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  1. follow me on tumblr @
  2. my diamond goby makes burrows all over the place my watchman does not because he is paired with the pistol shrimp so he lets the shrimp do it watch the video and you will see what im talking about
  3. the shrimp made the burrow for both of them to live in...
  4. You guys can check them out in action here...
  5. My tiger pistol shrimp and yellow watchman goby pair hanging out
  6. dont forget to vote for my tank please when it opens
  7. thanks
  8. lol... i just feed the tank phyto plankton once a day and plenty of water changes
  9. My 6 gallon nanocube with my beautiful blue sponge...
  10. about 4 months
  11. lol yep its all alive
  12. i feed a little bit of phyto plankton each day and thanks
  13. it is a blue sponge pretty cool and different
  14. My 6gallon nanocube packed to capacity lol
  15. Check them out in action here CHECK OUT MY NANOCUBE ON YOUTUBE!!