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  1. Chris George's Silverstrand Reef

    Disgusting nudi!
  2. Golden Torch

    I say do nothing. Think of what would happen if it were in the ocean. The hand of god does not come down and give it first aid
  3. The Ex-wife Picotope

    Sweet! Your tank looks really cool. Is that a mushroom in the first pic near the shrimps face? Times have been a lil down and out for myself but in a different way as of late. When im in that funk, my reef is always there and my fish bite my hands to remind me im still alive. Lookin good!
  4. Lighting is important for the corals

    I checked out the website. Lighting EVER!!!!!! They offer so many light design onry best performance light for application. Make coral look so good all the time. every day so many good color for you I needed a good laugh this morning. Thanks LightingEVER
  5. Found this at my LFS today...

    Exotic Flame BTA LE*
  6. i<3nanotanks' Nanobox/Minimalistic 20L

    Yeah its lookin good! the MP10 REEF YEAH!!!
  7. Woogie's 20L Juggy Reef

    Thanks! Just got done building a friend's stand. He is doing the same size as mine. His came out way nicer, oh well lol.
  8. 916 pico reef

    I hope Dory doesnt die, im so sad and scared for her
  9. Hypes Archipelago

    Your acan garden is the key master
  10. Cape Horn

  11. The Acan Club :P

    Thanks, still deciding how/where I should put it. But its eating and looking colorful on the floor so far. Maybe ill just leave it there.
  12. The Acan Club :P

    New Echinata A little platform, hehe
  13. Welcome to nano reefing! Wheres your water?
  14. Cape Horn

    That pic is way awesome! The overflow is even goin! yaaa