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  1. Maureen & Jon's Red Sea Max 130D

    Thanks! The tailspot is one of my favorites to watch too. I love how he changes color when he feels threatened or insecure. Almost like he's putting on war paint. The yellow watchman goby's behavior is concerning. I find him the overflow several times a week. This is unusual as I rarely see him swim above the bottom 1/4 of the tank. He's small, a juvenile, so perhaps he's being threatened by something else in the tank. I've never actually observed him jump into the over flow, but he's usually pretty stressed (won't eat and goes into hiding) once he's returned to the main tank. Has anyone experienced anything similar? Identified a cause? Thanks in advance, Maureen
  2. Maureen & Jon's Red Sea Max 130D

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and comments. We're expecting an order of zoa's and ric's from Coral Morphologic on Tuesday (hoping for some great pieces - our first order with them but they seem to have a good reputation) and will post updated pictures as soon as we get them settled and into the tank. Happy New Year! Maureen