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  1. Dosing and Toping Off

    I used to store 12% Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach) in 5 gallons diesel cans (plastic yellow ones) for work. I had a bunch on the truck one day, and someone decided to steal them..... wonder how far they went into topping off their vehicle
  2. SPS Dominated 47G Reef

    WHoA! Nice colors! I just got back from the reef shop..... then see this.... totally jelling
  3. msscha's 24 gallon office cube

    Ball Anemone? Looks like the ones in my tank.
  4. Chris' Reef

    one day, I was thinking of taking an old canister filter, and building a "vac" attachment on the intake to vaccuum a sump. Just use a few coarse and one final fine filter. I too like a clean sump
  5. Newbie's 16 Gallon Nuvo

    That's one purdy hermit. And the aussie war coral is nice too. I always loved the contrast
  6. Another (slow) 80 gallon rimless

    It looks like you gave yourself plenty of room to work with under that stand :> Did the inspection pass?
  7. Matto's 17.4g Rimless Newb Aventure!

    So, my "fuge" light had a roasted LED (old RapidLED red) for a while, which I bypassed.... I just got in my LEDGroupbuy 660nm LED to maybe boost my "ghetto turf scrubber" 5 days in and color is showing up
  8. Matto's 17.4g Rimless Newb Aventure!

    Again the Green Planet does not look so hot (seems to be my canary)... so tested parameters.... Tank: SG 1.025 Mg 1200 Ca 340 dkH 6.1 .... uhg, this Tropic Marin is being a pain, checked a week old, well mixed and aged 5 gallon batch (also, note I mixed the salt well before using, to prevent possible issues from setting): TM SG 1.025 Mg 1265 Ca 425 dkH <5.3.... Headed down to the reef shop.... their kits show very low reads as well. So I decided to go back to what worked great for me, Reef Crystal. I used to have spots of coraline... good growth.... Bought the boxes so I have 4 small bags to mix (will get a brute next so I can mix a bag at a time). Also some kH powder, to see if I can boost the TM mix... or might see if someone wants in my local club. Not very happy with my TM experience. Again, example not to listen to a shop, who stands to make more cash, without research.
  9. Matto's 17.4g Rimless Newb Aventure!

    MOAR SPS and a FTS. Got the SPS a few weeks ago, slowly started to encrust (were freshly fragged when purchased, for 30$ total) FTS
  10. Matto's 17.4g Rimless Newb Aventure!

    Since figuring out my water chemistry issue... the corals have been doing awesome! At our aquarium meet tonight I won a BRS media reactor, and a pound of BRS GFO Any advice on how to incorporate?
  11. Designer shrooms, Nebula Ricordea

    I saw something very similar in a LFS, just sitting there on a rock splitting, not for sale.....

    All I read was inject, and gonad, and passed out.
  13. Pineo's 30 Gallon Lagoon

    Awe man! I love them peninsula tanks.... I so want to do one, and a breeder tank is a good choice. Nice clam! Now to look around the house to see where to put one!
  14. Matto's 17.4g Rimless Newb Aventure!

    some new additions, smooth ORA acro . . . not sure on the morph:
  15. Matto's 17.4g Rimless Newb Aventure!

    some pictures of the lost corals :<