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  1. 20 Gallon Long

    Dont know much about barebottom but there are some critters that u cant keep in BB because they need sand just do your research also on the decorations they do have artifical coral that u can get also Just an afterthought if u want natural look i would go with sand an LR. BB doesnt look natural
  2. 20 Gallon Long

    I would assume you could use any decoration that is aquarium safe ive seen people mock up the city of atlantis sunken ships etc.
  3. 20 Gallon Long

    There are quite a few u could look at gobies, dartfish (need a top for them they jump) shrimp, dottybacks. Just to name a few if you wanna look around go to liveaquaria or bluezooaquatics they have pics and min. Tank size and care
  4. Frogspawn placement?

    I would say a good 6-8 inches their sweepers can be long. I have mine up high and away from everything just to be safe as for your lights i dont know much about them i have mine under halides
  5. Frogspawn placement?

    sry i wasn't clear no dont place them next to each other but i have never had a problem with them stinging other corals
  6. Frogspawn placement?

    hammers and torchs are in same family as frogspawn and both sting i have a torch and frogspwan and have never had a problem with them and as long as u dont put it right on top of other corals u will be fine.
  7. Frogspawn placement?

    Yes they have sweeper tentacles that can sting corals you want to place it in low to moderate flow too much will irritate it i have mine high in the tank in moderate flow and it is doing great
  8. Metal Halide on 40b?

    Ive got a 150w on my 20l and it lights it good not dim on the ends of and a 40b200 is only 6been inchs longer as for t5s check out fishneedit.com u can get a 36" fixture for $125 it doesnt have individual reflectors but it is contoured to each bulb it will be plenty for a shallow tank i would change the stock bulbs out for better ones though
  9. Picking Up New Tank...Any Suggestions

    ^ thats how i would do it then JMO though best of luck with the move hope everything makes it. I bought a tank from a guy on CL and they put all the livestock in 5 gallon buckets it was a 3 hour drive in feb. Needless to say i lost half of the fish
  10. Picking Up New Tank...Any Suggestions

    How big is the tank? If it is small carry a couple of coolers to put live stock in that way the temp wont fluctuate to much and try to save as much water as u can if the sand bed is old save yourself some trouble and replace itwhwn u set it back up also try to keep LR submerged to prevent as much die off as possible good luck
  11. Will my tank fall through the floor?

    Ive got a 120 in a 30 yr old trailer with no extra support i think it will be fine
  12. Zoas dying one by one!

    The pods are more than likely the culprit if they stay all over them idk about uv never used one but u could try moving them and see if the pods will leave them alone ive seen some on mine in my coral only tank and i just moved them away from the rock i had them on because thats where the pods were hanging out and no more problems
  13. Zoas dying one by one!

    ^+1 some zoas like alot of flow especially the smaller ones i just got a frag of watermelon zoas and have them in moderate-high flow and they love it try moving them
  14. T5HO Information

    Ive had my frogspawn for about 4 months it started with two heads it reached six heads and i fragged it a few weeks ago both frags have 3 heads and are already getting new growth. They are under metal halides and in low-moderate flow. Hope this helps
  15. Help planning a 375 gallon reef

    Well i did a little price searching and im at 5k and that doesnt even include the tank, sump,lights,rock,sandor any othee unknowns that is for two mp60s super reef octopus 6000 ext geo calcium reactor 2 1000 watt heaters a chiller a reef keeper elite and a reeflow return pump. Any info on how many radions