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  1. patback

    Harry’s Reefer 350

    I like the turbulance. I'm really kicking the surface up now with the new gyre but not sure if I'm crazy about how it looks in such a short tank.
  2. patback

    anemone burns on fish? or somthing else

    I missed that. I'll have to look for it.
  3. patback

    anemone burns on fish? or somthing else

    Kits wiord hwo I cnat undrestnd coralstrom butt eye stil dnt Luke him.
  4. patback

    My fiance's reef coral ID

    Looks like a poop to me.
  5. patback

    Jack's Lagoon 25

    What a suprise... UNFINISHED wood.
  6. patback

    Holy Moly KP Aquatics

    Oh, I agree. Gulf was very, very dense. Also very dirty. I was just using it as an example that I wouldnt worry about whether it was shipped in water or damp towels or what have you. I had most of the algae, coral, normal hh such as pods, and even a rock boreing urchin survive.
  7. patback

    Holy Moly KP Aquatics

    Ime most of the good things on the florida rocks end up surviving anyway. I had over 10+ coral on my gulfliverock wrapped in damp newspaper. 3 of them were Caribbean rose colonies that were pure skeleton upon arrival and survived a cycle.
  8. patback

    💥The Bad News Bar & Spirit Lounge💥

    @HarryPotter just in case you need some guidance, this video has helped me heaps. Erin actually dumped her boyfriend for me. He made a promise to not do hard drugs and when he thought she was knocked out on the beach from drinking, tried to get me to get him either shrooms or acid. She wasnt actually sleeping and heard the whole thing. She also heard me telling him that she didnt look too good and he should probably get her some water, take her to the bathrooms, etc. He ended up leaving her alone to ask somebody else for drugs. I ended up doing all the things for her so she wouldn't feel like shit or barf in front of everyone. So the nice guy did win this time. Also another reason I really like beer. It makes women fall in love with you one way or another.
  9. patback

    💥The Bad News Bar & Spirit Lounge💥

    I cant count that high. 30 days is a lot.
  10. patback

    💥The Bad News Bar & Spirit Lounge💥

    Question.... if I got a kole tang for the rsr170... how long you think until it would need to be upgraded. A year ish?
  11. patback

    Help with bullseye mushroom

  12. patback

    Help with bullseye mushroom

    The green may be from your light reflecting on them but the only out of the norm thing I see looks to be mesenterial filaments. It is a defense mechanism. Any other corals in the tank known to have toxins, or anything near by it?
  13. patback

    💥The Bad News Bar & Spirit Lounge💥

    Back to work.... I am now 99% sure I have been promoted. Time to bang out these important jobs to show my worth and ask for atleast a 5 dollar raise. Alot of people are making moves to unions/better paying companies and they are now scrounging for any hold fast they can get on the good employees.
  14. patback

    💥The Bad News Bar & Spirit Lounge💥

    Mrs doesnt like a little nose tickle once in a blue?