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    I like running natural systems with livestock that "has jobs". reef crews rule.
  1. Biocube 29 Fuge Setup - got pics or plans?

    So....no one has pics of their fuge setups? Come on, I'm sure someone has a few pics to post!
  2. Anyone out there ever put Fiji Mud or similar reef muck in the bottom of a biocube refugium? I'm planning on using a sponge, purigen & chemi-pure for mechanical filtration and Chaeto for biological, but I wonder if using mud might work... I've heard arguments against using live sand to the rear fuge b/c of possible lack of flow & nitrogen build up. But reef muck has more critters than LS usually and so may help break down the nitrogen better and may help aerate the tank a bit....not sure if its a significant benefit to the main tank though...any ideas?
  3. Hi guys, I'm setting up a BioCube 29 and want to run a fuge in the back with chaeto instead of the bio-balls. I will be using Purigen & ChemiPure and probably no LR rubble since I dont want to accumulate too many nitrates and flow may not be great in the back. Does anyone have any pictures or diagrams of similar systems they have set up? I plan on running the stock lights for now, livestock will be mostly fish, shrooms and some softies. 30lbs of live rock and a 2" sand bed. Any info you guys could provide would be very welcome. Thanks in advance and happy reefing! R.