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  1. Dave, first off I love your tank!! This is exactly the same tank that I am getting as well as a very similar coral selection. My only difference is my maxi mini carpet anemone collection plus one bubble tip. But I will primarily be mostly favia’s and a few acros. I am am having a tough time deciding on just going with the deluxe version and getting the AI hydra 26 HD or your duo. Since you have been mostly using everything besides whites, have you thought about making a duo with zero white LED’s and adding other colors?
  2. Brand new 400W XM 20K bulb for sale. $30 shipped
  3. I have a Hanna Low Phosphate Photometer HI93713 FS. $100 shipped.
  4. I have a used Aqua Logic Digital Temperature Controller for sale. Details for $145. I will sell for $80 shipped. Message me.
  5. I have a used Avast Marine Vibe Zeo reactor. The vibrator works great on this unit. The springs are rusty but they still work great. The unit was in a sump room so it was pretty moist in the room causing the springs to rust. This retails for $380. I will sell for $125 shipped!! Pm me
  6. I have a Magnivore 4ER for sale. It comes with a brand new dry side felt pad, as well as a brand new wet side algae pad. Magnet is in great shape. $45 shipped. Mom me
  7. I have a used algae free magnet for sale that does not include a scraper and blade. It will come with 3 brand new wet side scrubby pads. Magnet is in great shape. If if you want to buy a scraper and blade you can purchase online. Sells for $100 new. I’ll sell for $45 shipped
  8. Killer tank!! Man I bet that setup was pricey
  9. Looks great! Love using cheato myself. I tried NOPOX, vinager, vodka, and GFO and I have had the best success with cheato
  10. Hot damn! Only twice as much but dat stand tho 😍 I can’t justify spending $6K unfortunately. I would either do a smaller Elos or a Red Sea more than likely
  11. How do these compare price wise to Red Sea? I will seriously consider an Elos 120 XL for my next tank if the price isn’t to overwhelming
  12. I love this tank! I would love to have a setup like this in my office some day. Right now I have a standard 29 gallon which is nice but not as sleek as your setup.
  13. So envious!! Elos makes amazing aquariums. I have had a midi and a mini and the quality was superb. Can’t wait to see this one develop into a masterpiece