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  1. Wow roller monky way to control 10 pages of your post. Add that with firsttimereefers posts and you two have 13 pages of sixteen to your self . 255 posts monkey, wow at 25 per page you know how to keep us reefers up to date on your build. Good job monkey looks great. Follow up with my post with at least 8 posts to stay on track. I would like to be of help however, I continue to ask myself why is no one attending to your needs.
  2. Reef Confessions

    I enjoy hunting and killing gorilla crabs.
  3. FS:Ecotech MP 40es w

    Still available ???
  4. Hitchiking crab I'd

    What all crabs dont have algie on them. Teddy bear crabs are not covered with algae thats why there called teddy bear crabs not algae crabs. Lol your demeanor is of an toidi... Best be safe and remove if not sure.
  5. Rare Hallucination Paly

    Maybe he needs the money to buy a camera ?
  6. Rare Hallucination Paly

    Can you afford a pic ?
  7. Is a skimmer really needed?

    Just get one. Its another toy if nothing else. And it works.
  8. Yea it works too good only running a max of 47% peak for a short time in the middle of the day. Three was over kill where the lights overlapped in the center of the tank. And I have the two remaining light hung about 17" off the water. Just keep watching I will post as soon as I have payment in hand.
  9. I have this Ecotech Radion with TIR lenses for sale $380 shipped. Have all parts that came with originaly. The fixture was hung for about 14 months but used only about two months Real good condition! Getting rid of because I dont need 3 over my 48 inch tank 2 is sufficient. First pic was it over my current setup center light. Also a couple of Trades I will be interested in. 1 MP40WES Or 2 MP10WES Now thats a deal! PayPal only and I will send you a request for payment, tracking and my personal phone #.
  10. Anyone ever Seen A More Expensive Coral?

    There is a fool born every day !
  11. That's a sweet little video of your awesome tank ! Thanks fo showing it off.
  12. Either way you do its gonna cloud the water !
  13. New unopened Ecotech Radion!

    SOLD Thanks purple will get it out this morning!!!