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  1. Is there a mouth on it? Almost looks like a really sad cinnamon grandis maybe. I honestly have no clue. Anything I say is most likely a guess.
  2. Out. When in doubt always give less light than you think with a new addition. Certain LEDs will have acclimation modes.
  3. Looks like the good portion is in a shadow? I'd say acclimate it to light a bit more. Probably all the parameter changes along with more intense light is bothering it.
  4. But petco mice are only 50 cents. I live life on the edge. Also, I've had mange. It ain't too bad. It's the real reason I am bald.
  5. At first (and second) look I wanted to say nudibranch but if it came from an established reef and buried in sand, it's unlikely. (Unless the person purposely added some to take care of a pest) Can you get a good pic from the opposite side?
  6. Would you be willing to take a small scraping as a sample for me and send it to my PO box? That is a perfect specimen that has been bestowed upon you.
  7. 🧐🤔🤓 Judging by the berry contents and what is seemingly fiber-like in structure or insect fragments, along with the impressive size, I can confidently rule out any bird of the finch family. Judging by the proportiantly small urate left behind, I would also rule out any water or coastal bird. That sir, is left behind by a member of the order Passeriformes, family most presumably being that of Corvidae.
  8. At an old house I lived in, there was a dead tree with a hollow part up top. Never saw an adult but baby owls would poke their heads out every year and just watch around. Very cool to see. There is a bird sanctuary not too far from me that basically every animal around are so used to being fed, they just crawl all over you. Chipmunks, squirrels, woodpeckers, Robin's, blue Jay's, turkeys... you name it, they'll land right on you and hang out. There is a decent sized hawk that always swoops real close down around a corner of the trail but it doesnt seem like it is done in a territorial way. I want to bring a mouse and a glove one day and see if it will take it from my hand.
  9. Yes mam. I love the nanorox. I want to pick up another one.
  10. I think it was @Weikel that mentioned no updates for this tank in a while. Came home today and was able to get a shot just before the lights dimmed all the way. I'm not sure why but the coral look a bit washed out. Getting decent growth on everything for the most part. The candy canes are in a back corner now and seem like they are doing good. Sun corals have been moved to the sump and arent looking good. I'm wondering if they have some sort of fungus or something because no matter what I do, they stopped opening and are just melting away.
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