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  1. Nice meteor showers
  2. Hammer is still off the hook!!!
  3. Oh yeah!
  4. How big is that sump?
  5. This is it! The winner
  6. Any frags available?
  7. Hopefully he died and the Blasto blessed him with 13 virgin amphanymphopods
  8. He is seeking knowledge from the blasto?
  9. ^ wtflulz? This is an awesome picture. Definitely better than the other pics of plain old salt on something
  10. The reef looks absolutely amazing and clean. The colors are bangin. But what I also really dig Matth is the glow on the wall... It looks like the sunset over a reef. I give this pic 5 plus signs, 3 moneys, and a pound +++++$$$#
  11. I want to cruise to Hollywood, drink a shot of CIROC next to Puff Daddy's building ad and buy coral frags from Reefereddy
  12. This is the Predator scape. BIG GAME HUNTER
  13. Aliens
  14. Looks like an egg frying. I love breakfast