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  1. Thank you! I'm glad to finally update everyone on the tank. I had forgotten how much I had missed having wrasses. They're awesome fish. Thank you! I do plan to add some more gorgonians, but I have a couple specific species I want and I've been having a hard time finding the couple I want in stock at the same time. I don't really want to pay shipping twice, so I've been holding off. Also, the leathers have gotten so big that I'm running out of real estate a bit, but I think I could squeeze like two more in to give it some nice height in there. Thank you! I took a couple year hiatus from it while I was finishing my PhD and then settling into working full time. I got back into it last June and have been trying to go about once a month. I did my Open Water and Advanced through NAUI back in 2010. Then I did Stress and Rescue through SSI in 2012. I'm planning to do my Nitrox specialty this year in preparation for my week long dive trip to Fiji.
  2. Thank you all for continuing to check out my thread! Sorry, I took another much needed break and checked out for a while. I've noticed since I finished school and started working full time that I don't always have the energy to post much about my tank on top of everything else I try to keep up with. I definitely go through spurts in terms of how much energy I have to dedicate to my aquarium and posting. I do however always miss my NR friends and the community, even when I'm taking a much needed breather from aquariums to focus on other things. I've actually been putting a lot more focus on getting back into going diving really regularly. I've been diving 1-2 times per month and have a couple dive trips planned for this year including a scuba vacation to Fiji at the end of 2019. I also had a pretty major life change because I moved out of the apartment I'd been in for 8.5 years to upgrade to a single family home. I moved on November 10, 2018 and I've been spending a lot of time since then focused on unpacking, getting settled in, working on the yard and landscaping that was a bit neglected, and hosting guests for the holidays. I finally just had my big housewarming party this past weekend now that I'm fully settled in. Moving is exhausting! Anyways, sorry for checking out on you guys again! How about an update on the aquarium? I think I FINALLY kicked the dinos. I was fighting them for months and I had gotten them reduced to the point that they were manageable, but they were still there. There just weren't enough of them to smother and kill my corals, but they were also irritating my corals enough that nothing was thriving. When I moved, I removed all the rock, corals, and inhabitants from the tank and gave it a super deep cleaning. I also removed and threw away the sandbed. I then set up the aquarium at my new house on the floor (I moved the tank before the piece of furniture it sits on) and it ran with no sand bed on my floor for about a month while I dealt with the main unpacking and such after the move. Then I moved the aquarium back up onto the dresser it sits on and at that time I put in a brand new sand bed. Since the move, the dinos have completely disappeared and have been gone for ~3 months, so hopefully they're gone for good. I lost a lot of my gorgonians early on in the dino battle and a lot of the zoa colonies and the ricordea garden shrunk down. Now everything is just in recovery mode and is slowly filling back in. I've mostly just been letting the tank run on autopilot with monthly water changes and very few additions. I did have one set-back recently because my female clownfish just keeps getting meaner. She actually ended up killing the small male clownfish, as well as a cleaner shrimp and a neon goby. I just finished replacing those fish with a bit larger/spunkier fish that I think will do better standing up to my female clownfish. Other than that, I really haven't changed much with the tank. Anyways, getting the new fish inspired me to finally take some very overdue photos of the tank and I figured I would share here. So here you go! 😊 FTS 2/11/19 New pink streaked wrasse New misbar percula clownfish The witchy female onyx percula clownfish The clown pair. So far so good with the new misbar percula. New cleaner shrimp Yellow watchman goby Cleaner shrimp with the green nepthea, green kenya tree, and weeping willow toadstool. Florida Ricordea Leathers Assorted zonathids Palythoas Green nepthea and green kenya tree leather. Photosynthetic gorgonian Cespitularia Weeping willow toadstool and St. Thomas mushroom St. Thomas mushroom
  3. Congratulations, William! I haven't been very active lately, but I saw this pop up on Facebook as was intrigued. Lovely tank! And I love the golden dwarf moray!
  4. Frustratingly...I really haven't made much progress. Right now I'm just keeping them at bay enough to not kill a bunch of my corals. I've done multiple 4-day tank blackouts and now I'm about two weeks into dosing DinoX. People recommend not doing water changes with dinos, so I've stopped doing weekly water changes and that seems to have made it worse. I decided to completely replace all of the stages of my RODI system to see if that could be an issue. This weekend I'm planning to do several large water changes now that all the RODI filtration stages are brand new and see if that helps.
  5. I did! I switched to the IM media basket about a month ago and I haven’t had any problems since I added it. I had several overflows myself before but the IM basket fits much looser, so even if the holes through it get plugged or blocked, the water can still flow around it.
  6. I love the video, Dawn! Seahorse are just so darn cute when they interact with one another. They're so goofy, but graceful and beautiful at the same time! The cardinals are funny because they're just so chill, just hanging out in the water column. Loving the group of fish in there!
  7. The polls have closed and the winners are as follows! Congratulations to @teenyreef and @fishfreak0114! Thank you again to all the participants for your creativity and inspiring builds! We've all learned a ton following along! And thank you again to our wonderful sponsors. Myself and the sponsors will be in touch with the winners regarding the logistics of distributing the prizes. 1) Grand Prize – Best Overall Pico Container - teenyreef Seneye Reef Monitor Boyd Chemi-Pure Blue Nano (5 Pack) Aqamai KPS Wifi Controllable Wavemaker Pump Reef Glass Nano Protein Skimmer Valued at over $400 and sponsored by: 2) Most Creative or Unique Pico Container - fishfreak0114 Custom Nano Box Pico Tide Light Fixture Sponsored by: 3) Best Pico Contest Build Journal - teenyreef $50 Gift Certificate to Reef Cleaners PJ Reefs Latest Product - Mini Seahorses Kit - Valued at $350 Sponsored by:
  8. There’s just over 24 hours left to vote! Make sure you get your votes in before noon (PST) tomorrow! We’ve got a close race so make your vote count!
  9. Just a reminder that voting will close on Monday at noon. We’ve got a close race, so make your vote count!
  10. I don’t think you can change your vote, but maybe @Christopher Marks can chime in on this.
  11. I don't plan on voting since I've been so involved with hosting, but if I was going to vote, I don't know how I would decide either! There are so many wonderful options to choose from and they're each so unique and creative that its hard to compare them!
  12. Sorry, Harry! I wasn't planning to vote since I've been so involved with hosting. If you'd like, you can pm me your votes and I can use my vote for you.
  13. I think since you already voted you can't vote again unfortunately. The contestants are listed in the order in which they officially entered the contest. They've been listed in that order in the FTS thread throughout the contest and I wanted to keep it consistent. The contestants are listed in the order in which they officially entered the contest. They've been listed in that order in the FTS thread throughout the contest and I wanted to keep it consistent. They were originally 1, 2, and 3 but because Harry voted before I had the poll all set up, his votes ended up counting for random contestants when I updated the poll options. That wasn't fair, so I had to delete the original 3 categories and add 3 new ones and for some reason it numbers them starting at 4 even though the original questions were deleted.
  14. Totally understandable! I just wanted to let you know you were still eligible if you wanted to participate in the final voting. Good luck with the closing!
  15. Too many amazing tanks to choose from! The voting is so hard and I have a feeling its going to be neck and neck! You're very welcome! It was a ton of fun to host and see what you all put together!
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