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  1. Reef Breeders $40 off SALE!

    I tried all the codes yesterday and they were all out. Hopefully there will be another sale soon as I am ready to pull the trigger.
  2. Screen Shot 2014 06 17 At 5.15.03 PM

    Very nice! Is that a torch on the right?
  3. PetSolutions.com

    Yes, I have bought supplies from them without any issues. I tend to buy more from foster and smith, but I still really like petsolutions.
  4. PetSolutions.com

    I personally have always had good success with them. I have bought supplies and I even got a Florida Gar from them that I have not had any issues with. He is still alive and well today 2 years later.
  5. ReefCleaners Question

    I agree. I have had great success with ReefCleaners. A+ operation!
  6. Aqueon Evolve Master Thread.

    Oh man not good to hear. I just ordered one of these, but I am thinking that the Fluval might be the way to go then. When did you buy yours?
  7. Aqueon Evolve Master Thread.

    DId they ever improve the acrylic on these tanks to make them more scratch resistant? Has anybody had any experiences with them not scratching?
  8. Redman 1.5g

    Where do you even buy these tanks? I was trying to find them to no avail online.
  9. What are these little green guys?

    The coral on that frag piece you are talking about is Sinularia. That galaxea popped up on there. I am going to frag that sinularia off and put it somewhere. I will look up those names for more information.
  10. What are these little green guys?

    I was looking at the pictures of pocillopora and galaxea and I think it looks more like galaxea. Pretty cool stuff since it just popped up out of nowhere. Is this a good coral to have?
  11. What are these little green guys?

    Well these guys have gotten bigger and here are some slightly better pictures. http://s19.photobucket.com/user/bjkaledas/media/BioCube%2014%20Build/20131004%20Coral%20ID/photo2_zpsbf27a797.jpg.html'> http://s19.photobucket.com/user/bjkaledas/media/BioCube%2014%20Build/20131004%20Coral%20ID/photo1_zpsa679f8b7.jpg.html'>
  12. Flatworm ID

    Hello. I can't seem to get a good picture of my flatworms, but I found one online that looks just like what I have. I think these are Acoel Flatworms, but I am not positive. If that is the case they are not harmful, but they are plentiful in my pico. I tried flatworm exit and I even added and extra dose to it, but they did not go away. I would like to get rid of them since they seem to blanket the glass.
  13. Fish Tank Alarm Clock Reef - Sub Gallon

    This was almost a pest tank. I was so close to doing it! I think at some point I will start another pico and it will be full pest. Thanks for the supply!
  14. Fish Tank Alarm Clock Reef - Sub Gallon

    Everything has been coming along nicely. I have an upgraded pump for the tank and I will be posting pictures of that and a new FTS. For now I have a special thank you and please check out the new majanos that I received from Islandoftiki! These are those beautiful red/green ones from his pest tank. Thanks again!!! http://s19.photobucket.com/user/bjkaledas/media/Pico%20Reef%20Alarm%20Clock/Majanos/photo1_zps492d5790.jpg.html'> http://s19.photobucket.com/user/bjkaledas/media/Pico%20Reef%20Alarm%20Clock/Majanos/photo2_zps9929f070.jpg.html'>
  15. Tiny Pest Tank

    I love those majanos you have. They are a very nice looking pest. I have a pico alarm clock tank that I started a thread with on here not long ago. I thought about putting some of those green majanos in it.