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  1. Victor's 6Gal Fluval Edge Reef

    March 10, 2014 Update
  2. First 12 Gallon Nano

    The stand doesn't look level from your picture...
  3. Victor's 6Gal Fluval Edge Reef

    I sold my condo and waiting for the new home to build. so I put everything into a 10 gal tank in my parents' house right now, corals are doing good. Waiting for the new place then I will setup that 10 gal as sump for my Edge Good luck with your tank! and post picture!
  4. Victor's 6Gal Fluval Edge Reef

    It wasn't doing great and keep going downhill, now it has so little tissue I don't think it will make it...
  5. Victor's 6Gal Fluval Edge Reef

    FTS updated with new purple tip frogspawn and new zoas. Poor bubble coral become an expensive piece of live rock...
  6. Monti cap issues

    the white part is tissue loss, it usually recover itself slowly in a week or so depend on how big is the area, but as long as it has polyp extension and coloring back up, I would leave it be.
  7. Cursed

    bubble coral...
  8. Cnebo's 12 Gallon Fluval Edge

    Your tank looks great! good job
  9. No more soft corals

    Sell the whole rock get some new dry rocks and start putting them in your tank
  10. New Fluval Edge reef tank

    Looks like a good start if you keeping crab, don't buy acan coral.
  11. Victor's 6Gal Fluval Edge Reef

    Current FTS updated.
  12. Victor's 6Gal Fluval Edge Reef

    well I am sure I can just feed my fish once a day with the same total amount of food I feed it, just that I feel it has better chance to get the food, as the cleaner shrimp is bigger than the chromis and always hungry for more XD I check salinity every other day just to be sure but it usually hold stable in two days, there why i said I top up every two days. Water testing once in a while like a month, only have the API Saltwter Reef Master Test Kit. AC20 has only the Chemi-Elite and Poly-Filter Pad.
  13. Victor's 6Gal Fluval Edge Reef

    My sand is the white fine grade sand. 1 Gal WC weekly on saturday (sometime on friday night if I have things to do in the weekend), the tank is 6 gal and with all the rocks and stuff in there, 1 Gal WC is more than enough. I feed Green Chromis twice a day ( in the morning and when I got home after dinner, very little each time, which usually the cleaner shrimp will take its share) I feed LPS shrimp (frozen box, peel off shell, put in blender without water) from supermarket once a week (usually wednesday), Coral Frenzy or Roti Feast on thursday ( only use a little bit as the tank is small). top off with fresh water every other day. That's about it
  14. Victor's 6Gal Fluval Edge Reef

    I like it and it is my first tank so it is good enough for beginner haha, but it has its shortcoming, as it is hard to clean and opening is limited so you need a small hand but other than that nothing bad about it If they are still selling the older version, you may want to pick that up since it will be even cheaper ( since you will be upgrading the light anyways) AIO, i don't know, I am sure you can put a bottle on top of the opening, i add half cup water every two days i think.
  15. Victor's 6Gal Fluval Edge Reef