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  1. Back in the game.. ADA 60P

    9/17 updated FTS Did a water change.. looks like tank is stablizing nicely.. haven't had to clean the glass other than wipe off water spots. Corals are growing.. fish are happy. Elos is almost ready to get wet.. did a sleek PVC overflow with an overflow box, but it's just too damn loud.. so I ordered a Eshopps PF-1000 overflow box.. hopefully I can do a herbie on that and it should be silent.. Also started curing dry rock I got from a trade.. and I decided to start the tank with a biopellet reactor in place.. so I ordered a TLF Phosban 150 reactor. Can't wait to actually get it up and running.. hopefully there's no more hiccups. Will start a thread when I get the tank in place and soaked.
  2. Beware the Shallows

    Almost ordered this same tank, but the guy at the LFS showed me a Elos 120 in the back.. couldn't resist.. very clean, Ben. Don't know if I regret not getting the same dimensions, yet.
  3. SouthReef -- Bye bye Red Planet!

    Glad to see you've still got a tank going, tron. I'm back in the game.. lol. Your tank's still looking clean.
  4. Hypes Edgeless Ridge Islet-Complete

    Nice planted, hype. Debating on whether I should do a planted or pico reef in my room after I setup the Elos.. almost ready too.. finished most of the plumbing today.. have to test my overflow design tomorrow or the day after.
  5. Jebao RW-4

    I know you can, but google "Jebao else mode" and you'll know what I'm talking about. It's a design flaw in their controller. All other modes work fine with speed adjustment.
  6. Jebao RW-4

    Else mode is completely random up to 100%.. no percentage control.. only way to do that is to get a lower voltage power supply or put a dimmer on your power supply. Most likely will go bare bottom on my new tank because of this.. I bought 3 RW-8's thinking Else mode worked like a Vortech's Reef mode.. wanted a shallow bed, but we will see..
  7. Cute looking cattle dog.. Just got me a pup recently, too.. setting up the tanks, puppy, hunting season.. too much going on, but that's my bad lol.
  8. Favorite fish: Bartlett's Anthias.
  9. Back in the game.. ADA 60P

    Latest FTS, added CUC, a blenny and a few LPS/softies. Also using a Jebao RW-8 temporarily until I pick up my RW-4 this weekend. Also, got in some goodies in this week.. Elos is almost ready to get wet..
  10. niQo's ADA 60F - Oct. 2016 Update!

    Very nice.. lmk how that white overflow works out for you.. I've got a removeable box.. if it doesn't become a hassle to maintain, I may build a white one for my current tank build.
  11. Hypes Edgeless Ridge Islet-Complete

    Man.. always love your tanks, rehype. Great work.
  12. Back in the game.. ADA 60P

    Current FTS, setting up ELOS 120 at the same time.. probably gonna stop for a bit and wait.. still debating whether or not to plumb the 2 together.. 60P FTS
  13. CADLights PLS-50 skimmer, used for a bit, but decided to plumb my nano into my big tank I'm setting up. $80 obo Novatec IceProbe mini chiller. Same as above. Lowered my tank temps by 4 degrees. $80 obo PENDING
  14. Justin's Spec V: New FTS

    Very clean.. I need to go buy new live rock now.. lol.
  15. So clean and simple.. giving me good ideas for my rock scape. Thanks. Love the tanks. Can't wait to get the ELOS 120 up now..