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  1. BGJ223

    Dual 50w led questions

    Your first comment called out the big risk of both lights failing if 1 does. My goal was to reduce the number of drivers, cables, wires, plugs, etc. I decided to go with dedicated drivers for each light. I will run the drivers in parallel so that I can drive both LEDs from 1 plug. My light will consist of 2 50w LEDs and 3 10w leds that have a mix of 3 blue, 3 royal, 3 uv. I was thinking I would setup the 50w leds with dimmable drivers, but now I am tossing out the idea of under driving them with a 35w meanwell drivers that I have a crap load of. I have a 50w led hooked up the the meanwell driver now, and another hooked up to a 50w driver that I have. Both on identical heatsinks. Light output is less (not by much when measuring with the naked eye), the heat difference between the 35w and 50w is huge though. Long story short, thank you for your initial feedback, it got me thinking.
  2. BGJ223

    Dual 50w led questions

    Just had a little question about LEDs and drivers So I have 2 50w LEDs. Voltage is 32-36 Current is max 1600ma I have a constant current driver that has a voltage of 30-36 and current of 3000ma Can I use this to drive the two LEDs in parallel?
  3. BGJ223

    Petco 3.7G Cubic Pico Reef Build!

    Any updates on this? I am planning to pick up the same tank some time this week
  4. I came in a close second with 4 votes, not bad if you ask me. Congrats to everyone that participated, and especially you Islandoftiki for putting together a nice tank. Also a big thank you to you for the gift certificate.
  5. BGJ223

    Islandoftiki's Mantis/Pest Tank Pico Contest Winner!

    Just keep the GSP as far away from the monti as possible. My reverse sunset monti fell on top of my GSP, and has yet to regain it's color.
  6. BGJ223

    Islandoftiki's Mantis/Pest Tank Pico Contest Winner!

    Just an idea, and I would like to take complete credit for this, you should add a green slimer SPS frag to this tank.
  7. BGJ223

    Official 3 and Under Pico Contest!

    Sorry dude, but the contest just came to a conclusion on 10/1 And, you judges have pretty smiles.
  8. BGJ223

    Josh's 2.5 gallon SPS Reef

    Looks like the competition is over, here is the final FTS and Vid I made per the contest rules. But don't worry folks, the tank will go on, and maybe now I will be a little more motivated to post updates. http://www.youtube.com/embed/Le8XBmv36DE
  9. BGJ223

    Official 3 and Under Pico Contest!

    Pic and vid have been posted. It was a blast everyone, and those of you that are left, good luck
  10. Here goes mine FTS and Vid http://www.youtube.com/embed/Le8XBmv36DE
  11. BGJ223

    Official 3 and Under Pico Contest!

    Tank turned out great. I am sure you will be the winner on this one. Great Job!!! I will be posting a little later today
  12. BGJ223

    Official 3 and Under Pico Contest!

    I must say this has been a fun build and a fun group to be in contest with. I wish more people stuck around though. My tank is still up and going. Had a couple coral losses, mostly due to my negligence and hectic schedule. Water changes have been spread out to every couple to three weeks as opposed to a couple water changes a week. I am debating if I want to withdraw from the contest or not. Part of the joy was the competition aspect of it, and with only a few people left, everyone is a winner. Not much a of a contest. lol
  13. Here goes mine Had to take the pics with cell phone. FTS FES
  14. BGJ223

    Josh's 2.5 gallon SPS Reef

    I might have one or two in there. lol
  15. BGJ223

    Josh's 2.5 gallon SPS Reef

    THanks! Last pic you can see two corals with tissue loss.