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  1. 7-2016 Update Tank looking decent these days. Gave away the clam as he was getting too large. Picked up another ocellaris. Had a bad outbreak of both brittle and asteria stars (as in multiple hundreds) and bought a harlequin shrimp to help out. Ate all the asterinas in a week. Sheesh! I think he paired down the brittle stars, but they're harder to get at inside the tukani rock. Ended up buying a choc chip starfish to feed the little guy while I look for another home. Took him all of 10 minutes to flip him over and begin. Saw him fighting off a larger bristle worm today! Funny, now I have 4 different shrimps in this little tank. The pistol (which rarely comes out), the cleaner shrimp, the peppermint shrimp (which hides in the dendro feeding tank upper right), and now the harlequin. They all seem to get along okay. The cleaner runs the peppermint around-- the harlequin 'owns' the cleaner and the pistol pretty much stays to himself. Timfish, a good friend, brought me an all but dead Japanese Dendro, and I setup a feeding tank for it and another I had, and they seem to be doing really well. He also brought me some really nice Duncans. Here are the images: FTS The Peppermint Shrimp and Dendros The Harlequin shrimp and bristle worm standoff
  2. Thanks. I still lurk from time to time. Busy on many fronts, aren't we all? Been having so-so luck with this build. It's been up for years, and stability isn't a strongpoint. The Samosa is doing great, doubled in size of the past year or so. My tricolor frogspawn goes great guns. So does the torch. Having a heck of a time with various acropora, just can't seem to get the formula right. Recently I was too low on phosphates. Turned off my skimmer and reloaded reactor with just Purigen (no GFO) and things got better. Trying to get rid of cyano, and just got too low for the corals. Couple things I have found out about cyano. Doesn't seem to grow in crushed coral (but I hate how it looks), so I tried a medium grain sand substrate and soon the cyano popped up (within 6 weeks). Removed it successfully once with one of the off the shelf antibiotics but then some part of it came back and the same dosing didn't work. I struggled for some time until a friend who owns a saltwater only store told me to use StartSmart Complete. It's a bacteria mix used for 'starting' tanks and overall general maintenance. He said to dose twice maintenance levels. Tried it and it worked like a charm. ZERO cyano since. He sold it from his store. Not sure where one gets it online. Still, it is worth sharing my experience :-)
  3. My once a year update :-) New Vid: New pics: