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  1. surgicalsense

    Danielle's • NC24 • Moderately updated • FTS 5/26

    Turns out I am dipping the goni right now .... receding and I will do a water change after I am done feeding the tank. ... happy Sunday to you darlin!
  2. surgicalsense

    Kat's Tea Party Under the Tree - Retired

    Hola! ..... I peek in on everyone every so often. New little JBJ will be fun, are you going to keep in along side the RedSea?
  3. surgicalsense

    Gentlemen Prefer Cubes

    I like that your watching GoT now, Gena ..... I live for my Sundays ... I also enjoy Vikings on the History Channel, but that is over for this season.
  4. That is a excellent video and the whales singing!
  5. surgicalsense

    May 2014 Featured Reef - Gena's 45 Gallon Nano Reef

    Twice! ..... Congratulations! Now that is fabulous!
  6. surgicalsense


    Twice! ..... Congratulations! Now that is fabulous!
  7. The nems look happy and fluffy. The new paradise has such a neat new look to it.
  8. Very nice .... I am glad to see the new scape and everything.
  9. Beautiful .... Look at what I have missed. Amazing growth and what a difference!
  10. surgicalsense

    Mangrove Forest-time to say goodbye

    I remember when this was in the making. Bravo! That is really cool. I love the room and the look you created in there.
  11. surgicalsense

    Gentlemen Prefer Cubes

    Your tank looks amazing also, I just came from Josh's thread. Love your monti's Gena ...
  12. surgicalsense

    Jgpico's 30 gal nuvo. New fts pg. 48

    Your tank looks fabulous! Excellent growth and your pictures are great.
  13. surgicalsense

    Diver's Pony Paradise - New photos! (pg. 64)

    ..... looks amazing.
  14. surgicalsense

    Beginner, Fluval Edge 6 Gallon

    Welcome .... I would raise the salinity up a bit. To the 0.026 range the highest. All of your other cycle ranges look stable and ready. Fish ... at least a small goby pair or one fish of your preference. I had a Fluval 2g pico. I could not keep it stable at all but, with the 6g I think you should do fine.