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  1. Auqutop 21Gal AIO

    Yeah I have a top on it. No floor floppers for me. Besides that my cats would have ate it if that happened.
  2. Auqutop 21Gal AIO

    Another tank update. My anemone move out of his little hole. I am taking that as a good sign. Must not have liked that spot and decided it wanted a better piece of rockscape. It took it two days for it to move to the spot it at now. It was kind of interesting watching it move. I will get pics of it's new spot tonight when I get home.
  3. Auqutop 21Gal AIO

    Well sad news. I woke up today to find one of the clownfish gone. No sign of him at all. He was there and swimming around all happy last night when I turned the lights off. He hasn't shown any signs of illness or anything so it was kind of out of the blue. Between the peppermint shrimp, the hermit, and the serpent star I assume they had a feast with him overnight. I am just curious what happened to him. I want to blame it on the peppermint shrimp. He had been stalking the little guy. Although I can't imagine how he would kill him. Guess I will never know. I am going to wait a bit before I replace him.
  4. Auqutop 21Gal AIO

    yeah it is bleached. looking a bit better now than it was when I first got it. It was completely white the first two days. It likes that spot though. comes out when I turn the lights on and hides a little when they are off. I keep the lights on about 10 hours a day right now. I am feeding it frozen every other day and it is eating pretty well. Plan on getting some LRS reef frenzy soon. Se if that will help it perk up some more.
  5. Auqutop 21Gal AIO

    Before fish woke up this morning, well it was actually afternoon since I am on nights, to find this. My peppermint shrimp molted. pics from today before I headed off to work
  6. Auqutop 21Gal AIO

    I work swing shift and right now I am on nights. In general though I don't really sleep at night, even when I am off. This is my third tank. The others don't have much in them because they are much smaller. I track my parameters in a program I have for all my tanks. Helps me keep track on everything. When I feed, dose, water changes and all that jazz. when I get home I will pull up my results from the other day and get them posted. More pics will be coming tonight, if I don't get swamped at work.
  7. Auqutop 21Gal AIO

    I recently acquired an Aquatop 21 Gal AIO. It is a nice set up with LED lights, a powerful pump, a skimmer, and 3 media baskets. Before I bought it, it had been set up for two years. While transporting the tank from the previous owner to my house, I discovered there was an anemone that had hidden in the rock work. It is a small one and with some help and advice from other members here I think it is on a good road to recovery. There was also a good sized serpent star, a moderate clean up crew, and a coral frag. I think the coral frag is either zoas, or a paly. Not positive yet. It just started opening up fully yesterday. I thought I would start a decent thread for it and show the progress as it goes along.
  8. Need Advice on a 55 gal. setup

    I have decided to go with a 75 gal (48x18x21) acrylic set up. I had thought about going to a 125 gal. I already have a 125 gal fresh water, so I figured that would be a lot of tank in the room I am putting them in. I am going to build a HOB Fuge to go with the tank. I think it will a pretty great set up. My problem now is tryng to find the tank. I had at one point saved a website that had decent prices and had the tansk cut for plumbing already. I tried looking for somewhere local to buy cast acrylic and o it myself, but I can't find anywhere in my area. Everyone only has extruded. Bad part is the sites I had saved on my computer were erased when my computer went down because of a virus. So a question I have for right now is does anyone know where to either get cast acylic pre-cut sheet online for a decnet price with shipping, or a place that will build a tank for a decent price? I'm also concerned about pumps and sump size and other equipment as well but that can wait for a bit. Thanks!
  9. RO/DI Filter questions

    Thanks AZ. I will check it out and hopefully will have my filtering system set up soon.
  10. RO/DI Filter questions

    Thanks for all the great advice on whether you can or can't drink the water. I will probably set it up to have the RO as drinking watr and the RO/DI as tank water. I have checked out the Spectrapure and it looks like a great system. Can anyone offer another system or two to look at? I'd love to be able to compare some systems and prices. Also still curious about whether you can set it up as an inline system through the kitchen sink faucet. You know some build ideas or write ups on this. I've tried doing some searches and such but most of the stuff I have found is useless. Thanks!
  11. RO/DI Filter questions

    Wow, I have never heard that. My mom used to keep bottles of DI handy in case of bad storms and power outages. The drinking water where I work is also run through a RO/DI system. The water I buy from the store is run through at least an RO system. So would it be smart to just run it throught the RO side and not the DI part?
  12. RO/DI Filter questions

    Hello Folks! I am working on upgrading my tank this year, and have been buying some small things as I can along the way. Now my wife kinda supports me in this. She said if I get a RO/DI system that it has to be able to be used for drinking water too. So I am curious about a lot of things that just aren't getting answered by the retail sites. I'm interested in getting an economic system that will work for getting water for the fish tank and my family. I wanted to set it up under the kitchen sink as an inline system. From some of the things I have read though this might not be the best. I mean can it work as an inline system ie: I turn on my cold water and get a nice cup of cold DI. Should I have it set up somewhere else and just store the water. I'd rather be able to use the water as needed than store it. If anyone has any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions I'd love to hear them. I'd also be interested in some different sites to purchase systems as the only two I know of right now are Marine Depot and BRS. Thanks!
  13. Dakarta's BC 8

    yes it does. I do still have some cyano I am battling though. I like the biocube. It is easy for me to maintain and work with. First chamber I took out the floor and put my heater in there with some sand at the bottom. Second chamber has an InTank media basket with filterfloss, chemipure, and chaeto. I also took ou thte tab for more flow. Third chamber has a mini-jet 606. I have a hydorflo rotating wavemaker as well. Keep a nice current in the tank.
  14. Dakarta's BC 8

    Thanks. I'm waiting a while still until I get any fish to put in here. I'm also working on a larger tank probably a 75 gal. In other news I just found the hitch hiker crab that has been missing for quite a while. I though he had died.
  15. Dakarta's BC 8

    I ordered a few snails, a chiton, and feather duster from Reefcleaners this past week. Wow am I impressed. The chiton is such a neat creature. I got way more snails than I ordered. The feather duster is awesome. It's quite large and beautiful. They were supposed to be here on Tuesday, the postal office screwed up the delivery. I had to have my wife go pick them up at noon on Wednesday. I got home at 6 that evening and immediately acclimated them and got them in the tank. Everything seems to be doing great. I was really worried I was going to have a box of dead critters. I'm going to see if I can get a new FTS tonight, for everyone's viewing pleasure. Hope everyone had and good holiday and Happy reefing!!