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  1. Pretty cool!
  2. Yay!!!! TOTM!!!! ... shark!!!!
  3. It has a neat appeal to it. What will you be stocking in the tank?
  4. FTS

  5. Congrates ... beautiful shallow.
  6. I want a starfish so bad. So cute.
  7. Congrates and well deserved also. Front start to your TOTM ... Iove your Red Sea .... still going to hold off on getting mine. lol
  8. Just remove the large LR on the right of the tank. I am sure you will make it look great.
  9. Wow that is pretty.
  10. Very pretty also.
  11. Very pretty. By far the prettiest colored one here.
  12. Excellent
  13. Love the colors
  14. Excellent picture.
  15. Very nice, Salt ... are you going to get any more fish. Schooling fish?