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  1. Indiana Reefin

    ELOS Tank build

    How do these compare price wise to Red Sea? I will seriously consider an Elos 120 XL for my next tank if the price isn’t to overwhelming
  2. Indiana Reefin

    Living Room Nano Peninsula

    I love this tank! I would love to have a setup like this in my office some day. Right now I have a standard 29 gallon which is nice but not as sleek as your setup.
  3. Indiana Reefin

    ELOS Tank build

    So envious!! Elos makes amazing aquariums. I have had a midi and a mini and the quality was superb. Can’t wait to see this one develop into a masterpiece
  4. Indiana Reefin

    10 gallon Sexy Shrimp "reef"

    Really cool build so far! I am wanting to get 8 sexy shrimp for my maxi mini and RFA dominant tank.
  5. Indiana Reefin

    Toxic 29 gallon reef build

    I’m sorry you had to go through all of that. Seems like you did a good job recovering. I am hoping it is smooth sailing from here
  6. I agree. That just looks crazy. 5 different vibrant colors
  7. I’m already hooked! I started with maxi minis which I still really like. One side of my tank is maxi’s the other side is going. To be for RFA’s. Now I jut need about 5-10 more or so and then I will need a bigger tank lol 😂
  8. Indiana Reefin

    Indiana's 29 Gallon Office Reef

    Rfa is finally out and about. Tiny little guy.
  9. Indiana Reefin

    Indiana's 29 Gallon Office Reef

    Found my RFA! Looking good. Just ina bad spot for a good picture. But it I can’t get over how cool this staghorn crab is. I named him Mo because it looks like he has a Mohawk BA! Skimmer is doing some work
  10. Indiana Reefin

    Buying RODI vs Making

    I would buy at .25 a gallon. I would just buy 20 gallons at a time or enough to last a month.
  11. Indiana Reefin

    Indiana's 29 Gallon Office Reef

    Luckily I’m happy with where they are at 😁 i love the the look of RFA’s but they obviously move more. My maxi’s moves max 2”
  12. Indiana Reefin

    Indiana's 29 Gallon Office Reef

    All my maxi’s are looking great right now! My RFA dissapeared. I hope it is okay. It was pretty small 1-2” in diameter. I’m sure it will show up.