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  1. I keep LPS and softies in Nuvo 20 with single Prime HD mounted 12" above water. Spread is great, minimal shading and things are colored up and growing nicely. Actually max out at 70% Blues and 15% whites. 18x18 for SPS, but as long as tank is shallow and you hang your light high, you can easily get 24x24 IMO This video covers it well
  2. I've had these on an alternating 6hr per head per day cycle in my 100g reef for ~4 months. They are in like new condition with no start up or running issues and are nearly silent. Very good flow and reliability for the money. Breaking down tank for now which is ONLY reason for selling. I want to sell these all together and will offer free shipping within USA. $110 for all 4 or $60 for a pair. Will not sell individually due to the hassle of shipping seperatley. From Manufacturer: The Koralia Evolution 1400 circulation pump offers the apex in efficiency and flow. Designed to work with wave timers, Koralia Evolution 1400s also feature extremely low power consumption and superior energy efficiency. With a smaller footprint than previous models, Koralia Evolution 1400 pumps blend seamlessly into your aquarium's backdrop. Koralia's patented magnet suction-cup technology is improved too: now featuring a vibration-absorbing element to minimize movement and support smoother flow. Specifications: * WATTS: 6W * OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 5 1/2 in. x 2 1/2 in. dia. * MAXIMUM FLOW RATE: 1400 gph * MAXIMUM TANK SIZE: Fresh - up to 160 gallon./ Salt - 90 gallon
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