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  1. Released the serpent star, yay! FTS 3:
  2. I was rearranging and moved a candelabra gorgonian to the mantis tank. What did that reveal? Red's burrow! I saw to bright red claws sitting there and I was like "I'm to try and feed this grumpy old fart" (maybe I should rename hims @spectra ) So, I told @skoechle (he's working from home today) and he came down and videoed it. The grumpy fart made an appearance. His coloration is so vivid, I'm doubting my thoughts of him being an A. formosus and being A. paraformosus. However, none in Florida have been captured although they are in the Caribbean so it's not out of the realm of possibility. Either way, I'm too bothered at being more precise until I can see his body better in its entirety. He's also been eating gorilla crabs which is nice
  3. Not true. They perch high in the tank and will actively swim. Personally, I would blenny or YCG. I never had any issues with getting my yellow clown gobies to eat. They have always been pigs. HOWEVER, if you plan on keeping acropora you need to note the goby's natural behavior which is to perch in the acros and sometimes eat/nip at them. I had one that never bothered any acros and one that did. So its personality dependant. I do think they are awesome, bold, colorful little fish. way more out going than green clown gobies which is the only other clown goby I have had. and the green clown gobies are difficult to feed.
  4. Feeling pretty BAMF tonight! Could be the wine, BUT I identified my snapping shrimp! With Alpheus being so popular in the hobby, its really hard to narrow it down to which alpheus. Especially if you look even under Live Aquaria's pictures, they show two different (but similar) species in the same listing. @metrokat we have Alpheus formosus BOOM! This may seem like small feat, but it's taken a lot of sifting through stuff to start narrowing ish down and then finding pictures... very frustrating, not easy. lol
  5. I eat only angel hair pasta as shrimp scampi or red sauce with meatballs. lol I'll also eat stuffed pastas and lasagna but the buck stops there.
  6. I got an entire spaghetti bowl. They're EVERYWHERE. But they don't seem to bother anyone and the star doesn't seemed bothered so I guess they're okay.
  7. So, everyone's still eating! Yay! They're all actually MASSIVE pigs. I'm concerned I'm feeding to little. What's really cool though, is I watched the seaweed blenny (Maru) actually eat some of the dying branches of the caluerpa mexicana. I think it's pretty cool. I hope he eats some of the other algae I'm not a fan of that I'm seeing popping up. It's also good to know I won't have to supplement his diet because he'll eat what's in there. I mean, duh, but I'm not use to having animals all come from the seem ecosystem. Having the starfish in the acclimate chamber/breederbox/clear plastic box with holes and suction cups presents some interesting observation for sure. Its great to keep an eye on its wound (the hole in the disc that appears to be closing) but we're also able to observe it eating. We took a video of it today with a very bossy Mr Cling photobombing and blocking the best part. Ugh, that hole is so gross! But its necessary to document and observe the health of my animals. Let me tell you, IME draining abscesses from horses is disgusting, that's the only thing that one ups holes in the body for me... Followed by parasite removal (which is related to the hole thing) Photo bombing Mr Cling (and we fed him first...) Starfish Eating: Sponges are spongey. The gorgonian had been laying on the chicken liver sponge for a couple days because we haven't glued anything yet. It left an impression when I moved it today. Hopefully we'll glue ish down this weekend for the FTS and release the serpent star (aka Ursula) in to the tank.
  8. @1891Bro You used Cartman. I assumed as much...
  9. I'm not kicking you out. You can stay. You just have to behave.
  10. @1891Bro Don't get my thread locked bro. I'll send my shrimp after your ass.
  11. So I meant to post this yesterday. I upgraded the pump. I got an aqueon "quietflow" 600. It isn't really quiet, but it's pushing twice the flow so w/e. Everything seems much happier. Hopefully, the media basket will get here Thursday. I plan on doing a big water change then to siphon the detritus from the rear chambers. It will be nice to have some floss catching stuff in there and cleaning up the display. I also plan on moving a gorgonian from the contest tank over to it as well as the GSP and possibly one or two of the others, I don't know yet because I also want to glue down one of the gorgonians in the tank already and have no idea how tomorrow. But I have to go to my bestfriend's little brothers funeral tomorrow... yay... <-- sarcasm :'( So that's going to be super fun and emotional. And partly why I want to do all this tomorrow because I have a feeling I'm going to be pretty mopey and unmotivated Thursday. Anywho, to get the 600 in the back of the chamber you need to mod. So easy Derrick can do it. But I'm going to put pics in because I can, because this is my thread. Product: Get your stuff (razor blade, flathead screw driver), rip off the front, pop off the flow dial, and shave off the half moon dial with a razor blade. And you think you'd need a lot of force, but luckily this is cheap crap plastic, so you really don't. lol Using your flathead screwdriver, pop off the back (or hulk out on it... w/e) Then, snip off the top of the silicone tubing from the original pump (because this one is much taller) and you're good to go. Easy peasy. I had videos of before and after flows for you... But I accidentally permadeleted them before I realized what I was doing.
  12. I found three things were causing it in the 85: 1. the return was hitting the current from the MP10 in some modes and was causing a ripple next to the clip which allowed enough water to become trapped between the two and come over the side 2. stupid nerite snails sat in front of the clip and the same thing happened 3. condensation, but it stopped when I changed the flow and the nerites only occassionally hang out there. Note that I only said "clip" only one of mine had this going on which is what led me to the conclusion of flow being the primary issue. Is yours just one/two or all 4? Because if its only one or two that are on the same side as the return, then the flow is my bet.
  13. less surface agitation? my 25 does that. i had to angle the return differently.