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  1. Yeah I have a top on it. No floor floppers for me. Besides that my cats would have ate it if that happened.
  2. Another tank update. My anemone move out of his little hole. I am taking that as a good sign. Must not have liked that spot and decided it wanted a better piece of rockscape. It took it two days for it to move to the spot it at now. It was kind of interesting watching it move. I will get pics of it's new spot tonight when I get home.
  3. Well sad news. I woke up today to find one of the clownfish gone. No sign of him at all. He was there and swimming around all happy last night when I turned the lights off. He hasn't shown any signs of illness or anything so it was kind of out of the blue. Between the peppermint shrimp, the hermit, and the serpent star I assume they had a feast with him overnight. I am just curious what happened to him. I want to blame it on the peppermint shrimp. He had been stalking the little guy. Although I can't imagine how he would kill him. Guess I will never know. I am going to wait a bit before I replace him.
  4. yeah it is bleached. looking a bit better now than it was when I first got it. It was completely white the first two days. It likes that spot though. comes out when I turn the lights on and hides a little when they are off. I keep the lights on about 10 hours a day right now. I am feeding it frozen every other day and it is eating pretty well. Plan on getting some LRS reef frenzy soon. Se if that will help it perk up some more.
  5. Before fish woke up this morning, well it was actually afternoon since I am on nights, to find this. My peppermint shrimp molted. pics from today before I headed off to work
  6. I work swing shift and right now I am on nights. In general though I don't really sleep at night, even when I am off. This is my third tank. The others don't have much in them because they are much smaller. I track my parameters in a program I have for all my tanks. Helps me keep track on everything. When I feed, dose, water changes and all that jazz. when I get home I will pull up my results from the other day and get them posted. More pics will be coming tonight, if I don't get swamped at work.
  7. I recently acquired an Aquatop 21 Gal AIO. It is a nice set up with LED lights, a powerful pump, a skimmer, and 3 media baskets. Before I bought it, it had been set up for two years. While transporting the tank from the previous owner to my house, I discovered there was an anemone that had hidden in the rock work. It is a small one and with some help and advice from other members here I think it is on a good road to recovery. There was also a good sized serpent star, a moderate clean up crew, and a coral frag. I think the coral frag is either zoas, or a paly. Not positive yet. It just started opening up fully yesterday. I thought I would start a decent thread for it and show the progress as it goes along.
  8. actually it is definately my hermie. most of teh time I can't find him unless he moves.
  9. This hermit crab blends in to the rock so well the other day I spent 15 min trying to find him. I apologize for the picture i tried editing cleaning it up but my software sucks.
  10. Wow! This looks great. I want to make my own stand for a Biocube 29. Any tips? Recommendations for wood?