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  1. chevyjlewis' 14 gallon biocube

    an update on the tank. my ecoxotic modules went out. one went out about 4 or 5 weeks ago one at a time then the 2nd one is halfway out. bummer. now i have to look for a new lighting system. might go back to ecoxotic since they are affordable.
  2. How To Guide: Ecoxotic Panarama Pro LED upgrade

    my modules went out after about 1.5 years. not to thrilled about it, but i am thinking about ordering them again, before my corals die.
  3. msscha's 24 gallon office cube

    wow i love those mushrooms. I have always wanted mushrooms but how do you get them to attach?
  4. chevyjlewis' 14 gallon biocube

    Yes i really think one is enough but i went and bought another module around christmas last year. I am very happy withthem. My fan went out so i just mounted my modules into two holes i cut in top of the lid. Sort of ugly but i havt had any problems. I am looking for a few colorful corals to put in the tank because i havnt added a coral in about 7 months and they are all pretty dull. But as for now i am just another unemployeed college grad so money is hard to come by but time is plentiful.
  5. chevyjlewis' 14 gallon biocube

    video from phone of biocube It still has the 2 clowns and assorted snails ans crabs as well as a frogspawn and assorted coral. Pic of picotope at 2 or 3 days no lights on
  6. chevyjlewis' 14 gallon biocube

    I am going to get some fresh pics up soon. I have alot of changes in my tank and am really happy about the slow progress. Also I am starting a 3g Picotope
  7. Rapid LED kit For 14g Biocube

    look into eco exotic lights
  8. biocube 14 light upgrade

    Did the upgrade and love it.
  9. chevyjlewis' 14 gallon biocube

    Added the ecoxotic white/blue light. everyone says in a 14 gallon you need two modules but the guy from ecoxotic recommended this one and it is great. it defently brings out the colors of the tank and it is great. eventually will be adding a 2nd module so i can dable in lps corals, but for now this will do great. all i did to install it was take out the bulbs and the tabs that hold the bulbs in and then plugged it in and put the clear cover back over the light. i didn't even take out the moon lights, but i did put the module in diagonal so i unplugged the moonlights because they are covered up. ordered from premium aquatics because they were cheaper than ecoxotic, and i payed 8.99 for standard shipping (cheapest shipping) and it came in 2 days. amazing. the ups guy delivered to the wrong house early this morning so it took awhile for me to get it. I dont know how to resize pictures or get the better versions off my iphone onto here so here is the pictures on my photo bucket. The first 5 pictures are with the new lights and the latest aquascape (hopefully will be there for a long time) http://s1099.photobucket.com/albums/g385/chevyjlewis/
  10. chevyjlewis' 14 gallon biocube

    Put in my order for one white/blue ecoxotic panorama pro led module and the transformer. Hope to get it next week. My new aquascaping is way better in terms of my veiw of my corals and anome and i cant wait to see how my light looks when it gets here!!!!!
  11. My FIrst tank

    Pictures would be great and congrats on the 8 gallon. There is tons of info on here for biocubes
  12. chevyjlewis' 14 gallon biocube

    Adding frogspawn today. It was 29.99. And i have always dreamed of a frogspawn in my tank. http://s1099.photobucket.com/albums/g385/chevyjlewis/ i re did the aqua-scape so i can see my anemone better and because i thought there need to be something different.
  13. pbjelly's 14g biocube

    You could make it a shelf with some pcv or an a-frame. But first you need a fish and/or some coral
  14. pbjelly's 14g biocube

    Id say its normal. Im looking at ecoxotic ligts because they seem great. But im a total noob when it comes to this
  15. pbjelly's 14g biocube

    Your lights look so crisp