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  1. Pismo's [14g] AIO-MIX'd cube....

    Are you happy with the water test kit you have? I'm getting a Biocube 14g together and bought the same kit. I had someone flame on me a little because I didn't get the one he recommended. He basicaly said the API test kit was junk. Just wanted to see what you thought of it. Thanks!
  2. [BioCube 14] And it begins....

    Alrighty... False floors and BioBalls removed. Plastic tab between C1 and C2 coming out tonight and Media basket ordered. It's been fun working on this so far and I don't even have a drop of water in the tank yet!
  3. [BioCube 14] And it begins....

    I noted your advice Tron. There are many positive reviews for these products too. I wasn't asking for advice in my last post. Simply excited to finally get started.
  4. [BioCube 14] And it begins....

    Went shopping this morning! Woot!
  5. [BioCube 14] And it begins....

    Getting my grocery list together. Am I missing anything? Water from LFS Salt ~15 lbs LR Thermometer Master H2O test kit Hydrometer Extra circ pump 50W heater Gonna stay stock for the cycling except for the extra circa pump. Advice and replies always appreciated
  6. [BioCube 14] And it begins....

    jdan: I have to say you have an awesome tank! AND with the stock lights!?!? Makes me wonder if I really need to upgrade. Thanks for the reply! BKR: Water wise....I live over here in St Pete. Can I drive over to the beach and grab some jugs of water?? Hadn't planned on it but I think I read somewhere that somebody does this. (been reading allot lately) Just a thought...
  7. [BioCube 14] And it begins....

    Thanks for the replies peeps! Great to know BKR! I had been putting off get some LR in lew of lights. I'm thinking it'll be a month or so before I'm cycled and ready to put an invert in there. If I don't have the led's yet I'll start with a low lighter known to do well under 3.5 watts per gallon. Freaking awesome tank man! Really beautiful. Great colors. Needless to say I'll be referring to your build often! DK: I hadn't thought of not leaving the lights on. I have to think that light would have some sort of affect on the bacteria in the live rock. Since they get light in their natural environment that's what I was planning on doing. Looks like I might have some pics of a water filled tank this weekend to post! Lmao!
  8. [BioCube 14] And it begins....

    Well after a solid couple days looking at my lighting options I think I have decided on LED lights. Sent a message for a quote from Stevesleds. I'm thinking of a 12 light set up 50/50 with the whites and blues. I think that should be ample lighting...feedback appreciated. Also, any thoughts on starting to cycle with the stock lights?
  9. [BioCube 14] And it begins....

    Thanks for the replies. The guy at the LFS really tried to sell me the 29g HQi model. Nice tank and all the lighting I'd need but also was 350 bucks more than the 14g which was on sale for 149.99. I coulda swung it but have some space limitations and the 14g is going to be perfect. First upgrade planned is lighting. I really like your led setup Tron, nice looking tank btw. Going to research allot before I decide. However, I am anxious to get started! I'd like to start cycling the tank with the stock setup. From what I hear that could take several weeks and give me time to start getting some mods together. What do you guy's think of that idea? The goal here is to get a nice modded reef tank going for under the 500 bucks I woulda spent on the HQi!
  10. Hello all! I came across this site today after leaving a local fish store a little frustrated. I had been told by the "main guy" that the BC 14 absolutely would not support a reef tank. (lights) When I found this site and saw the awesome reefs some folks are creating...I proptly went back to the store, told the "main guy" he didn't know what he was talking about and bought this. I'm a total newb to this hobby so I have allot to learn but this place is a wealth of knowlege! Thanks in advance for all the help...I'm gonna need it!