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  1. My 16G Shallow Nano Reef

    would love to see pics but they arent working
  2. Gradleg's 2 gallon aio pico

    im so into this little one. well done so far. ill be watching
  3. IM 10 Fusion Loud Pump

    Eheim compact 300 is great as well.
  4. IM 10 Fusion Loud Pump

    Haven't gotten on yet but for 8 on prime I wouldn't complain. That's for sure. Sicce pumps are well worth the money
  5. IM 10 Fusion Loud Pump

    Look into the kedsum 130 gph on Amazon if you wanna replace the stock pump. Looks promising
  6. IM 10 Fusion Loud Pump

    mine was loud when it was new. its calmed now. sometimes them have to work in and get dirty lol
  7. TJ's Bust'em Up Custom Reef - RSM NANO!

    where for the love of all things that are holy and i get that? ill be divorced if i overflow another bucket rofl
  8. Cheato

    God that stuff looks good. Can't wait for mine to get here
  9. Cheato

    have some left?
  10. so excited to see how this goes. ill be following along. hope my im10 goes as good as yours