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  1. I hate Marine velvet. That was painful to watch how fast fish succumb to that. 😞
  2. Mysis shrimp and some feeder tongs in case it's something like clingfish. Cling fish eat kind if like sting rays with their mouths almost under body so they need food waved in front of their face at first. You can see videos on my thread but they are hardy and quick to learn. Other food I would have on hand is some kind of coral food like reef chili for gorgs and other coral. I had problems with algae when using IO salt but have good experiences with Fritz and Red Sea blue bucket. As well Reefmedic but I haven't found that since leaving Colorado.
  3. You should make a tank journal. I would like to follow your tank. Especially the stand build. We tried magnets with ours but it didn't work. Went with picture hangers instead. The panel was too heavy. So I would be interested to see if it works for you and how you implement it since we plan on building another stand at some point. Make sure you post links where you bought you stuff so I know where to go 🤣 also would love to see the bamboo panels.
  4. no I haven't seen that. but I did win the micro smart ato from this contest and it's hands down the best ATO I have ever had. my concern with the waterchange is forgetting to dump the bucket. But I guess you could set a timer... Def worth looking into. I might look into it too. The other concern is space requirements for your discharge bucket and new bucket. But if you have the room, that should be fine. I am looking forward to seeing how you like it!
  5. Not all sumps are created equal btw. You should really do a lot of research. Browse the large tanks forums look at is being used and how it's set up. A lot of these questions are striking me as "new to the hobby". No offense. Even a lot of nanos have sumps and most of us wished our nanos had sumps. So the thought of running a large tank without one is non-existent for most of us. Also most of us have a strong idea of what we want in a large tank from researching out small tanks and being told no on a variety of fish because our nanos are too small. So from those questions, it's sounding like you are pretty new to the hobby and should probably pump the breaks on a shopping list and carefully research and plan your tank. Then build a shopping list from that.
  6. Yes I wouldn't even imagine running a tank of that size without a sump. But since you're even asking that question, is your tank drilled?
  7. And if you're looking for an actual tank suggestion, I want one of the high-end full package plug n play red seas. that's our next upgrade. My LFS has a spectacular display tank with one and the only thing they have added was a single mp60, everything else came with the tank (barring dosing and automation). All the pumps, lights, sump and skimmer can with the tank
  8. damn I just pulled my sand today. I thought we would do this together!
  9. I love him. he hates me and is very jumpy but he is still a baby. I am sure he will mellow out over time. he isn't fun to watch but he is just so darn cute that I don't care.
  10. Guess I haven't updated in a while... lol Long story short, I've had medical issues (see latest post in the 100 days tank, not gonna rehash it here), didn't get larger pumps for a while (like a month ago), just got around to setting up the DOS. Added a blue spot puffer, lost several coral, started getting a cyano outbreak, hulked out on the tank today and removed half of the sand bed. flow problem fixed. Shit's getting done today. So much crap. I am never doing sand again. I left half of it for my conch and wrasse until I ultimately decide if I'm going to sell them or just keep it how it is. kind of clearing up. I'm going to let coral grow along the glass. Maybe try to get some rainbow monti on there. Poofie the puffer
  11. FYI I'm trying to figure out how to put photos in, so excuse me if you read this and there is funkiness going on. So a year and a half later. Tanks still kicking. hasn't changed much. The tube coral unfortunately went south. But I'm not surprised. Here's the deal. I'm taking off my make up with you guys because my 65 is in a similar state: I'm not into tank maintenance. I wish I was @metrokat who has been like my goal since 2011 or @Veng or @teenyreef or a whole host of others I've admired so much. But I'm not. It's just not in the cards for me just like I might teach someone who will make the olympic team, but I'm not going to ride in the olympics. And thats not even a sarcastic comment. A girl I taught to ride like when she was starting out on ponies is starting her push for the US Olympic Equestrian Team 2024. Life has been full ups and downs lately. I'm also posting this for some of our very successful reefers, far more successful than me, who are having tank issues because children ruin everything. (that's not true, but they make life very difficult and are very good at showing you, you are not in control of your life) or for anyone else who happens on the google search: children babies and reef tanks . I've also seen some FB posts in my local community about people thinking of leaving because they cant handle the stress. I have been taking the advice of a local reefer who has had the same tank for 18 years. dude's OG. Pretty much quoted frozen and said let it go. Just let it do what it will and be okay with that. Take a break, dont tear it down, minimal maintenance (so for me that refilling the ATO and feeding the fish) and don't worry about anything else. That does mean I am not buying homewrecker acros or anyone's crazylongridiculousname high end coral. But I've learned to give myself a lot of grace lately. I've been having heart trouble which is concerning. I'm 28 years old, 5'2", 130 lbs can run an 8 minute mile, two healthy all natural pregnancies and deliveries. In summary: I'm very healthy. And I've been having episodes for 10 years that I thought was just "being sensitive" and I would occasionally faint. I was teaching about a month ago and I was actually riding which is unusual when I teach, but I had an advance student so I could ride with her. And i just got hit with one of these episodes and I nearly passed out off my horse. I knew what was going on since I've had these before so I was riding her to where I could get off, but I was so out of it I didn't even realize I had dropped the reins until she overshot my mark and I had a moment of clarity thinking, "Why are you being so slow to respond?" (Me and my excellent pony who takes care of me.) The child I was teaching that day, her mother was there and she happens to be an ER floor admin and the barn owner who had the day off is a paramedic with the fire dept. They both noticed things were not right and its not "sensitivity". So I was taken to the ER and got in with the cardiologist. Good news is it isn't anything structural. But we don't know what it is yet. I'm hoping its something that can be fixed instead of "managed" because I hate living with these episodes. They are scary and they prevent me from doing things like hiking that I would like to do but I'm afraid to feel like crap or worse pass out and I hate being a burden to the people around me. But I'm thankful for it happening in front knowledgeable people. The owner wasn't suppose to be there and neither was the student and mom, they rescheduled at the last minute with me that morning. So maybe its providence. Anyways, I'm not going to pretend I wasn't neglecting my tanks before then but the new issues certainly haven't helped. The important thing to note though: I wasn't stressing over them. Could they crash? yes. Could I lose things? yes. Is it something I'm going to lose my head over? Maybe even 10 months ago, the answer would be yes. I would have freaked out. I have anxiety problems. I have said things to people (plural person) and they actually respond with, "That escalated quickly." But a few months ago I really took to heart that piece of advice regarding my tanks. And I refuse to cause myself harm via stressing. Now, I don't want warriors coming on and being like "she doesn't care about fish". no no, if the tanks crashing to the point of threatening fish and inverts, water changes will be done. I'll make my husband do it if I can't or pay someone. I'm just not going to look at my tank and feel an overwhelming sense of dread and impending doom because I'm not doing a water change or haven't done one in like forever and then let the guilt and shame compound into the anxiety freight train. And I'm an experienced reefer, I don't know all the shit, but I know quite a bit. and its embarrassing sometimes to give advice to someone when I'm not following my own rules. But that happens. And thats okay. If someone's reading this, who can relate. I'm telling you its okay. It doesn't make you a fraud. Anyways, so the tank is still going and many of the original inhabitants are still alive. Yoshii's bivalve is still kicking. I have a lot of glass anemones which I really think are cute. The urchin is still with me too! Even some gorgonians! And the snails are original crew too. So, not bad for not doing anything. For future plans, I do plan on doing something unorthodox and something that will have others gasping in horror. But its how i roll. I plan to sell either Xena or my spotcinctus clown pair (and then move xena to the 65) and use this tank as an observational/reef safe med QT. I have lost every fish I have used copper with. So, I just figure I'm lose fish regardless of what I do if thats the will. Might as well save my self some stress of ammonia poisoning in a sterile QT and throw the fish in a very established tank. I plan on getting a few more fish for the 65 and will be purchasing them one at a time to QT in this tank. When the QT is done, I plan on getting another mantis shrimp and this will be his home. Oh, and speaking of, this is still sitting next to another tank but one of an arboreal variety. GOJIRAAAA!!!! The crested gecko. Now hopefully all my images show. And If not I'm sorry, I'll try to fix it.
  12. my 100 days of nano tank has the current on it. IMO, I don't like it for making coral pretty. I would look for a used nanobox tide duo or something similar. I like the current though for a very natural look and that tank is macro dominated so it looks really nice. but it washes out coral and finding a balance of blues and whites on it is difficult. or it was for me, someone else might like it better but not my cup of tea for anything you're wanting to glow.
  13. I decided for now to only remove half the sand bed so the front is clear and the back is covered. I have two conchs, so I'll rehome one of them and keep the other.
  14. Yeah check out my thread. I was actually going to rez it today because I was planning on updating. lol I LOVE the Package. Get the small one though for 10 gallon. They gave me soooo much rock and were amazing. As for putting it all together, the package will come in two shipments. The first is your base rock and sand. I would put the sand in first and watch out for clingfish, I got Mr. Cling in my sand and Mrs. Cling was in my rocks. Such an amazing fish. I'm really sad I sold themm especially because I did not expect to set up another tank within two weeks... Then just add prime. @jedimasterben suggested that route for me, and worked out well. I had an ammonia alert in the tank and I pretty much zero die off. I did do daily water changes for a bit I think? Its in my thread. We documented the whole ordeal. Because it is a lot of work but 100% worth it. We've already decided when we establish a predator tank, we're going with TBS again. If you open a bag though and it smells (we had a bag of dead sponges) don't put it in. And try to identify baddies (like mantis shrimp or gorilla crabs or baby stone crabs) as you're putting the rock in. It'll be easier to remove them than once the rock is in the tank and you'll be aware of any pistol shrimps (awesome) that also might have hiked in. I'm super jealous. Its so much fun. Like ultimate reef christmas. and you'll want to watch it all day not because you have to but because its too damn cool not to