE! I had a couple in my seahorse tank that stayed reasonably small, so maybe there are different varieties? Hopefully this one won't get that large. Its super bubbly and I love the colors on it! Also the Pederson's shrimp and the pom pom crab seem to think its an awesome spot to hang out. I was worried I'd be out of room and get bored quickly with this tank, but I had forgotten how much I love watching small inverts. I can sit and watch them for ages! I spent a good amount of time this evening watching the pom pom crab do his thing and it made me so happy! Video to come shortly. In terms of space I'll just have to take a page out of your book and spend time fragging, rearranging, and removing some things to add new things over time. Thank you! I do all my photography with my iPhone, so not sure there's much skill involved so much as good technology. I'm not as much for the bright neon/fluorescent color pops, but instead I like the more muted colors combined with a mix of different textures. That colt/leather coral is a wonderful example. Its not fluorescent at all, but I love its subtle color and the fuzzy texture. Its too bad ballroom dancing isn't as popular anymore. I have taken a few ballroom dancing lessons over the years, but never got very good at it. The pom pom crab was sure out and about this evening! I was having blast watching him wander all around the tank waving his anemones. I took some quick video clips for you guys and put together a short video.
  12. You're official! Very cool build plan! Can't wait to see how it comes together. I'm adding you to the official contestants list in the first post of this thread. Woohoo! I love how your condiment looks larger than your container. I'm loving how tiny many of these are! I'm adding you to the official list of contestants in the first post of this thread.
  13. You don't need a new thread. You can continue using the current thread or start a new one. Its up to you which you prefer. What you will need to do is post a new photo of the new container while it is dry and with your favorite condiment in the photo.
  14. Woohoo! Awesome new entries! Sorry for being behind on logging the new entries! I will add you all to the list of contestants in the first post of this thread. Glad to hear you're excited about this! Great to see you stop by! Awesome! I've got your entry and will add you to the list of contestants in the first post of this thread!