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  1. pbjelly's 14g biocube

    Hey milenike - that carpet anemone is amazing. Your tank looks really nice. I don't update very often, so my thread doesn't get a lot of traffic. If you want comments you should probably start your own tank thread - you could even reuse the post you did on this thread. I'm sure you would get more replies than you'll get here.
  2. pbjelly's 14g biocube

    Thanks Kat Thanks Milenike. You should start a thread for your tank. Even if you don't regularly update it can be a great way of keeping track of your own progress. I've come to really appreciate being able to look back and see where both the tank and I were two years ago.
  3. pbjelly's 14g biocube

    When I returned from my unfortunately extended trip, I had a lot of salvaging to do. The tank was in surprisingly good shape, but I lost some of the layers of one of my monti caps and the corals were starting to wage war on each other. Then - for the first time in a year, one of the Cherry Mata anemones decided to take an extended trip for itself. It visited the top of the tank, it visited the bottom. It mowed across some pink palys, some blue zoas and burned a birdsnest before settling right at the base of my peach digi. This was an early pic when I started growing the coral. You can see the horrible burn all across the base The nice new spot the anemone settled into is right smack in the front. After a year of hiding in the least visible place possible - it decides to become a diva! What came next, I've been calling "The Big Frag" I had it in mind to sell these. But you know how it is, you get busy, you forget to take pictures, it's a pita, (or maybe that's just me...) With all of the frags, the tank really started getting out of control. It also got so @$^ing HOT this summer, that this happened to my lights. The tank is attached to a chiller, but the fans in the cover just couldn't keep up with the heat and my leds started burning out. Too much coral stuffed in too small a box. Too many things breaking. Rather than fight, I'm going to join. I'm movin' on up! 32 Gallons. I got this baby used from a reefer in the area. Bigger and Topless! What's not to love
  4. pbjelly's 14g biocube

    Update continued.... By February of 2103, the tank was pretty stable and the growth was really starting to take off. As of May 2013, I was really enjoying how it was progressing. Then I got booked for work out of town. I was only supposed to be gone for a week, but ended up having to stay for 20 days! I had someone who could feed my tank and check to make sure the top-off reservoir didn't run dry - but that was it. With no one hand feeding them, the Sexies went to town. The Sexies had to go. I managed to catch three and re-home them. These two were granted clemency with the understanding that any further coral crimes would net them the severest of penalties.
  5. pbjelly's 14g biocube

    It's been eons since I posted here on NR - which I'm sorry about. I've checked in occasionally, but just never seemed to find the time to post. So here goes a mega update in a nutshell. The tank has been through a lot over the past two years since it was set up. I've been away for extended periods and although it held up well, things always seem to happen that I didn't predict. I think the last FTS was from sometime in June of 2012 By August, 2012 you can see I'm starting to lose the last of my ricordia I've also folded my Ode to Bob Ross Walmart pico into the tank because I needed to be out of the country for three weeks. This tank was pretty stable, but trying to find someone to take care of a 60Lb dog, a 14 gallon reef tank and a 2 gallon pico wasn't in the cards, so the little gsp island and pom pom xenia moved in. By September 2012 that ric was still melting away, I split off some of the green zoos for a friend and I placed an order with Morgan from reefgardener.net for some maxi minis and two tiny birdsnest frags. As of November of 2012 the tank got Super Sexy with the addition of five Sexy Shrimp. They were horrible little bastard molesters who picked at everything! Cute, but no matter how much I fed them, they picked and picked and picked at everything they could reach. At around this same time, this happened This emerald crab had been with me for a while. He'd molted a few times, but with the addition of the extra food for the Sexies, he molted into a Monster. It was like Godzilla was on a rampage in my tiny tank. He was so big he started getting in fights with the clown fish. Godzilla had to go.
  6. Kat's Ol' Max

    I know, I know - I've been away a loooong time. I'm trying to get caught up and see what everybody's been up to. Everything looks absolutely beautiful. You're still running the stock skimmer aren't you? I'm going to have to buy you a drink or six and pick your brain about this system.
  7. Kat's Ol' Max

    Hey Kat, What is it about your sump that you don't like (or are trying to fix)? If you could do it over, what would you change? Good luck with the big move - I know I'm never here, but I'm sending you good vibes.....
  8. pbjelly's 14g biocube

    I must have picked up some gravel when I was swishing around, so the scratches are many, varied, and on the front inside glass.
  9. pbjelly's 14g biocube

    Aaargh!!!!! Don't do what I just did!!!!! I'm starting a job tomorrow, so I moved Water Change day up to today. While I was mixing water, with the tank lights off, I used my Nano Mag to clean the glass. I couldn't really see what I was doing, but I figured a good scrub, then water change later in the day would be nice. So then my lights came on. :angry: I have totally SCRATCHED THE FRONT GLASS OF MY TANK!!!!! :angry: I am beside myself with anger right now. Don't clean your glass when you can't see what you are doing.
  10. pbjelly's 14g biocube

    Thanks for the visit Albert - I certainly hope I don't have one of those huge worms in this tiny tank! I've got enough to deal with just trying to keep the tank happy and stable without adding the Loch Ness monster to it. I checked the site, I'd love to read some of what's been posted up there over the years. I got my biocube14 online from Petco.com They often have sales and I got mine delivered to my door at a pretty steep discount. I heard they've been recently redesigned and are known as the Coralife Biocube now. If you start looking at the biocube threads you'll notice most of us have modded ours fairly heavily. The fans are pretty crappy, and the pc lighting is limiting, but I still love my little cube.
  11. Kat's Ol' Max

    Oh Good Grief! Now I'm gonna have nightmares!
  12. msscha's 24 gallon office cube

    No wonder your softies look so happy. I have a hurricane going on in my tank compared to yours - and it's a problem with some of my corals.
  13. pbjelly's 14g biocube

    I didn't realize how much effort I had been putting into it until the other night when the heatwave broke, the temperature plummeted, and instead of getting out of bed to check my tank, I pulled my comforter up and went back to sleep. I'll admit that I did log into it first thing in the morning to check - but I still didn't have to get out of bed Bathyshpere! LOL I've only been getting non-blurry pics of the fish recently because they've taken to stalking me when I come near the tank. It used to be that they got all excited and darted around making it impossible to get a clear photo, but now they've become much more determined in their begging and they come directly to the glass where I am and swim just in that corner trying to get my attention.
  14. pbjelly's 14g biocube

    Thanks gena - I love the digis too. I hope I can keep them healthy and happy. And now, more news.... I've been looking around for a sale and Memorial Day was too good of an opportunity to resist. So I got myself an Apex Jr. It's such a relief. Now that this has become a complicated tank with a chiller on it, I really wanted to be able to keep track of the temperature fluctuations from day to day. It got brutally hot the other day and now it's unseasonably cool, and I'm done with wiping the nervous sweat from my brow. I'd just like to add that it's close to impossible to mount one of these things on the INSIDE of a 14 gallon Biocube stand - after the whole thing is up and running. I think I'm an inch shorter after having had to bend and squeeze myself into a position where I could drill the thing in. Also, the screws are a fraction of an inch too long for the width of the stand - so be careful, I had the first screw start to poke through on the outside when I screwed it in too tight.
  15. msscha's 24 gallon office cube

    So, so pretty! Especially that tubipora pic. What's the flow like in your tank? I'm having all sorts of organizational issues with who goes in what flow and what light. Do the tubiporas like strong flow? How's the trumpet doing?