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    Most active & friendly fish for a Nano Cube?

    same with me i'm goin w/ a sixline wrass those things are colorful fun to watch and not to violent to put w/ cardinals. just never get two of them in the same tank. clownfish r starting to piss me off b/c people always get them and they r like "yepee it's nemo i'm so excited " plus they can be pretty teritorial like the blue damsel and the yellow tailed but not as much as the others. i suggest: sixlinewrass royal grandma fish watchman gobie pepermint or banded cleanershrimp 5 margarita snails and 3 turbos 5 blue leg hermits and 5 red legs im going w/ a similar but larger selection for my 25g reeftank
  2. 40oz casualtie

    Newbie: Ready to Dive in Head First!

    um ya a nano is not so hard that you hafta think about it for 5 years i mean itsnot that hard. i recomend that you do make sure you get the right equipment though because trying to save as much money at the start makes you pay a lot later. i have a 25g nano and i wish that i had gotten either a 12 nano setup or my tank w/ a sump and an in sump skimmer and heater. just go out and have fun w/ it its not that bad..................except for the expenses
  3. 40oz casualtie

    pics of my 25 gal

    oh my god your tank is amazing
  4. 40oz casualtie

    backpack filters

    i have a 25g tank with shrooms,a feather duster ,and some flower anemonies. i also have a blue damsel fish and an engineer gobie and a banded shrimp. i have a lee's buble protein skimmer and a dueto. i used to have a big power filter but i had to move it out b/c i put a light extension on. i dont think i can fit on a sump or any huge thing so i was wondering if i could put a backpack on and if so what kind. someone told me that emperor 280s would be a good addition with the protein skimmer and the dueto. o i also have a power head in my tank to but it just circulates the water. im open to any sugestions.
  5. 40oz casualtie

    What would you pick?

    royal grandmas are cool but man clown fish are cool
  6. man in my lfs they sell condys for like $5
  7. 40oz casualtie


    ya if you make any more and want to sell them, ill buy one
  8. 40oz casualtie

    my shelless snail

    ok sorry about that i just found more of those "shelless snails". they are baby snails that the big one had.
  9. 40oz casualtie

    Fish Only Nanos

    no i dont think so but why not put Lr in the tank then you could add mushrooms, flower anemonies, and feather dusters if you don't have much lighting
  10. 40oz casualtie

    my shelless snail

    i bought this gigantic snail at my lfs i don't know what kind it is bud it dropped its shell and is climbing around on the back of the tank like a slug. is that normal?
  11. 40oz casualtie

    Crazy Clownfish loves Shrimp?

    i had a clown fish and a banded shrimp a while ago. the clown hated my shrimp. the clown died a while after but i still have the shrimp.
  12. 40oz casualtie


    well i have this huge snail i got that is like 4" wide but i don'[t know what it is called. the turbo snails are pretty good though. i mean all tanks have some algea. you probably don't need to wory about it.
  13. 40oz casualtie

    Having problems....please help

    there is nothing to get worried about, just take it back and get anew one. at first i thought that you had corals or something in it because that would really suck if you didn't have any light and they died.
  14. 40oz casualtie


    well the mag float is a good idea and i have one but it only gets the algea off of the tank but the algea is still in the water. just warning you don't use tap water. even if you condition it and declorinate it, it has nitrites and other bad things that break down into nitrates which produce algea. you may already know that but just incase. if you do have tap water in your tank just do some one fourth water changes about twice a week for about 2 or 3 weeks. you may also want to inves in a protein skimmer if you don't already have one. if you already have one and you used distilled water then how often do you do water changes because i usually do about 3 to 4 water changes a month in my 25g tank.