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  1. transportation help?

    i would love any tips on transporting reef tanks. Im starting a jbj pictope in a few months and its going to be transported quite a bit and i would love to be able to do this without destroying it.
  2. refugium for jbj picotope?

    ok that makes sense. so you can put the heater in the ac70? that would be awesome since the powerhead will already take up so much space in the tank
  3. refugium for jbj picotope?

    ok cool. so do you think its absolutely essential that i get the ac70 and not ac50? i just dont want it to be too huge because the tank will be transported quite a bit, but if the ac70 is essential to the health of the tank i'll deal with it
  4. refugium for jbj picotope?

    So in a few months im going to start a jbj pictope. for filtration, I want to do the whole thing where I mod an ac30 or ac50 to a refugium but I'm very confused about it. is this refugium the only filtration you need? do you still use all the filter media the ac filter comes with? what should I do with the jbj picotope stock filter?? thanks for any help/advice
  5. JBJ Picotope help!

    great info, thanks!
  6. JBJ Picotope help!

    i plan on mainly using the stock light but i'll probably supplement it with this: http://www.amazon.com/Coralife-05509-Compa...x/dp/B0002AQ44O i'll have to look into the sally lightfoot....its not like i need one i just thought they'd be good because they're small. what about emeralds? i'll definitely post pictures. it might not be for a couple of months though how is the stock filter?
  7. JBJ Picotope help!

    Hey everyone! So I'm thinking about getting one of those jbj pictotope 3 gallon tanks to start a nice pico. So far I plan to have: live rock zoanthids mushrooms candy cane frogspawn maidens hair tiger pistol shrimp sexy shrimp assorted hermit crabs and snails sally lightfoot crab feather dusters any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also I would love any cycling information you guys could offer. I've had some pretty successful tanks (both marine and freshwater) in the past but i've been out of fish for a while.
  8. cowry hitch hiker?!?!?

    yeah it looks pretty similar to a money cowry he seems cool, i just got nervous cuz i saw him really close to my zoas and i didnt know if he was some kind of predator
  9. cowry hitch hiker?!?!?

    so i think i have a cowry as a hitch hiker....has this happened to anyone else? are they reef safe and beneficial? this isnt it but it looks exactly like this except all white and really tiny (although i wish it had all those awesome colors haha) http://www.diverosa.com/Cebu/FMI-041%20Egg...0verrucosus.jpg

    ok cool thanks guys!! hey clarkii3...what type of fish are/were in your 10g fowlr and 58g oceanic?? they sound interesting

    hey everyone!! so i was just wondering if i could get some input on how long you left your lights on. first of all, i have a pico with a tiny halogen light above it (which probably does nothing XD) and a power compact 50/50 flourescent/actinic bulb. whenever my lights are on, my zoanthids and green star polyps emerge and look great and my candy cane coral is shiny and plump but when the lights are off, the polyps are always closed and the candy cane is smaller and almost shriveled should i have at least SOME lighting on at ALL times or is it normal to have a period of time with no lights?? i currently leave both lights on at the same time for about 10 hours and turn them all off for the rest of the time thanks for any input!
  12. CBB through my Fish Eye

    hahaha such a cute and cool pic!!! XD
  13. aiptasia?

    i wish they werent malicious cuz they look cool as hell
  14. The Unofficial Sexy Shrimp Thread

    soooo i've read these sexy little things do better in groups? is it possible to keep just one? would it be too stressed out? also would a coral banded shrimp bully it? im re-doing a pico and would love to add some sexy!!!
  15. adding too much stuff?

    haha nonono dont worry im moving that fish