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  1. Organic Waste

    That is kind of what I have been doing and it makes the tank look better but its just a "cosmetic" solutions. I am looking for a way to get the organic waste filtered better so I dont have the film on the surface again.
  2. Organic Waste

    I am not really interested in a skimmer. I want to fine a solution that doesnt require any additional mechanical equipment. There has to be a way to get it done.
  3. Organic Waste

    I have aquaclear20 filter. I took out the media it came with and replaced it with mesh bag of active carbon from marineland and some fine filter media. I also have about 12 pounds of LR and about 2inch sandbed. Live sand came from a very established system.
  4. Organic Waste

    Hello, I setup a 3g pico tank about a year ago and I am very happy with the way everything is going so far except for one thing. I can not get rid of the white film on the surface of the tank which I assume is the byproduct of organic waste. All my corals are doing great and growing fast. I add about 1 coral a month and so far my tank has 2 small zoa's, 3 mushroom colonies, 1 leather coral, 2 small turbo snails, 1 hermit crab, bali starfish and no fish. So I dont think that I am overloading the tank. I do regular water changes (1g/every 3-4 days), change my filter media every 2 weeks. I also started using active carbon which I hope will help with the issue. I have my powerhead directed at the surface. So I think I am doing everything right and yet I am still having the issue. I know that some might people think adding a skimmer is the solution but wouldn't it be an overkill for a 3g tank? Wont it take out all of the minerals from the water? Any ideas? --best D
  5. Chemical Warfare ?

    I did a lot of research on filtrations before starting my pico and I guess somewhere in there I figured that less "stuff " you use in filtration is better for the tank. Now that you mention carbon I started looking again and came up with this great article http://joejaworski.wordpress.com/2008/05/0...need-carbon/.... Ill give it a shot and we`ll see what happens. How often do you recommend using/replacing carbon?
  6. Chemical Warfare ?

    Nope I just have some basic filtrations media but no carbon. I do water changes every 3 days or so and my levels are good. Do green mushroom kill other corals chemically or just by overgrowing in the aria where other corals are? Thing is my other mushrooms are doing just fine and they are kinda close to the green mushroom.
  7. Chemical Warfare ?

    Hey All! I have a few different types of mushrooms in a portion of my pico tank and everything has been growing great until a few days ago when I added some green mushrooms to the tank. I placed them somewhat close to my blue mushrooms and since then they have been expending in size but moving their bodies towards my blue mushrooms. My blue mushrooms started to shrink since then. I know that green mushrooms are somewhat aggressive so my question is... ARE THE TRYING TO KILL MY OTHER MUSHROOMS? -- D
  8. Rio 50 pump extensions...

    I have a Rio 50 pump in my 3 gallon pico and I am looking for an extension I could use to aim it at the surface of the tank but none of the one's that came with the pump work. Any ideas ?
  9. I think Ill just get rid of it myself...Its a small one anyways. Thanks everyone.
  10. I have a few zoa frags and the once I have on the right are fully open and have been growing quite fast but the same once on the left slowly die:) When I got my first zoa colony it looked like this for about a week: Then it slowly started to get smaller and smaller and the same happened to a small frag on top left which a got 2 weeks later (see pic below). I should mention that I found a small aiptasia in a middle of the frag at the bottom of the tank but my cleaner shrimp ripped it apart within a few seconds but it didnt seem to help. My water quality is great and the water flow is not that strong. What could be the issue....as you can see from the picture frags on the left are doing amazingly well.
  11. Zoanthids 2

  12. Thanks I looked at the greed bubble algae and it looked nothing like this stuff lol. My hermit crabs, cleaner shrimp or snails wont do the trick?
  13. Tank 1

  14. Zoanthids 1