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  1. if you got a rock with GSP on it or the Frag , lay the rock up against the back wall. The mat will end up spreading on the glass ... Of corse coraline on the glass there helps...
  2. I just bought a Eshopps Micron acrylic Holder, and new square filter sock. Size is Large ... Just like this ES-11030 Premium Aquatics - ES-11030 Aquarium Supplies only used 2 days. To big for my sump, and need a smaller size. I can not return prooduct , since I used it. So I am taking a hit here. Paid 39.00 plus tax. I will let this go for 25.00 + 5.00 for shipping for holder, and 200 micron bag. cause I need to get a smaller size. It is cleaned up, and ready to go....$ 30.00....only shipped to you !
  3. Airbrush equip. Iwata eclipse , and compressor . Just wondering if anyone is into airbrushing? I got a iwata eclipse airbrush and airbrush compressor that was 450.00 new , I used it a handful of times to airbrush radio control car bodies. I am nolonger in that hobby. I am tring to get rid of things I don't need. Still is mint condition. I will let go for 200.00 for both. I will post pic up when I get home. Or will maybe trade for either mp10 wireless or led light in pic. Just checking to see if anyone here is into airbrushing or needs another gun and compressor pics of equipment.
  4. 40 Breeder Skimmer

    I would suggest a Seaside Aquatics CS1 skimmer, but thats gonna be about 50.00 shy. If you like to DIY, I would suggest buying the kit from Avast marine , 170.00 and 85.00 for the PSK1000 pump. http://www.avastmarine.com/ssc/do/product/...one-Skimmer-Kit if no DYI is for you , you can get them online from 260-349.00 But like others have mentioned, you won't be unhappy with either a Bubble Magus, Reef Octopus, SWC,Eshopps,Tunze. But buy as big as you can , cause one day you might decide to go to a bigger tank. No such thing, as to big of a skimmer for my tank. It will just stop pulling skimmate, then you can just shut it off for a while or put it on a timer per say. But on other forums there are some dudes , that have a area of expert advise. I look for their input. like for say on lighting , that be Grimm Reeper, and Skimmers is MOJO... just food for thought. I have been having a hard time deciding on a new skimmer for my heavy stocked 40B , and I was gonna go with a BM hero 180, but I am ordering a CS1 skimmer myself , only cause I like the sicce PSK pumps, and I had them on my old eshopps. loved the skimmer, and sandy at eshopps has taken care of me in the past every time. but kinda hard to pass up a deal on a Seaside Aquatics CS1 for 270.00 ( that is the BM 7 /ATB mix )...... Hope this may help ya , fellow reefer ! I rocked that skimmer for a year... Loved it , wasn't silent. just didn't want the skimmer hanging on the tank any more...
  5. Eshopps PSK 75 H.O.B. F/S


    what size is your skimmer? if your interested I upgraded tanks and my 6 month old eshopps psk75hob is to small now, and i need a bigger skimmer. mine is listed in the F/S also with pics.......
  7. Eshopps PSK 75 H.O.B. F/S

    Or If you have a in sump skimmer for Trade... ( only looking for Eshopps, Reef Octopus, Vertex, Swc, or Bubble Mag )....
  8. I have a 6 month old eshopps psk75 HOB skimmer for sale. The only reason I am getting rid of it. Is I have upgraded tanks, and I had to get a bigger one. I had to send the body back 2 times to sandy at eshopps, for the stupid black screw holder that pulls the skimmer up close to the tank. Very easy to break. and has broke twice. I gave up on it , cause it doesn't do anything except. pull the skimmer in up on the tank. $ 100.00 the lil white screw is the part that broke.. this was right when I got it . 6 months ago, and still skimms like a mutha...
  9. FS: AquaMaxx HOB-1 Skimmer

    ya might wanna lower your asking price , then you will get some attention...not to hijack your post or anything. just thought I would give you some info on why....
  10. Few Items for sales...led, and skimmers

    nevermind then, I didn't see your post here today. when I replied to your PM....If you decide to ship , holla!
  11. Mods please delete.

    I have a 40 breeder, but damn that is one sexy 40 breeder you got for sale..... I wish I had the $ for it. I would take it... good luck with the sale man ! +1 Ic17, some folks have nothing better else to do....
  12. Few Items for sales...led, and skimmers

    PM on the skimmer.......
  13. Bulk Reef Supply Group Buy 7/17/12

    You got PM. I need some plumbing stuff, and a return pump.. Thx !
  14. WTB: LifeReef Overflow

    close this.......... just scored on today from another .......