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  1. Monday is just about the only non major holiday my company gives us.
  2. It's been hours since Stella posted anything. I hope she is okay. How did everyone's first day of the long weekend go?
  3. Harry's frags are "fire"
  4. I keep going back and forth and it annoys Erin so much but I think we may look seriously into texas.
  5. Yup. Buffer tube no stock. Maybe it was 16" but it looked real short. We arent even allowed to have muzzle accesories here if it takes detachable magazines.
  6. Somewhere between an illegally short rifle and a really long pistol. I don't even know if it's considered one or the other. Send the children in the clear the cobwebs for you. It'll make your life easier. Send the children in the clear the cobwebs for you. It'll make your life easier.
  7. Had an eventful day. Finaly shot the 1911 from '44. Shoots nicely. The Uberti shot like a dream and actually made me not even want my glock anymore. It felt like I was shooting a damn rubber band gun after shooting the uberti. As I was leaving someone was shooting a LOUD... thing. I asked him what it was and he told me to shoot it. Bushmaster pistol was pretty cool too and a first for me. I confused nuvan with nuvaring and was confused.
  8. I can't wait to go shooting. I'm even more in love with this gun.
  9. I'll try to get one soon.
  10. I think I've got my old Steve's led array that jedimasterben held my hand through. Heat sink and leds. It's wired but I would suggest a rewiring of it since it looks like a birds nest and you'd need a power source as mine took a saltwater bath when my plumbing clogged up.
  11. At least he looks happy. Hope whatever is going on goes away quick and he's back to terrorizing the house soon.
  12. I hated the last update too. but seriously, I'm not actually that angry but I'm not that old and blind either. No need for a 3 sentence post to need to be scrolled 4 times on my phone and not even be able to read who posted it.
  13. Wtf. I can't use computer version. On my phone anymore? This is bullshit and grounds for never logging back in. Everything I request desktop it tells me to sign in again and brings me back to the same page.
  14. Where you going?