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  1. surgicalsense

    May 2014 Featured Reef - Gena's 45 Gallon Nano Reef

    Twice! ..... Congratulations! Now that is fabulous!
  2. surgicalsense


    Twice! ..... Congratulations! Now that is fabulous!
  3. surgicalsense


    Yay!!!! TOTM!!!! ... shark!!!!
  4. surgicalsense


    Congrates ... beautiful shallow.
  5. surgicalsense


    Congrates and well deserved also. Front start to your TOTM ... Iove your Red Sea .... still going to hold off on getting mine. lol
  6. surgicalsense

    How old is your oldest coral?

    My Tubbs blue zoa are currently the oldest coral (by defaut) in a way right now. Almost 9 months old.
  7. surgicalsense

    Rio Grande Twins

    I know, right Gena. Crazy!!!! I also asked L to hurry up with taking the new pic of the tank so you can see all the new coral I was able to get my hands on last week. I am going back for candy canes.
  8. surgicalsense

    Hammer Coral

    $50 and how many inches would you say it is across?
  9. surgicalsense

    Rio Grande Twins

    Morgon .. I am going to need to purchase some rics from you! They are way over priced here. $99 for 3 and then the LFS told me that is a steal
  10. surgicalsense

    got2envy's 20g- What's in the F*@%#'ing BOX!

    Looking excellent. Very pretty! What is that, "thing" on the right side of the tank that reminds me of that plant from, Little shop of horrors?
  11. surgicalsense

    Hammer Coral

    Yes, just looks like it is stubby like is all.
  12. surgicalsense

    Kat's Ol' Max

    Pretty zoa ... did you rehome your froggy?
  13. surgicalsense

    Rio Grande Twins

    nice carpet maxi ...
  14. surgicalsense

    Danielle's • NC24 • Moderately updated • FTS 5/26

    Sorry will send it out. I finally placed all the corals. I am going to go back and purchase green candy canes from that guy. I will send out the pictures of the birds nest. So far I am stressing it is going to dye like the other ones (RTN) did that I got from Gena.
  15. surgicalsense


    Nice ... now you can place goodies on the sand bed also ... tons of rics!