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  1. Cadlights & tunze nano skimmers

    Sale pending on the Tunze.
  2. Cadlights & tunze nano skimmers

    I am selling a couple of skimmers. Cadlights PLS-50 skimmer - Brand New!!! $110.00 shipped. Tunze 9002 skimmer. Used. $90.00 shipped Works like a champ, the magnet on the body came off, but per Tunze, some aquarium reef safe silicone was used to put it back on and it is good to go now. If you have any questions please let me know. The forum appears to not like me trying to upload photos from my phone. So message me your email and I will get you get photos!
  3. Well, I would be happy to work with you on it, if you needed a light that does run 10+ channels. I have done testing of equipment from design to implimentation stages, to final product release.
  4. That's to bad...any plans on allowing more channel control? I mean with the storm X, allowing 16 channels of control, really opens the game up to some AWESOME lighting set ups, or being able to run a couple of different tanks from a single controller and still have some great over multi-channel control. Id be willing to work with you on putting something together ;-)
  5. would the break out box allow more channels of control? I am setting my light up or 10 channels of lights...is there any way to make this happen with the break out box or any other means?
  6. I am putting together a DIY set up and will be using ldd-h drivers, what do I need to do to hook it up to this controller? does it require soldering or a connection and how many channels can this run individually? Some info would be great...thanks.
  7. any forum discount?

    Do you offer any sort of discount for forum members?
  8. DIY 3D Printed Modular Reactor

    would I be able to order these with 2 bottoms? so I would not have to run it upside side, and just use a tube for the exit and not have to have the trickle effect? Please let me know.
  9. DIY 3D Printed Modular Reactor

    Could you run this upside down?
  10. Tunze 9002 Skimmer

    Pm sent
  11. brand new nano-box mono led w/goose neck

    Sale pending.
  12. I got a brand new nano box mono led up for grabs. It's been plugged in to verify it works...im going a different and more expensive route ;-) Id like to $300 shipped to your door in the cont. 48 states. I can send pics if needed, this site is not very mobile friendly...like many others, so I can text or email them.
  13. No im looking for very specfic led colors and the hydra is for sure not it.
  14. I was looking at your makers led heat sinks...but I am so lost as to what all I need and what will work with what. Do you by chance, have a basic bones kit...that has everything I need, which lists how many LED's I can choose from and then allow me to choose the LED's I want? This would be very beneficial to me, as I can put something together...but I get so lost in the picking of compatible parts.