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  1. MarieH

    5.5 gallon spec v. Was all she wrote.

    Got a digital light controller from ebay, so its nice to have a ramping effect from 8 until 8pm. I like watching the softies come to life as they feel the brightness level ramping over 30 minutes. I run the chihiros (spelling?) 501a marine version at top 60 percent midday since its only an inch or so above the waterline, laying on the spec v plastic hood. It just gets warm to touch. I had it on legs open top but without the ramping controller I had to adjust the light level manually throughout the day because I could not leave it on at a higher level because it was too intense for the lowerlight zoas which were shrinking and fading under the intensity. I still dislike the whites in this thing, but being lower, the color looks more 10,000k which is ok. I was used to the 15k abi bulb, tuna blue on the bluer side. But I'm warming up to this one. This is a budget build, a 5g spec that was traded against a freshwater led, so I'm not investing a lot. It all seems stable now so I will play with it until fall, find some new additions and maybe start a more serious reef tank then. I like this easy peasey approach, no sweat reefing. More fun to enjoy than continually tinker.
  2. MarieH

    Tamberav's IM 25 Lagoon

    Sympathies. That kind of loss would make me leave the hobby, ya..... Please soldier on.
  3. MarieH

    5.5 gallon spec v. Was all she wrote.

    I had a friend pass on to me a vintage jebo cube r388 tank. I had considered some sort of saltwater tank but it only has 2 x 8 watt flourescent t5 tubes. Hard to find the actinic tubes so i made it a freshwater planted. Maybe in time i could find a retrofit led or remove the top but its old and has a lot of distortion from the curve sides. Yes I'm a freshy too!
  4. Not a problem for any fish I have ever kept. Just use within a year I think or expiry date.
  5. MarieH

    CSreefers Fluval Spec V

    I have this tank. I do a 2g water change every 2 weeks or so. I put back in the foam filter and use seachem matrix in a bag on top shelf and I bought chemipure blue, the 11 ounce size and media bags. I use a quarter of the jar each 3 to 4 months also in a media bag in bottom shelf of the foam. In a tank this small be careful of the amount if rock you are using since it replaces a lot of water. I clean the stock pump once a month but it's not very dirty since the foam traps a lot of detritus. People say the foam block is a nitrate trap but I find it easy to remove and rinse. I just rinse in tap water and the media in the tank water, during a water change. It's Just another viewpoint. It's a fun little tank. I use a hydro 240 pump for added circulation.
  6. MarieH

    WV Reefer

    I love the simplicity. Kudos!
  7. MarieH

    60 gallon to 10 gallons

    i like it. I think a couple fire fish and a dendro and maybe some macro algae would be banging.
  8. MarieH

    5.5 gallon spec v. Was all she wrote.

    Thank you! He's doing well but I also had limited success with them . I lost a yellow to ich and years later I lost 2 green clowns that I never saw eat. They just disappeared. I thought I would not try them again but the store I bought from has never sold me wrong. I decided to try. It's been a few months now and all is well. I did have success with citron clown goby but they get big and nip corals. This guy is just right.
  9. MarieH

    5.5 gallon spec v. Was all she wrote.

    A splashy new year to all!
  10. MarieH

    5.5 gallon spec v. Was all she wrote.

    Just my yellow clown goby residing here now. Larger go by and his tiger pistol are rehomed in a 120g. I will probably get an emerald crab for a valonia outbreak. Splash is very happy on his own. He or she eats from my fingers. My fave fish of all time except for a tail spot blenny I sold with my 65g a few years ago.
  11. MarieH

    Fishfreak's C.C. Coffee Pot Pico: Quick update!!!

    Such a cool project, still going on. Congrats!
  12. MarieH

    5.5 gallon spec v. Was all she wrote.

    No it has cleared up with more flow, plus sand turnover by the pistol I think, everything looks clean and healthy. More water volume as well? The cyano receded and hasn't returned. yay! The only media I have ins a mini bag of chemipure blue on top of the stock return pump,a hydor 240 nano, and a heater, no floss or media basket..for now. Fingers crossed. I also had a problem with colonial hydroids but I threw out the worst infected rock and scraped off or chipped off pieces I could see. I broke off a colony of infected zoas and saved 3 heads out of abourt 20. Broke down the rock and rearranged it for better flow and it looks good. Fingers crossed. Can you believe the eystrain from hunting these little ###@$$$? But its a small tank and I figure I got them all.
  13. MarieH

    5.5 gallon spec v. Was all she wrote.

    I finally got control of red slime in the 3g pico, was happy to see common green hair algae growing on the bottom glass. It was quickly cleaned up by the 2 cerith snails. I did a water change and bang it came back big time. The weather turned warm here, mid 90 degrees with no a/c. Since my spec 5 was cooler in its location with just the goby pair in it, I decided to combine the contents in the 5g spec. I threw out the worst affected rock, I shook out 2 pieces in the discarded water to remove most of the cyano that had zoas. I rinsed out my chaeto and placed it in a breeder box top of the tank along with apiece of xenia on asmall rock. I saw traces of cyano between zoas and a slight amoun showed up in the breeder box. Within a week, the cyano became fainter to my suprise..... I was using the abi tuna blue par bulb and coverage was adequate but dark on the edges, I ordered an led strip from china chihiros marine. The planted version is well reviewed but the marine version, not so much. Anyway, I am not using the whites, too yellow..so I am using the blue green and red. The red looks a bit odd but the corals look nice under it and ....no cyano, trace green on the rocks but 4 snails are doing well on it. Coralline algae showing up. The two gobies and pistol are coexisting nicely. The tank contents look healthy. I was doing almost complete water changes weekly on the 3g pico. In the 5g I change a half gallon weekly, and the sand is clean and white. I stopped feeding reef roids since I now feed frozen food daily to the fish. I think reef roids might of been my original problem. I really don't know, but if its fixed I'm not going to break it. ?‍♀️