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  1. Deckoz2302

    Oceanarium Imaginarium Relapse

    Haha...oh. I know about glass cages I used to use greatlakesaquariums but Steve died in 2016.. and business seems closed now. Thanks, I just looked up reef savy. Looks about what I'm looking for for build quality. Now to find a sump manu.
  2. Deckoz2302

    Oceanarium Imaginarium Relapse

    Hey Felicia! Holy crap your still here!! Thats nice to see the Vortechs are still kicking. I'll take a look at the quiet drive! Neptune was coming up as. Was going out, so I'll definitely take a look at them. And @DaveFason made it big and has stuff for sale now??? That's awesome. I'll definitely check out some of those other fixtures you mentioned and see what I end up liking better. Thanks for the warm welcome Felicia. Hope your still doing well. Still rocking the neoprene and swimming with the fish? (You were finishing your micro biology masters right?)
  3. Hi All, It's been a very long time. Years ago I broke down and sold my previous tanks due to life...moving just to much going on. The threads on on this forum if you so desire to look for them. Anyway my wife and I had been talking recently. I think it's time to setup a tank again. I'm going to be doing a Crispa and Clown tank, as they were my favorite Staples in my previous tank.(14" crispa and two black ice snowflakes) I guess why I'm back here is I'm out of touch with the technology. The tank - I'd like to have a 30*30*14 sapphire tank built, but would like to hear what tank builders are reputable in today's world as greatlakesaquariums doesn't exist anymore? Sump - what custom acrylic sump builders are reputable today? Are Vortechs still the best wave/surge pumps? What is the best automation controller on the market today? Previously used a Reef Angel, but would like a simpler approach this time around. LEDs - ledgroupbuy still the best source? Is Dave from Nanobox still building and/or are there better options out? Sorry for the questions. Alot can happen in 5 years... Hoping to be welcomed with answers and not told to search like a noob. Thanks -Brad
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    Well well...
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    I would hope mine would considering medreds tank isnt to much different in size and he got totm
  6. Deckoz2302

    May 2013 Featured Reef - Spirofucci's 34 Gallon Nano Reef

    I would hope mine would considering medreds tank isnt to much different in size and he got totm
  7. Deckoz2302

    May 2013 Featured Reef - Spirofucci's 34 Gallon Nano Reef

    yea....I said that like two years ago....good job spiro
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    yea....I said that like two years ago....good job spiro
  9. Deckoz2302

    Hypes Caribbean Bommie

    Working on an 80 gallon 48x24x16
  10. Deckoz2302

    True Violet Lens Reliability

    Its because of the spectrum of the diode. The main output is between 395 and 420nm. However part of the spectrum drops as low as 340nm. Or partially UVA. While this is not damaging to you, your eyes or your corals it has a huge effect on the acrylic lens. Only solution is to run a glass lens or reflective bowl. Same reasons headlights yellow and brown. And all clear plastics exposed to the sun for a few minths will yellow or brown. Its also the same reason solar panels are encased in glass now instead of epoxy or plexiglass. Obviouslu the higher your mA the more radiance at zero distance is put through the lense speeding the process. I have tried running TV at 250mA all the way upto 700mA with the same results every time. My solution was remove the lens and then silicon just the reflective bowl from an xpg lens to the diode. The reflective coating has not changed or tarnished in 7 months. With this solution you are leavubg the diode electrically exposed and you need glass shield or to be far enough above the tank as to not aquire salt creep on the fixture
  11. Deckoz2302

    Hypes Caribbean Bommie

    Damn hype. Great minds think alike...im setting up a new tank too...as always yours will look amazing lol
  12. Deckoz2302

    Deep Blue Pro

    Sooo. I know they aren't a vendor for the site but I would like to share my experience with deep blue. I picked up an 80 gallon rimless edge last week and did not notice the imperfections until I was getting ready to test fill. As I was checking the levelness of the aquarium it wasnt right. I always start with the level at the base kn prefab stands. The base turned out to be plumb as well as straight but the top was not. So I measured the verotcals and tested for vertical plumb. Two sides were and two sides were not. Over the height of the stand thos was a 3/4" variance. Also one of the corners was shorter then the others by almost a quarter inch! When I finally made it to the top of the stand to check with a straight edge it was far from flat. This left the entire right side of the tank hovering 3/16ths above the stand, can we say stress crack down the center of tge front pane? I contacted deep blue about this and after a few emails and phone conversations they are replacing the defective stand. All emails and conversations were exactly what id expect from a company (remubded me of the awesome customer service at Marine Depot). So A+ to deep blue. Here are some pictures I have tons more but this gets the point across. Needless to say thanks for taking care of me Deep Blue
  13. Deckoz2302

    180G Office Paradise (2 Years Old!)

    Sorry to hear bad news but who built the sump?
  14. Deckoz2302

    old thread lol

    Well. Dont buy the dimming module. Ill sell you mine once I get the tank up. 40 bucks fair?