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  1. Corals for sale, Cheap!

    Pm sent on open brain
  2. Spring Cleaning PART 2 BIG LIST!

    Ill take the Maxi-Jet 900 & the Koralia nano 240
  3. Please tweak my supply list before I buy :)

    Awesome idea
  4. Please tweak my supply list before I buy :)

    Thanks for the input, I like my tank a little more on the blue side and keep reading that CW blends better lol, there is so much info out there. It is some what of a budget build but $15.00 more and I could have a controller sounds pretty good. Why would having a controller cost me more in the long run? Chris
  5. Cheap Biocube LED kit

    "This listing () has been removed, or this item is not available. Please check that you've entered the correct item number Listings that have ended 90 or more days ago will not be available for viewing."
  6. OK after a lot of reading and research it's time to go LED. I will be retro fitting a BC 8 & have a few questions & would really appreciate it if ya'll would look over my parts list and help me make a decision. The only thing that I cannot decide on are the drivers/power supply combination and would like to list the options and price and need some help to decide. For the LED's I will be running: CREE XT-E Royal Blue 3W LED (from Rapid LED) $4.00 each X 6 =$24.00 CREE XP-G R5 Cool White 3W LED (from Rapid LED) $4.50 each X 6 = $27.00 Total for LED's $51.00 8.460" X 4" Heatsink from heatsinkusa $10.00 Is 12 LED's to much for a BC8? I want to have separate control of the brightness of the blues & the whites to be able to dial in a desired color/temperature that I choose. From my research this can be done several ways depending on the power supply & Drivers that I choose. If I choose to run the Mean Well ELN-60-48P dimmable driver, I will need two of them, one to control the blue's & one for the whites @ $34.00 each X 2 = $64.00. However I will also need two 10K Ohm Linear Potentiometers ($3.50 each x 2 = $7.00 to control the brightness of the LED,s & a 10V AC ($10.00) Adapter to operate the dimable drivers. Option 1 recap 12 LEDS 6 RB 6CW = $51.00 ELN-60-48P x 2 = $64.00 Potentiometer x 2 = $7.00 10v AC power supply =$10.00 Heatsink = $10.00 Total =$142.00 Option 2 12 LEDS 6 RB 6CW = $51.00 3023-D-E-1000P Wired BuckPuck, 1000mA Output, DC Powered w/ Potentiometer @ $15.65 x 2 = $31.30 24VDC 6.5AMP Switching AC to DC Power Supply = $29.99 Heatsink = $10.00 Total $122.29 Option 3 12 LEDS 6 RB 6CW = $51.00 DIM4 - 4 Port LED Sunrise/Sunset Controller V1.0 = $84.49 12V 5A Power supply w/4PIN molex connector (to power DIM4) =$19.99 Total $154.99 I feel like I am missing something in option 3 because I do not need drivers. Ok sorry for the long post but need some help deciding. Also I could save some $ if fewer LEDS are needed for the BC 8. Thanks so much for any feedback
  7. The FTS Thread!

  8. 1/2 Gallon Mangrove tank

    Here are a few shots of my new custom mangrove reef tank that I built over the weekend. I modified a Beta 1/2 gallon tank & a whisper 3 Gallon / 3GPH in tank filter to work in the small tank. It works pretty dang well and turns the water pretty fast. Here are a couple of pics hope you enjoy. Nickle of top of the filter for size comparison.
  9. Too much flow?

    Is there a certain direction the flow should be?