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  1. Only calc, mag, and alk once every couple weeks to make sure thse doser is doing its job.
  2. Sounds like a good excuse for two picos
  3. Has any cycled with just the bacteria? I dont know where the nearest ace is to buy ammonia (I do, its just not convenient) but the LFS (because they know everything!) just claimed you can cycle with dry rock just with the bacteria. That doesnt make sense to me unless the ammonia is coming from you dead bacteria. I am going to buy ammonia this weekend (put ammonia with suctafant already from misreading the label and had to start all over today grrrr...), but am wondering if there is any use to putting in bacteria before then or am I just killing my bacteria?
  4. The guy I bought my 85 tank from had a 12 year old spawning pair of clownfish. I know my fire shrimp was at least 4 years old when I bought him from another reefer and he lived a year with me before he died. He was also about 4 inches long so twice as big as what liveaquaria says they are. Not a fish, but still cool. I hope he was just end of life. If they live longer, dont tell me. I was very sad when we found him dead.
  5. what about some kind of invert if you want somethibg new? I think cleaner shrimp are a lot of fun.
  6. BAAAAAAWWWW so cute!
  7. @pokerdobe omg do you have a shiba puppy??? I love shibas. They arent a good fit for us right now, but some day...
  8. UGH, this is not my week. Not winning. My sicce synchra is anything but silent, however sicce customer service is silent. Going to reach out to Marine Depot soon if I don't hear back from Sicce by Friday. AND I have to start the tank over. I was trying to figure out why my cycle hasnt started yet... Well, my ammonia has surfactants in it. I swore it didnt the first six times I read it. I am going to blame missing it on me spacing out from also watching a 3 year old and a 1 year old. So I have to tear everything down, scrub it all and set it back up. I dont know where an ace hardware is near me (since we moved) and used a different brand. I feel like a giant loser ATM and I feel like nothing has gone right with this tank yet. Very, very frustrating. Silver lining: at least its a nano and I only dosed once. So I am just giving everything a quick scrub down and hose down.
  9. I have only done it with my 85. I plan on experimenting with my 25 though. The only water changes were from drip acclimating corals and fish and that was an insignificant amount. I saw a decline in my corals and dosed seachem vibrance as well as two part dosing (seachem) and the tank had spectacular growth and color. I was also running a skimmer, purigen and carbon. I never did a water change in the year it was running. I plan on doing the same with this tank and it will be interesting to see if the smaller water volume plays a significant factor or not. I probably will have to do waterchanges though since this tank will have a larger proportional bio load than the 85.
  10. Just got a new sicce syncra 1.5 for the IM 25 and this thing is LOUD. I have pulled it apart multiple times and cant figure out what the heck is going on. I can hear it from the fish room into the master bedroom. Has anyone experienced this with the sicce synchra "silent" and know how to solve it? I had a sicce in my skimmer on the 85 and that thing was just a whisper. I am super disappointed guys. Help me fix it please.
  11. Sorry. They are cute little things <3
  12. Yeah, my husband was that guy who was captain in every sport he played and was that guy who made all the newspaper plays and it looks like my son has inherited the same talents and fearlessness for both football and futbol. I forsee many broken bones in his future The apex stuff is pretty sweet. We got the brand new Apex. Unboxing photos will be coming this evening and maybe install photos if my husband is nice and helps me mount it tonight lol
  13. Thank you! I bought about $1500 of apex stuff and it arrived today. This isnt our first rodeo unfortunately. He broke his leg shortly after I spent 2k on my 85 gallon reef. lol this one is a little close to the growth plate, his first break was on the lower leg a "toddler fracture". The kid plays hard man. He will skin his knee, bust his lip, and just shake it off and keep playing. Unfortunately, that means if he keeps complaining about something he is really in pain. Even know he is in good spirits. more annoyed he cant do what he wants than anything else. I hope he doesnt have to be in a cast too long. But we will find out tomorrow when the splint is removed and we get the plaster cast. Thankfully he is in good spirits. He is like a timex watch. Takes a lickin and keeps on tickin. lol he is my little tank. That almost makes it harder though to see him hurt because it really has to hurt for him to be bothered.
  14. So this happened and this happened because every time I make a big purchase my son seems to injure himself. This time he broke his femur right above the knee from tripping while running through the kitchen in rainboots (both of which are no nos). we get a real cast tomorrow. yay... he turns 3 on sunday. Happy birthday!
  15. I had encrusting montipora that were pretty thing like rainbow and... I cant remember the name of the other one... but it was in my 85. It was pink with blue polyps. and that sucker grew FAST.