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  1. pbjelly

    pbjelly's 14g biocube

    I must have picked up some gravel when I was swishing around, so the scratches are many, varied, and on the front inside glass.
  2. pbjelly

    pbjelly's 14g biocube

    Aaargh!!!!! Don't do what I just did!!!!! I'm starting a job tomorrow, so I moved Water Change day up to today. While I was mixing water, with the tank lights off, I used my Nano Mag to clean the glass. I couldn't really see what I was doing, but I figured a good scrub, then water change later in the day would be nice. So then my lights came on. :angry: I have totally SCRATCHED THE FRONT GLASS OF MY TANK!!!!! :angry: I am beside myself with anger right now. Don't clean your glass when you can't see what you are doing.
  3. pbjelly

    pbjelly's 14g biocube

    Thanks for the visit Albert - I certainly hope I don't have one of those huge worms in this tiny tank! I've got enough to deal with just trying to keep the tank happy and stable without adding the Loch Ness monster to it. I checked the site, I'd love to read some of what's been posted up there over the years. I got my biocube14 online from Petco.com They often have sales and I got mine delivered to my door at a pretty steep discount. I heard they've been recently redesigned and are known as the Coralife Biocube now. If you start looking at the biocube threads you'll notice most of us have modded ours fairly heavily. The fans are pretty crappy, and the pc lighting is limiting, but I still love my little cube.
  4. pbjelly

    Kat's Ol' Max

    Oh Good Grief! Now I'm gonna have nightmares!
  5. pbjelly

    msscha's 24 gallon office cube

    No wonder your softies look so happy. I have a hurricane going on in my tank compared to yours - and it's a problem with some of my corals.
  6. pbjelly

    pbjelly's 14g biocube

    I didn't realize how much effort I had been putting into it until the other night when the heatwave broke, the temperature plummeted, and instead of getting out of bed to check my tank, I pulled my comforter up and went back to sleep. I'll admit that I did log into it first thing in the morning to check - but I still didn't have to get out of bed Bathyshpere! LOL I've only been getting non-blurry pics of the fish recently because they've taken to stalking me when I come near the tank. It used to be that they got all excited and darted around making it impossible to get a clear photo, but now they've become much more determined in their begging and they come directly to the glass where I am and swim just in that corner trying to get my attention.
  7. pbjelly

    pbjelly's 14g biocube

    Thanks gena - I love the digis too. I hope I can keep them healthy and happy. And now, more news.... I've been looking around for a sale and Memorial Day was too good of an opportunity to resist. So I got myself an Apex Jr. It's such a relief. Now that this has become a complicated tank with a chiller on it, I really wanted to be able to keep track of the temperature fluctuations from day to day. It got brutally hot the other day and now it's unseasonably cool, and I'm done with wiping the nervous sweat from my brow. I'd just like to add that it's close to impossible to mount one of these things on the INSIDE of a 14 gallon Biocube stand - after the whole thing is up and running. I think I'm an inch shorter after having had to bend and squeeze myself into a position where I could drill the thing in. Also, the screws are a fraction of an inch too long for the width of the stand - so be careful, I had the first screw start to poke through on the outside when I screwed it in too tight.
  8. pbjelly

    msscha's 24 gallon office cube

    So, so pretty! Especially that tubipora pic. What's the flow like in your tank? I'm having all sorts of organizational issues with who goes in what flow and what light. Do the tubiporas like strong flow? How's the trumpet doing?
  9. pbjelly

    pbjelly's 14g biocube

    Thanks msscha - you've made me want to put one of those little plastic divers in my tank - you know the ones with the old fashioned dome helmets and an air hose? I have news! My anemone has split. And ironically enough, I can't see either of them now! I can't get a good picture of them as they've decided to attach themselves to the absolutely most out-of-the-way spot they could find, but when I crane my head all the way upside down, I can see that now there are two little guys back there. Sorry for the sucky pic, but it's impossible to get a good look under the rock. I hope this means they're happy. At the very least I think it answers the question of how big these guys get. About 3 or 4 inches - and then they split. Random fish pic.
  10. pbjelly

    PinkDamsel's Reefing Debut

    Hey Miss Pink, I know you don't update much, but I was wondering how you're pom pom xenia is doing. I think we got them at the same time from the same live aquaria order. Mine has been sitting in my Wal Mart Pico under that horrible little light - and it hasn't grown a millimeter. My taylor's purple tree coral, kenya tree and gsp are all doing ok (not great, but ok), but the pom pom might as well be made of plastic for all the growing it's done. How's your tank doing? And specifically, is your pom pom xenia growing?
  11. pbjelly

    pbjelly's 14g biocube

    New FTS with Frag Swap corals all in place I'm undecided about the frogspawn. I think it's getting too much flow in it's new position, but it was about to get sucked into the MP10 where it was. The front of the tank is a whirlwind so it can't go in the sand unless I replace the hammer. I'm going to leave it for a few days to see what happens, but it may need to move. I like this angle. You can see down the face of the Giga rock. So far the SPS seem happy. I'm still struggling a bit with getting my Calcium levels stable. The ESV salt is helping a lot, but I'm doing regular water changes, not replacing huge percentages, so it may take a few weeks to fully stabilize. I love those monti-caps. I hope they do well where I put them. I accidentally 'fragged' the purple one when I removed it from it's hideous plastic frag plug. The Emerald crab really did a number on it. I thought for sure it would die from the H2O2 rinse, but it's making a recovery and looks to be free of the dreaded green bubble algae. (knock on wood) I took advantage of the Memorial day sales, so there's more to come as I unpack.
  12. pbjelly

    ThatDude's 29g Biocube Build

    That arch is beautiful. I really love your rock-scape!
  13. pbjelly

    Jgpicos 14 bc

    WOW! I just moved mine and I think it's in too much flow to open up like this anymore. Yours is spectacular!
  14. pbjelly

    The 28 Gallon Itch

    I love the rock scape! I know we won't be able to see it in a few months (Love the name BTW - and I love that you've got the poster right above the tank)