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  1. you dont have to shut off your data. you just have to connect to its wifi network before you sync. the aquamai has its own network. I never had any problems setting mine up
  2. I just think its amusing someone is giving @Clown79 the beginner experience 🤣🤣🤣. Honestly clown, I trust you. if you don't think its working out, I know you'll rehome the fish. lol
  3. and that's not even getting into the thoughts of foot print. a 60 gallon shallow 48 inches in length is a different ball game than a 60 cube which is only 24 inches in length. so when 60 gallons is states as a size what does that even mean? especially because you can reduce that 60g to 40g if you put in enough and rock sand. Truly, the recommendations are rough guidelines to give you a ball park number to start with. there is a lot of other factors. and I always take Live Aquaria's reccomendation and go a size down and consider that to be the more realistic number. but my tanks are always shallows so I always have a larger footprint than normal.
  4. LA actually does overestimate tank size.
  5. MACNA is going to be at the Swan and Dolphin Resort at Disney in Orlando, Fl this year. https://macnaconference.org/2019/ I will actually be able to go. I know in past years NR members have tried to meet up. Anyone interested this year? we can explore the conference and have dinner at Disney Springs (formerly downtown disney) or one of the resort restaurants.
  6. I think it's more of a abandonment charge then neglect. cuz that would be a slippery slope but I agree with the abandonment charge. no one should abandon their animals no matter what type of animal it is.
  7. You could buy live rock and skip a cycle from your lfs. He is a smasher, he will live in the rock not in the sand. he will use the rubble to board up his entrances and exits at night.
  8. I think the point is using what was available when picos became a thing. Sure all that stuff might have been invented, but they weren't designed for picos. and really I dont think any of us are dosing or using ceramic bio media, most probably arent using gfo. Once again, because its a pico and that type if stuff isn't really designed or makes sense for a pico.
  9. I love the idea collecting from tidepools. I might have to do that for fun. I have accidentally caught shrimp in the surf (saw them getting pulled out and won on a blind grab, yay me!). But I haven't looked at any tide pools. There are supposedly some good ones about 30 min. south of me.
  10. Wow thats pretty crazy on the restrictions. I lived at Hickam from 8 weeks old to 4 years old. I dont have many memories from Hawaii but my mom misses it so much. She said base housing sucked (shocker) but we were rarely inside. we mainly lived on the beach 😂
  11. A lot of us have one from previous contests. I know it was encouraged in the 100 days. I would do it. its fun. I have a lot of nonreef pics of horses, geckos, dogs and my other tanks. its fun seeing how other members are IRL
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