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  1. Loc Line Pliers Needed or not?

    I used the same technique on mine today and it worked brilliantly. Thanks!!
  2. sold please delete

    +1 For a few dollars more, I am going to order this new with peace of mind in a day or so. Good luck with the sale though.
  3. WTB Dry Tonga Branch rock

    Try MCF. They have a HUGE crate full. I scoured the Chicago area for thin branches and found some. I'm not using them now, but I'm not letting them go either since most everyone has the thick pieces that look like logs in our Picos and Nanos.
  4. Fs: swc 120 cone skimmer**pic added**

    That's a great price!!
  5. how should i switch from mh to led

    Use a PAR meter and measure the lights with the MH on. Then adjust the LEDS to match that and there is no need to acclimate.
  6. I'd like to order a trio of the frag racks.....
  7. Custom AIO 20L Build

    Wow!! Great work and the quality of what you have produced is excellent. And I agree...we need closeups of your tank!!
  8. Petco $1 per gallon

    My local store said June will be the next one.
  9. Scolly3

    Someone is showing off....and I am jealous.
  10. Red Spot Cardinal Fish

    I purchased 3 for my tank 3 weeks ago. One disappeared a week ago. I don't know if he jumped out of the tank, which would have been tough since a cover is on my tank or something ate it. My fish are peaceful and all are pretty small so I don't know what happened. I checked the carpet...and no fish. Maybe my pup ate it if it did infact jump out. One died on Tuesday this week. I don't think he was eating. I woke up one morning for work and I saw him swimming around but having trouble with the current. 30 minutes later before heading out, I noticed him dead against my powerhead's grate. The last one is doing great. He's swimming around, eating and pooping the biggests turds, My LFS had a shipment of a 3 and they ate everything. Someone came in and bought them before I could make up my mind on buying them. He then got in an order of 12 and lost six in transport. The others weren't eating that day so I passed on them. They had just came in that day though. I came in a few days later and some were eating the brine shrimp I asked them to drop in teh tank. I took three random ones home. I told them I wanted more, so they are putting an order in for me. WIth these fish, it's like a waiting game because they are so finnicky. Make sure their bellies stay fat and just do the best you can. My tank is at 78-81 degrees and there is enough flow to keep them busy. The one I have now loves Rod's Original Blend. It will pick at frozen mysis, brine and squid It won't touch dry.
  11. Used AI Nano and Controller for sale

    I think folks are concerned about him only having 6 posts and with the rash of scams on the boards.
  12. SWC 120 cone skimmer $175

    That might be overkill for my 44 gallons (tank & sump)......but how much are you asking for it?
  13. SWC 120 cone skimmer $175

    Damn! I needed this!