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    currently have a 50g freshwater run very natural with one large angel, 2 dwarf rams, a red tail, 6 cories, a dozen tetras, and a bristle nose pleco. interested in making a foray into nano reefing with an old ten gallon i have. considering the split tank fuge idea since i like to create things. i am here to game plan and learn. if you have a deep need to have someone ask you questions you feel are n00bish feel free to send me a note, i'll ask if you offer.
  1. Tinkering (leds installed! with pics)

    after fighting with the place that sold me my SLR i have finally figured out how to charge my batteries. this weekend however i will be cabin bound. pics should pop in the next couple weeks. i need to frag some xenia, i am self conscious of my tank.
  2. Tinkering (leds installed! with pics)

    i am finally getting some good coraline growth on the back wall and i have already moved some of the corals around. since my camera issues this last weekend i'll get some better new pics up in a few days.
  3. Tinkering (leds installed! with pics)

    so, for those interested, i have been out of mind and body for a bit. turkey hunting consumes me every other year. but, i have continued to grow the tank. it has gotten a little wild and i need to start trimming the xenia. the pic does not do several thing justice. the frog is crazy green and purple, the flame algae is orange at the tips and softball size, and the multicolored rics are impossible to see in the pic. i went to take pics a couple days ago and my camera was dead. long story short, my battery charger is crap.
  4. Tinkering (leds installed! with pics)

    now that the birdsnest has been in for a few days all seems good. i did finally get the power supplies rewired and pit in place and the dimm4 got mounted into the stand. anyone have a favorite food for sps? how often do you feed?
  5. Tinkering (leds installed! with pics)

    new fts! you can see a couple things here... A: the flame algae has gone nuts in its new home. B: i did put in a birdsnest this weekend.
  6. Tinkering (leds installed! with pics)

    yup, oncall mean company punching bag. so this weekend is shot.
  7. Tinkering (leds installed! with pics)

    i have been a little out of it as i have been oncall and it will continue till weds. but yes, all looks good as fa as the lights are concerned. the pistol however is another issue. he stole the torch and buried it for two days, by the time i found it i think it was dying. not real happy about it, but i will survive.
  8. Tinkering (leds installed! with pics)

    first full day with the leds and the dim4 controlling my fans and lights. all seems well, but i only have the word of my wife to go off of as far as the start up this afternoon. with the drivers set to .52 amps i can run the dimmer full on without looking like the tank is nuclear or distracting pilots on approach to the local airport. i am gonna mess with the dim4 this weekend to put it through its paces and see what i can do with it. i am already planning on where to add a couple more leds to the system to color blend a bit better, but i am gonna see how this weekends tinkering goes. even with the 60* optics on my blues and whites i get some color splash around the tank on the floor, but it adds to the ambiance of the whole setup. so far i am really pleased with everything.
  9. Tinkering (leds installed! with pics)

    cberglof: i love ya man! cronus41: pm sent.
  10. Tinkering (leds installed! with pics)

    i just want to make sure the setup is stable. i am sure i will break down next week. but i set the goal of two weeks. i want to make sure everything works right first. plus my LFS is closed on tuesdays. DOH!
  11. [Biocube 29] RedStang's Build Thread

    my daughter loves the tank, she follows me into the room any time i go in just to look at the tank. i got the leds installed today and am giddy as hell, looks great, my corals are finally the color they were when i bought them... or was given them by my benefactor.
  12. Kat's Pico: Fashionably oops!

    pics or it never happened!
  13. Tinkering (leds installed! with pics)

    cberglof, redstang, and kat had better well post, i need the attention... and to get over 10k views like redstang. kat, the number of views and comments you get is crazy. to cberglof, come over tonight or next sun, mon, tues to check it out. you are always welcome here. on a side note, it is time to order from reefcleaners to keep my pistol fed... he seems to have a taste for cerith... and the pistol was clicking like crazy while i was transforming the lights. not sure what got him agitated, it made me work quicker though.
  14. •The Magic Kingdom 3g Pico• Retired

    despite being in my 30's and having kids myself trips make me nervous as well. i am taking my wife to the boundary waters this year for a week+. i am training my mom to take care of the tank, i hope in the next few months she can put it all together and make it happen. if all else fails i have someone i know can check in on things for me. best of luck in finding someone to help you out.
  15. Tinkering (leds installed! with pics)

    i put in the turquoise and red combo along with the violet in the middle. i can say with certainty now that the red and turquoise do blend seamlessly with the blues. i may in the near future push a couple uv and add some more random stuff for color blending, but the more i look at it the happier i am. my zoas are finally the color they are supposed to be and my frogspawn is looking better than ever. i am gonna give it a couple weeks to test everything out then i am gonna drop in my first sps. there is a wonderful blueish birdsnest (still a n00b, not sure on specific name) sitting at my LFS just looking for a home. project for next weekend is to fix the rigging on my drivers and dim4 so they sit where i want them.