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  1. 30 Gallon Mixed Reef

    Also started dosing b ionic two part.
  2. 30 Gallon Mixed Reef

    Found a new lfs, well its 2 hours away, but they had some good deals, picked up some drags including a green birds nest, a green digits, some cool looking zoas, and some really bright orange scans for a steal. I'll try to post some pics, its hard to shoot under less.
  3. 30 Gallon Mixed Reef

    Exactly. Haha
  4. 30 Gallon Mixed Reef

    I know the hammer placement is a little odd, the skeleton isn't buried but we've had it there ever since we set up the tank and it seems to be one of the only places that it likes. Right now we have a maroon clown, two Bengali cardinals and a pepperment shrimp. On Saturday our yellow clown goby decided it wanted to go in the overflow, he didn't make it
  5. 30 Gallon Mixed Reef

    I haven't been on here in a long time. About six months ago our family has condensed most of our tanks into one and this is what you see here. My camera didn't pick up the colors perfectly but they're pretty close, much more poppy in person. We just finished our Aquastyle Controllable led build so everything is still getting acclimated. Previously we had a Kessil A150w on the tank, and the monti and purple stylo wasn't the greatest color hopefully they'll color up better. I did notice that the purple stylo has a whiter spot in the middle, but its been there since we bought it when it was just a couple nubs, it seems to be growing fine and the polyps have been coming out. Should I be concerned of this? Here are some specs Lighting: Aquastyle 42 controllable led kit Flow: Tunze 6025 and 6015, on wavemaker mode on RKL Skimmer: Aqua Euro USA, don't remember the exact model Reactor: Two lil fishies 150 with GFO Filter: Multiple styles of filter floss with a bad of carbon. Salinity: 1.025 Ammonia: 0ppm Nitirite: 0ppm Nitrate: 0ppm according to API, probably not accurate. Ph: 7.9 Ca: 450-460ppm dkh: 7-8 Mg: ? Temp: 78-79* F For the most part everything is stable I'll post more as I think of it, but its a good start.
  6. Shallow (Now with 100% less rim) Pics pg22

    thanks guys. the family consists of me, my dad, mom, and my lil bro. Im 16 and my brother is 13. as of now about two tanks will merge into the sixty, we are trying to start fresh.
  7. Shallow (Now with 100% less rim) Pics pg22

    My tank is now torn down and we have all of the live stock in the temporary 10 gallon half circle tank. We took my Kessil and the reefkeeper and decided to put it on the 12gallon jbj. It looks pretty nice.
  8. Shallow (Now with 100% less rim) Pics pg22

    Here's the story. My family has decided to just have one big tank. To be exact a DeepBlue 60gallon drilled frag tank with low iron glass. (48x24x12) it should be pretty sweet. After we decided that was our goal, a couple days go by and my brothers 20long with 10 gal sump set up catches on fire due to a faulty power cord and some sneaky salt creep. Luckily everything was ok except for some equipment. We then put his livestock in my tank. We set up a temporary ten gallon tank for some corals , fish etc... Sometime soon we will order the new tank and it should be sweet.
  9. Shallow (Now with 100% less rim) Pics pg22

    Haven't been on here in a while, need to get some more pictures up
  10. Shallow (Now with 100% less rim) Pics pg22

    Thankyou very much Reef cleaners order came in today. All I can say is whoa. (in a good way) Lots of left overs for my brothers and parents tanks. Hopefully they'll help keep the brown algea down. I used to never have it but now I do, well only when I first set the tank up the first time. Maybe a mini cycle. Everything is on point though.
  11. Shallow (Now with 100% less rim) Pics pg22

    I think my sand has to do a mini cycle.
  12. Shallow (Now with 100% less rim) Pics pg22

    Going through a small diatom bloom
  13. Shallow (Now with 100% less rim) Pics pg22

    That too, it's pretty quiet.
  14. Shallow (Now with 100% less rim) Pics pg22

    It's brighter than it looks in person. I love the tunze, it seems to be built very well. It has a lot of maneuverability.