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  1. So we have some shitty news. Friday some asshole ran into our church after the police showed up because he was trying to light his van on fire. He barricaded the doors and (at least he ordered everyone out of the church), then after a few hours of a standoff and spraying gasoline at cops, he slit himself and lit himself on fire at the altar. The altar with remains of martyrs from the old church hundred years ago. So needless to say we aren't getting married at the church we both grew up in. The van was supposedly filled with explosives so the swat team and everyone was there. On the plus side, the church my fiances family came from had our date available.
  2. You like Weezer. Opinion invalid.
  3. Who wouldn't be? She's so obtainably attractive. Okay. The second one sounds familiar.
  4. Isn't everyone young to you. None of that is ringing a bell.
  5. Who is this Chris Cornell guy? I honestly never heard of that name. Glad to say I am done with Manhattan work for the week. Idk about next , but tomorrow is on the island....which means I am celebrating with some beer. Oh, also, that whole scene where somebody was killed and 22 injured was just a few blocks away from me today. ####ed up.
  6. Does anyone remember the name of that guy that talked in third person and only used caveman sentences? He was around for a while,disappeared and then reappeared a couple years later. He had a real nice set up that he was actually building his house physically around his tank? I would like to see ifbhe ever posted a finished product.
  7. That's awesome! Best of luck to you!
  8. Good luck with tbe booth though! Are you selling frags or paintings?
  9. It is possible but not probable. I keep saying I want to check out a reefing convention when it's in NY but more than Likely it will have to wait until my life slows down a little bit.
  10. Ahhh makes sense. Dirty little bastard. Who is Annette? It's been a while since I was really on here and reading.
  11. I'm following in yours and stellas footprints. Softies and Lps only after I move. Sticks hate me and gorgs are hardier and imo cooler anyway. Not to mention $$$$$
  12. I ate a big burrito at lunch. Hard to clench your buttcheeks while climbing a ladder. The dirty hare.... is that what were calling Harry now? Or am I missing something? I don't like to pamper my tank residents. It toughens them up so that they can withstand anything.
  13. Wait last week? I always tell people if it's anything less than 2 weeks and you don't have any special animals that require specific feedings, don't bother. It's More trouble to worry about someone overseeing or contaminating something. Not to mention, copepods and amphpods and nitrates from previous feedings should keep nano fish and corals happy.
  14. Congrats on a b and c!
  15. Hmm. Maybe I'll go to the my one.